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Annually Disappointed

Interesting story in The Hockey News sent over from Ian Sirota about fans in 10 cities who are completely long-suffering.

Always teased, always disappointed, their team always falling short.

And no, the Habs aren’t on the list. They’re not even on the honorable mention list. I’m not sure why. We’re annually disappointed.

It’s right here. Thank you Ian for the link.

Habs Blank Cowtowners

It wasn’t a barnburner, the crowd was in something slightly less than a frenzy, and the boys didn’t fill the net, but they beat the Calgary Flames 2-0 on Tuesday, and that’s plenty good enough.

Especially with Toronto losing and the Rangers winning. Results that tie the Canadiens with the Leafs and keeps them one point up on New York.

It’s a slippery slope out there.

They also end their two-game losing skid. Yessiree, it’s all good news tonight.

We also saw something quite startling. A Habs fourth line that rocked, a Bournival, White, Weise combo that skated miles, checked hard, and earned a few good chances.

Good to see Ryan White back. He adds character, except for those times when he loses his mind. White suffered an upper body injury during the Jan. 2 game against Dallas and has only just returned now.

Newcomer Dale Weise can really skate, seems to know what to do out there, and likes to get down and dirty. It was great to see his fine first contribution.

And Raphael Diaz in a Canucks uniform potted one in his first outing with his new team.

Fine debuts for both of them. Although we want Weise to sparkle and Diaz to fizzle on Thursday when the Canucks pay a visit.

I’m not going to get overly excited just yet about Weise – it’s just one game from the ex-Canuck, but it was a fine outing with his brand new team, and he, White, and Bournival seemed to truly compliment each other.

Having a solid fourth line can prove very important.

Not the greatest game ever played on Tuesday night. Not when the shots on goal were 5-4 Habs after the first period.

But in the second, after the puck came within a whisker of going completely over the line behind Carey Price, the Canadiens then killed a full two minute five on three when Lars Eller and Tomas Plekanec were resting uncomfortably in the box.

It was a huge kill, and soon after, none other than Rene Bourque scored a bit of flukey goal, and the boys held on until David Desharnais found the empty net to salt it away.

A fine win, even though Bell Centre employees are still finding a small scattering of people asleep in their seats.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal 26-26

Canucks in town on Thursday, then it’s a flight to Raleigh to meet the Hurricanes on Saturday night. After that, the Olympics to watch and enjoy.

Again, a 2-1Loss At Home

Two goals for the Habs in their two games played this weekend is a bit on the feeble side, wouldn’t you say?

A 2-1 overtime loss to Tampa Bay, and a 2-1 regulation time loss to the Winnipeg Jets.

And at the risk of stretching it a bit, before Montreal’s previous two games in beating Boston and Carolina, they had lost games by the scores of 5-0, 4-1, 5-1, and 5-3.

Yes, a bit on the feeble side. But that’s what this season is and will probably remain. Some fine games and a whack of lousy ones.

The problem is, they’re slowly inching closer to being out of the playoffs. So the whack of lousy ones needs to be less than a whack.

It’s imperative that they get their asses in gear.

We need to be patient, says Marc Bergevin. But Bergevin’s only been the GM for a short while. General managers before him told us in different ways that we needed to be patient too.

I hate the patient thing. I don’t know how to fix it quickly but I hate it anyway. Patience and bad moves isn’t supposed to mean two decades.

Being patient is for disciples of the Dali Lama. Bad moves is me on the dance floor.

And speaking of bad moves….. there was Bob Gainey, who once said “”We are extremely pleased to have acquired a player of the caliber of Scott Gomez.  Scott is an elite player who will certainly contribute to the success of our team for years to come.”

The beat goes on, on and off the ice. Don’t worry, front office. We fully expect to see a powerhouse in the next few years. Until we don’t, because we need to wait just a little bit longer than a few years.

And when a few years come and go, we’ll wait a few more.

The Canadiens started slow in the first period on Sunday, which not only happens often, but just seems to me to be inexcusable.

Start slow? How come? I prefer the rarely tested “starting fast” idea.

But they did pick up steam, and in the second period, after the Jets had made it 1-0, Brian Gionta first rang one off the post and shortly after, bulged the twine to give us all hope.

But lo and behold, in the third frame, Carey Price misplayed a puck near the crease and the Winnipeggers grabbed the lead and that was that.

PK scored on his own net yesterday, and Price fumbled the ball today.

Two days, two miscues, two 2-1 losses.

Just not a good time. And now is a chance to use a tremendously creative cliche I’ve just made up and one you’ve never heard before – “we’ll take it one game at a time”.

Because on Tuesday when it’s the Flames in town, the gang might be sensational.

In fact, they might be so good, they could even score three goals.

How great would that be?

Random Notes:

Brendan Gallagher played his heart out, worked like nobody’s business, and tussled often with Mark Stuart, who’s listed at 6’2, 213 lbs.

Some players have an abundance of heart like Gally. Others, like…….., don’t.

Flames on Tuesday, Canucks on Thursday, Carolina Saturday. Then it’s the Olympic break.


Brian Blowhard

Thanks, Brian Burke, you goonbah.

