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A Lovely Tattoo Finds Its Way Here

A couple of years ago, after I had gotten a CH tattooed on my upper arm while in Venice Beach, I began rounding up photos of Habs tattoos that folks had had done, and which can be seen in several posts at There’s some dazzling artwork to say the least.

Today, Bruce in Ontario sends his along. Nuff said.


Two More For The Tattoo Gallery

Valley Hab Girl, with artwork above the jeans, and Dan Bigras with the flaming torch, are the newest additions to the Habs Tattoo Gallery. Although after the boys were blanked 3-0 by the New Jersey Devils, many of us might be looking for ways to remove our artwork.

You can see all of the amazing tattoos by scrolling over to “Categories” and clicking “Habs Tattoo Gallery.”

Maybe We’ll Add One Or Two More To The Tattoo Gallery

Holy Smokes! I figured there were a bunch of great Habs tattoos out there and good old Danno digs up a pleasing plethora of artwork, a veritable cornucopia of inks, via The Hockey News.

Hold on to your hats, here we go:

John Perry, Saint John, New Brunswick

John Kircoff, Chateauguay, Quebec

Alison Sandor, Dollar-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec

Josh Logan, Cambridge, Ontario

Mitch Grisham, Seattle, Washington

Bryce Fontaine, Brockville, Ontario

Matt Lynch, Chateauguay, Quebec

Brian Singleton, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Craig Smith, Nanaimo, BC

Eddie Evans, Sault. Ste. Marie, Ontario

Mathieu Roy, St. Raomi (?), Quebec

Mathew Johnson, Vancouver, BC

Jean-Guy Ducharme, Ottawa, Ontario

Alexandra, St. Lin, Quebec

Tanya Griffin, Ardoch Algonquin First Nation

Peter St. Maurice, Toronto, Ontario

Habs Tattoo Gallery Now Sits At Four

Mike Pelkonen is the latest to send me a tattoo pic. His is a beauty for sure, with the red Maple Leaf in behind the crest. A nice, tasteful, creative tattoo.

This brings the total to four, including mine, and I’m sure there’s a pile of great Habs tattoos out there. Please send them to I’d love to add them to this little gallery.

Below, Dustin Gustafson’s great ink.

Paul Dube, with his amazing “I bleed bleu, blanc, rouge artwork.

And my simple little tattoo that I just got done in Los Angeles. I look at the other three and see that maybe I could have added a little. But I like it anyway.

Okay, Where’s Your Tattoo?

Here it is, my brand new tattoo, done a few days ago at Venice Beach, just down the road from the Santa Monica Pier. Isn’t this much better than hula girls and names of girlfriends you broke up with last year?

Not only that, while going for a dip in the pool in Redding California where it’s a toasty 35 degrees celcius, a guy nearby called out, “Hey, a Montreal Canadiens tattoo!” He was the first to notice it, this fellow from Kamloops, BC, who stated emphatically that he’s not a Canucks fan and that my tattoo looked excellent.

I’m proud of my new arm artwork, and if there’s anyone else out there who has a Habs tattoo, please send me a photo to post at

Also, while sitting at Bleachers sports bar across the street from our Redding hotel, I read this big sign on the wall. Aside from the flash glare, I’m assuming you can see the problem. If not, look closer.