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Why I Still Back Guy Lafleur

It’s like TSN’s ‘Off The Record’ with the fallout from my post, “I’m With Guy Lafleur All The Way.” The debate rages on.

Of course I don’t agree with a 22 year old having sex with a 16 year, with his dad driving him to motels. But there’s a real reason why I sympathize with Guy Lafleur, and why I support him.

My stepdaughter has basically the same problems as Mark Lafleur, and I’ve seen first-hand the heartbreaking effect it’s had on her mother, my wife, much like Guy and Lise Lafleur, who have certainly been ripped apart inside. She’s been in trouble with the law, mostly for theft, has been dating a man much, much older than her, has major bouts of crying and uncontrollable anger, has a serious drug addiction, and is on more medication than Timothy Leary.

It’s no one’s fault because it’s a mental disorder, and there’s no real way to know how to react, thus mistakes by both her mother and myself, and the Lafleur’s, are made. I thought I’d pretty well seen everything in this crazy world, until this came along, and I was completely unprepared. 

The main thing is, my wife has loved her daughter no less all along the way, through the absolutely terrible times, because it’s an unconditional love. This is what the Lafleur’s surely have for their son.

Lately my stepdaughter, because of her heavy medication which constantly is being juggled to find the best fit, has calmed down considerably, and it’s magical to see. The Lafleur’s will never stop hoping to see magic with their son too. Ever.

Of course there is no excuse for Guy driving Mark to the motels. But all I understand is from what I’ve seen through my own experience, that it’s an incredibly confusing and scary time, with way too many mistakes made along the way.

I also back Lafleur about the way the police handled it. I disagree, as do many, on how the police announced to the media about the upcoming arrest warrant. Sometimes delicate situations could be handled delicately, which wasn’t the case here.

Thoughts From A Trucker Between Ottawa And Montreal: What’s Going On With The Sens, The Habs, And The Flower

I just got an email from my old pal Rick in Ottawa. Rick’s a semi driver, been doing it for 35 years or so, and often he runs his 18 wheeler from Ottawa, where he lives, down into Montreal. Here’s what he had to say.

“I sometimes think I’m lost when I’m trucking down the 417. At the beginning of the season, when I’d leave Ottawa, sports radio was all good time and happy people because the Sens had this great winning record. Then, as I neared Montreal, the radio talk was all doom and gloom with fans constantly whining. Funny how that goes where the situation is reversed now. If I was driving in a heavy fog listening to the radio now I would think I was driving in the wrong direction as the tables have turned. FOR NOW. 

“I didn’t hear any of the Ottawa game last night against Boston, but it sounds like they didn’t wake up until the third period. As I listened to the Habs game down there, it sounded from their announcers that they weren’t on their A game either but Huet kept them in it. There was talk yesterday that Carey Price might be coming back soon.

“English radio (in Montreal) were quite respectful to The Flower yesterday, keeping it low profile, but they were outraged by the way the cops handled it. I’m not saying that what Lafleur did was right but do the cops have to tell the media two days in advance that they were gonna pick him up? Maybe they were afraid that he was going to flee to Thurso and go into hiding.

That stunt was all politics by the cops to show they were doing their job.”

I’m With Guy Lafleur All The Way

It’s very disturbing that a warrant for the arrest of Guy Lafleur has been issued. It’s also wrong. First, the situation.

Guy’s 22 year old son Mark has had a history of trouble, due to the fact he has medical issues deriving from drug addiction, depression and bipolar complications. Mark was on strict bail conditions that he broke when he left his home and spent time in motels where he hooked up with his younger girlfriend.

Guy’s problem is that he drove Mark to the motels, and then wasn’t clear in court about telling authorities how he had helped his son violate the bail conditions.

Enter the arrest warrant.

But what is unsettling is how this is being handled. Like Guy’s lawyer says, his client (Guy) is so well known, and so is his address, and so is where Guy is at all times, that there was no need for an arrest warrant. If the police wanted Guy, all they had to do was knock on his door and say hello.

So now, it’s in all the news, including US-wide CNN, and Guy, if one doesn’t know the story, is made to look like a criminal in hiding, another athlete gone bad, etc. Why would the police decide to create such an embarrassing situation for this Canadian icon when they didn’t have to?

Lots of people have the unfortunate situation of having a child with mental problems, who have had run-ins with the law, and it tears moms and dads apart. All parents can do is continue to love their child, try to get the best help for them, and through the whole process, of course mistakes will be made from time to time.

It looks like this is the case for the Lafleur family, and my heart goes out to Guy and his wife Lise.

To Montreal Canadien fans, and hockey fans in general, please get behind Guy Lafleur in this difficult time.