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Adding Some Beauty To My Blog


This is my wife’s son’s wife, Natasha. Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s Russian, lives in St. Petersburg, and aced all of her graduating university grades with 100% across the board.

Her husband, Denis, my wife’s son, was named after Dennis Hull. They wanted to name him after Bobby Hull but the way it sounded with a Russian accent, it came out too close to Booby. So they went with Dennis instead.

The little girl is my wife’s granddaughter Anastastia. She’s sort of my granddaughter too! She’s four and a half and likes to draw pictures and dance.

A Couple Of Thoughts About The Winter Classic At Wrigley

The Bridgestone Winter Classic took place on New Year’s Day at Wrigley Field in Chicago between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks.


You already know this.


But were you at all wondering how the Bridgestone tire company got it’s name? Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Founder Shojiro Ishibashi’s last name translates as “bridge of stone.”


Those folks in some of parts of the bleachers were so far away, they needed a telescope, not binoculars, to see what was going on.


What actually happens if the weather doesn’t co-operate? What if unexpected warm weather arrived and the ice started to melt? Or the game got a foot of snow dumped on it? Ot winds picked up and the players couldn’t skate against them? Or freezing rain fell? What would happen? Is it re-scheduled? And what if it was and the weather didn’t co-operate again? So far they’ve dodged the bullet in Edmonton, although it was freezing cold; in Buffalo, where it snowed; and now Chicago. But can they dodge a bullet forever?


Why don’t they think about planning one of these things for an area where there’s no NHL hockey. Like Saskatchewan? Or Yellowknife? Or on Lake Couchiching in Orillia.


Bobby Hull and Ted Lindsay dropped the ceremonial pucks. Hull wore really girly leopard skin earmuffs.


What if one of the players gets his tongue stuck to the goalpost?


In sub-zero weather, is cold beer still eight bucks or do they lower the price?



Number Nine Is Too Sacred For Just Anybody

  When Wayne Gretzky retired, the entire league, every team, agreed the proper thing to do was to retire jersey no. 99 permanently so no other player would ever wear it.


This is absolutely reasonable. Gretzky deserves this honour. He was Gretzky, for goodness sakes.


But there’s another number out there that deserves the same royal treatment. Number nine.


Number nine was the number of Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, and of course, Maurice Richard.


How can you argue with that? Number nine shouldn’t be worn by Steve Downie or Oscar Moller. Number nine was worn by Mr. Hockey, the Golden Jet, and the Rocket, three of the greatest ever, right up there at the top of the mountain. It’s a sacred number.


Currently there are 15 teams of the 30 with a player wearing number nine. It doesn’t seem right.


I think all but two of these players should surrender their number nine, choose another one, and carry on. The two players, Mike Modano in Dallas and Paul Kariya in St. Louis, have had too good a career to not wear these sweaters. But when they retire, so goes the number.


Here are the other 13 players currently wearing number nine.


Eric Christensen – Atlanta

Derek Roy – Buffalo

Steven Weiss – Florida

Oscar Moller – LA

Mikko Koivu – Minnesota

Zach Parise – New Jersey

Brendan Bell – Ottawa

Scottie Upshall – Philadelphia

Pascal Dupuis – Pittsburgh

Milan Michalek – San Jose

Steve Downie – Tampa Bay

Niklas Hagman – Toronto

Taylor Pyatt – Vancouver