Now you’ve gone and fired up Bobby Ryan by saying he’s not intense, just before Ryan and his team play the Canadiens on Saturday night.

“That word is not in his vocabulary. It’s never going to be in his vocabulary. He can’t spell intense,” said the silver-haired blowhard Burke, who, the last time I looked, needed a haircut and looked like he’d been on a five-day bender during his firing of Flames GM Jay Feaster.

But Brian Burke is intense. So much so that he works hard on looking and sounding like the smartest man in hockey but usually comes off as one who hasn’t gone to the bathroom in eight days.

And smartest man in hockey? This is the guy who thought Mike Komisarek was amazing.

Now he’s gone and motivated Bobby Ryan to be intense, with the Sens coming to town. The timing couldn’t be worse.

Way to go Burke. You arrogant, overrated prick.

Personally, I don’t care if Bobby Ryan was chosen or not. And I’m happy that Sens fans are unhappy. I hate it when they’re a cocky bunch.

But enough about Burke. What about the upcoming P.K. Subban/Team Canada decision in just a few days?

If P.K. isn’t on the team, it must be a heckuva great defence corps to leave last year’s Norris Trophy winner behind.




Habs Blank Jets

Suddenly the Canadiens see themselves with a tidy three-game winning streak after shutting out the Jets 3-0 in Winnipeg, thus making the Western swing a big success with three wins in four games. Curse those Flames.

Carey Price was solid as the Rock of Gibraltor, David Desharnais enjoyed his finest game of the six played so far, and Daniel Briere shook the monkey off his back thanks to Michel Therrien, who had him out with the Jets’ net empty, and Briere didn’t miss.

Imagine if he would have?

But all this good stuff came with a price. Max Pacioretty did the splits that would make Baryshnikov envious, but unfortunately it also looked painfully serious and he could be gone for awhile. Maybe it just looked bad. We wait to hear.

Max hasn’t been the luckiest. He’s had a rash of things happen to him, from a Chara mugging to an emergency appendectomy to a Grabovski hand-biting, but he always comes back sooner than expected and hopefully he’ll continue this habit. Get well soon, Max.

The Habs were too much for the Jets in the first two periods and held on in the third, but Carey Price simply stopped everything as the boys were outshot 36-25, and how great it is to see our backstopper playing like he did tonight and in Vancouver. It’s a confidence booster for him, his 22 teammates, and 10 million Habs fans.

David Desharnais played like it was two years ago and was dangerous and handled the puck brilliantly all night. Of course there was that one time that he cruised in front of the Jets’ net with the puck and held onto it for about an hour before eventually losing it. It would have been such a thing of beauty had he converted.

But he didn’t and it continues to be a work in process. But maybe he’s on the right track.

Brandon Prust opened the scoring in the first, P.K. blasted home another bullet, and Briere hit his target in third.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Except for the Max part.

Random Notes:

Rene Bourque and Tomas Plekanec. It’s time, don’t you think?

Next up – back home to the Bell for a Thursday night clash with Columbus. Four straight would be nice.

Habs Less Than Dazzling

Not the best start for the Canadiens in Calgary. The first period saw them play with a distinct lack of fire-wagon hockey, more like horse and wagon hockey, and found themselves down 1-0 midway after Travis Moen coughed up the puck in his own end and the Flames got the party started.

Lots of red, white, and blue sweaters in the stands, and more where the cameras don’t go. The West is filled with Habs fans, coming from grandfathers and fathers living life on the prairies and foothills, cheering for Les Glorieux over the years, and it makes its way down to the kids who now have money and can afford the ducats.

Suddenly it’s 2-0 Flames with just over a minute to go in the first, coming just after the Canadiens had botched a power play. The Canadiens are making this no-name Calgary team look way too good. The idea now is to get into the dressing room, think about how things have to pick up somewhat, and wait for Mr. Therrien to enter the room and yell a lot.

The second period was even more lethargic. It became 3-0 with Francis Bouillon in the box for an unnecessary shove into the boards. Inexcusable. People are staying up late and it’s not right.

But wait, what is this?

P.K. blasts one home  with 2:14  left in the frame and on the power play! It’s 3-1, Habs fans in the stands perk up, and the rest of us do too except we didn’t pay 200 bucks for a ticket.

Imagine having nothing to cheer about on your big night out to see your Habs? Been there, done that. It’s very depressing.

The third period was a time to build on the momentum from P.K.’s blast. And Subban, interviewed during the intermission, said they’d had a poor practice beforehand and were flat. Does it mean they’ve had lousy practices since 2002, the last time they won in Calgary?

Six losses and a tie in their last seven games in Calgary. What the……?

Will it become seven losses and a tie? And who was running the lousy practice?

The answer my friend, was blowin’ in the wind.

Lars Eller mades it 3-2 with almost half a period to go and suddenly, after only two and half periods, it became a game. The Canadiens found some zip. They could taste it and they gave it their all. For ten minutes.

And in the end………….such a silly penalty by P.K. with 1:49 left, and the everything went pfffft. All that late good stuff down the drain. Too bad, they were on the verge.

