Catching Up On Hockey From Afghanistan

I just noticed another hit from Afghanistan on my site, there’s been a few now, and I’ll just bet it’s a good soldier or two looking for some good old hockey news. Maybe even Habs news.

From all hockey fans everywhere, thank you for what you’re doing over there and come back safe and sound.

10 thoughts on “Catching Up On Hockey From Afghanistan”

  1. Hey Dennis;My olest son is training in edmonton now for a tour over there,i’m hoping not but if it happens well thats the way it goes,i guess someone has to do it eh.I get broken up when Don Cherry breaks down on saturday nites when he has to announce that someone else is coming home the wrong way.I just wish that this had never begun,we kept our peace keeping stance instead of folding under pressure from Bush to go into combat,Harper gave in to easily.Good luck to all that are over there,come back safe .

  2. Derry good luck with your son and hoping he doesn’t have to serve a tour. And if he does, I hope he’ll be safe.

    And congratulations people. we are in 7th place without even playing a minute of hockey.

  3. Nice to get a little help along the way hey Dennis?
    As for our troops, they all deserve our unrelenting love and prayers. May you all come home safe and sound and once here get the help they need to deal with what they have to go through over there.
    I`m too old to go, or I would be there doing my share also. We live in dangerous times and we must fight the fight there rather then here on our shores.
    God Bless all out Troops and bring our boys home soon and safe.

  4. Ditto to Mayo’s comment, Derry. Please keep us up to date on whether your son will do a tour or not. Good luck with that.

  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the comments.I know that somebodies sons or daughters have to go over there so i just hope that it all comes to an end on the date hat they have settled on and dont keep prolonging it .

  6. Derry, my thoughts and prayers for you, your son and your family and all who are serving.

    Dennis, as always, your comments are heartfelt and timely. Thank you.

  7. Derry, I hope your family gets the best and I hope your son will arrive back safely, and as a hero.

    God bless you, it’s families like yours that make Canada a great place to live.

  8. Derry:

    As someone who has had a family member over there (3 tours, but home–for now) my thoughts are with you and yours.

    I’ve always found hope in the examples provided by the guys in uniform I’ve been priveleged to meet. At the end of the day, there’s solace to be taken from the fact that at least the guys over there, on the ground and in the thick of it are serious, hard-working, dependable guys who take their jobs very seriously and never seem to forget their esprit de corps.

    Here’s to your son being a credit to the country, and most importantly coming home safe.

  9. Hey Folks;Once again I say thank you to all,I can’t say enough about why we shouldn’t be involved in this fiasco,a political puzzle for sure.I have always thought that this is a way out of Canada’s role to be dealing with this in this way.My thoughts go out to the young men and women who didnt get to come back the way they went over.

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