All in all, too many were invisible for too long.

Seven losses and a tie in eight games in Calgary. It’s ridiculous.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Montreal 35, Calgary 25.

Next up, Thursday in Edmonton. Hopefully the practice is better.





Mr. Departure

I’m certainly ready for tonight’s Habs-Flames tilt at the Cowboy Hat, and I’ve decided my plan of action.

Because I need to give my usual 147% at work tomorrow, it means I need to hit the hay as soon as the Habs win the game. So I’m going to have to work at my game report as things progress and have it done before Carey Price can get his pads off.

Yes it’s a departure from my usual way of doing things. But that’s me – Mr. Departure.

As for tomorrow’s 9:30 eastern time puck drop in Edmonton, I’m still working on it.

First things first. A big win for the Habs in Calgary.

Go Habs! Douse those Flames.

Randon Note:

Apparently no Mike Cammalleri tonight for the Flames. That’s good, I didn’t want to see him anyway. Not that it matters.

Break Time

I’m taking the night off. I want to watch some baseball, rest my sore back, and get ready for tomorrow when I figure out how to watch these late Habs games coming up, babble about them a little, get some sleep, and go to work the next day.

Maybe I’ll be really bad at it. Maybe it’ll be little by little. The never-ending Habs report.

See you tomorrow. Right now, A’s and Tigers are tied at three in the seventh.

Have Money, Have Rink

Habs lace ‘em up on Wednesday at the Scotiabank Saddledome, formerly the Pengrowth Saddledome, formerly Canadian Airlines Saddledome, formerly Olympic Saddledome.

In Ottawa, the Senators play at Canadian Tire Centre, formerly Scotiabank Place, formerly the Corel Centre, formerly the Palladium.

It’s out of control. Just get someone with tons of money to back the rink for a lifetime and be done with it. Like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.

“Flames are at home Wednesday at the old Miley Cyrus to host the visiting Habs, led by the NHL’s second star of the week, Lars Eller, who totalled  five points in two games. Meanwhile in Kanata, the Senators held a light skate at the Bieb before heading to the airport to battle the Kings at the Kardashian in L.A.”

“On tonight’s agenda, the Devils are at the P. Diddy in Edmonton while the Panthers takes on new Philly coach Craig Berube and his Flyers at the Jay-Z, which should really be rappin’ tonight. The Habs don’t return to the Kane until ten days from now and insiders say league officials are concerned that Mr. Kane will have died of old age by then and are looking at Paul McCartney for a new name possibility.”

“The Bruins remain idle until Thursday when the Avalanche visit Boston’s brand new Charles Manson Center.”

Random Note:

Max Pacioretty has a sore wrist but is with the team for the Western jaunt. My son lives just up the hill from the Miley Cyrus if Max remains on the shelf and would like to play some cribbage while in Cowtown.








Habs Slay Orangemen

Below, the Philadelphia Flyers congratulate the Montreal Canadiens for being so freaking fantastic.

Bell Centre

Canadiens hand the Philadelphia Flyers a 4-1 loss in game #2, with just 80 more left. The EGG line collects a bunch of points. Carey Price allows just one goal.

I think I’ll just get out the old yellow highlighter and mark a big solid win on my ultra-scientific Habs tracker.

A goal and an assist from Brian Gionta, Lars Eller, Brendan Gallagher, and Rene Bourque. Two assists from Alex Galchenyuk, and singles from Pleks and P.K.

A bunch of guys chipping in. I love that.

Eller has three goals now. Alex Ovechkin has four. Scott Gomez has one.

Carey Price played well, and if I was really picky I’d mention the couple of times he juggled easy shots but I’m not.

It’s a fine win before they climb into the big silver bird and head west for four games. A solid win. Except they went 2 for 9 on the power play.

But I’m in a forgiving mood because they earned two points, which is what it’s all about. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just successful. Like Phyllis Diller bearing a dozen cute and healthy kids.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Montreal 34, Flyers 23.

Max Pacioretty sat it out due to the wrist injury he received while playing the Leafs. Hopefully it’s just one game for Max.

A road roller is parked near our place and I’d like to hot wire it and roll over P.J. Stock. I have such a hard time listening to this person. Tonight he said the Canadiens tried to play the Leafs tough the other night but they shouldn’t because they’re not.

The Habs won most, if not all the fights in that Leafs game, right? Or was it just an acid flashback?

Next up – Wednesday in Cowtown. 8 p.m. eastern. Hope the Saddledome’s dried out.

The Canadiens head out on a winning note. Look out Flames, the Habs are coming. And that goes for the Oilers, Canucks, and Jets too. Try valium if you’re experiencing stress and anxiety.

Luci and I were at the Bell today, but it was for a 2 o’clock game between the St. Hubert Gouverneurs and Toronto Bulldogs. The guys are eight years old, can shoot over the net from above the slot, and the Gouverneurs handled the Torontonians 4-1, just like the Habs over Philly.

Eight years old – they got to play at the Bell, they were introduced player at a time by the P.A. announcer, the game was shown live on the scoreboard, and two zambonis cleaned the ice for them.

Awesome – and slightly different from when I was eight years old.