Carry On Canadiens!

Wild and wacky.

And when the dust had settled, the Canadiens give a little payback to the Rangers with a 7-4 pasting after chasing Henrik Lundqvist in the second, after enjoying a huge lead that they would blow and then regain, and who knows, as the icing on the cake, maybe we’ll even see a Ranger or two suspended!

Would’ve been a good night to be at the Bell. So much went on. Lively as hell. Lots of cheering and fretting. And now the Canadiens are alive and well, and it’s on to New York Thursday to keep the ball rolling.

Montreal practically owned the first period and led 2-1 after Alex Galchenyuk and Tomas Plekanec lit the lamp, and in the second period, after killing a couple of penalties, went up a lovely 4-1 after Max and Ren Bourque bulged the twine.

But everyone except Lucy in Russia knows what happened next. New York scored three goals on six shots, suddenly it was tied at a horrifying four apiece, and the thought of this team being eliminated after leading 4-1 almost caused dry heaves.

But suddenly, the sun came up again. Rene Bourque scored his second of the night before the period had ended, the boys took another lead, and in the third Bourque would complete his hat trick, DD would score on the empty net, and all’s well in Habsland.

They could’ve folded the tent after those three quick Rangers goals that tied it, but they didn’t. And I’m willing to bet that some Knute Rockne-like speeches were made during the intermission that kept the gang on the straight and narrow throughout the third.

An awesome win. Montreal was the better team. They’ve been playing better slowly but surely as the series goes on and the Rangers know it.

As icing on the cake, we’ll hear sometime soon that Rangers d-man John Moore will get a couple of games suspension for clocking Dale Weise in a play somewhat similar to the Brandon Prust hit. You know, the one that made Rangers fans, players, and coaches scream blue murder about.

And then picture the wailing and sobbing from the Rangers if the less-than-talented Derek Dorsett, who sprayed a flag kid with snow at the beginning of the contest, also gets more than a wrist slap for a nasty headbutt on Mike Weaver near the end.

Who headbutts? Only extreme nutcases.

Dustin Tokarski came up big throughout and Rene Bourque led the charge with three goals. A tremendous night. And lots of guys contributed.

Markov collected three assists. Max ended with a goal and an assist, Eller and Weiseboth had two assists, Galchenyuk with a goal and an assist, Plekanec had a goal, and Vanek grabbed an assist, as did Gally, Gionta, and PK.

More of the same in New York on Thursday please. Except for the part about blowing a 4-1 lead.

Random Notes:

Alexei Emelin was a scratch and hopefully he’s back on Thursday.

Final shots on goal. Montreal 28, Rangers 27.

Derek Dorsett’s a weasel. There are several on that team. And we love the idiotic penalties Benoit Pouliot continues to take. Keep it up Benny!




31 thoughts on “Carry On Canadiens!”

  1. What a wild ride. I was so pissed when they blew the three goal lead. What is it with Gorges and tipping shots into his own net? Seems to happen way too often and didn’t that open the floodgates? That 5th goal was huge. I have no confidence that Moore will get a suspension simply because well it’s the NHL! And Dorsette, a headbutt? That has to be worth a suspension don’t you think?

  2. What a nice win last night, crazy though, eh ? For the first time in this series Montreal looked like they had jump back in their game, that same jump they had in the TB and BOS series’. I’m still not a fan of their play in their own end, half the time I’m shitting my pants when Habs d-men are battling for the puck along the boards behind the net. It seems they just give up the puck so many times in their own end, and the Rangers have so much room to run and gun. I don’t know.
    I do know that Dorset is scumbag with a capital “S”. If Todd Ewen or Kordic were still on the beat, he would have been meat, and that goes for Moore as well.
    Oh the days when we had great enforcers that actually played and didn’t sit in the press box all the time.

  3. Looks like you did a good job of waking almost everyone up! Thanks…

    The Bruins are douche bags, but they’ve won big. The Rangers are straight up punks. GQ Pretty Boys, gutless to boot. Queen Hinne is now back to mortality.

    Huge one Thursday! And if our guys win…

    I BELIEVE 24/7/365! GHG!

  4. Just one more thing.

    The snowing incident by Door Knob on the flag kid brings back memories.

    Ovechkin did the same thing in 2010 and Washington – who were up three games to one – went on to lose that series.

    Bad Karma for the Rangers.

  5. I remember that Ovi snowing well, Danno, and now I’m wondering if the snowing thing an “accidentally on purpose” thing?

    I’m already nervous for Thursday. This is in their barn and Lundqvist is comfortable there. I cannot bare to see a Habs last game. I want more, more I say! And maybe our Habs want more as well. Bourque does as does Chuky and Gally …maybe their mojo is back. Just one more game guys, it’s 1-0 Rangers right now, let’s bring the series back to Montreal one more time and hear Ginette belt it out. GO HABS!!!!!

  6. Matjo, my feeling is that the boys are rolling now. Took several games, maybe a lingering Bruins hangover and a different style to adapt to, and they were outplayed and outskated in the process. But I think they’ve got it together. I think the Rangers began to take it lightly, they’re not outplaying Montreal anymore, they’re getting frustrated, and I’m very happy.

  7. Danno, Dorsett’s actions is a great clue that Montreal is now in their heads. It’s terrific. I truly believe we’re going to win this, not just because I’m a fan, but what has transpired over the last few games.

  8. Right on, Mike M. The New York Douchebags. They’re getting stupider by the game. I believe too!

  9. They showed jump and passion, Travis, and many guys contributed instead of a few. Yes, there’s still a few things to iron out, but I think the Boston war is finally out of their system, they’re going good now, and New York is feeling the heat.

  10. D-John, both those guys should be suspended and we wait to hear. Last night we finally saw passion, and I truly believe that when Dale Weise is having a great game, so is the team. Odd that a fourth-liner can inspire like that but I feel it’s the case.

  11. Its the time now for M.T. and the Habs organization to come out in a press release, use video clips, and talk about how Dale Weise has a diagnosed undisclosed injury resulting from the absolute dirty hit on him and how he will be a questionable return for any games remaining this playoffs. That way we can be sure of a suspension for Moore! The funny thing is that this was so far away from any puck play and that Moores elbow and arm made direct contact with Dales Head makes me wonder how in hell the Disciplinary guys cant find a way to suspend Moore without any silly propaganda and manipulation of media, but apparently we need to use those tactics to get anything done.

    It is a ruthless series, and regardless that i am a Habs fan, whoever gets through has some real hockey to worry about when meeting LA this year. I hope for Montreal, they deserve better than this, as they are earning these wins, but its time to fight in every corner, mean and nasty. Then we need to remember how to play hockey again, because there is a titan waiting on the other side of the continent.

    Stay Strong Habs. Keep up the hard work, and we are behind you!

  12. I believe, Andy, that when Weise is playing well, so is the team. That’s the true mark of a leader and a character player. With Stepan’s “broken jaw’, it’s possible it was already broken, and if it really is broken, how come he spoke normally after that game? Anyway, yes, the league should hear that Weise is hurt, even if he isn’t, to help the cause, although it shouldn’t have to be that way. Moore’s hit was flagrant and dirty and he needs to go for at least two. Dorsett can spend a couple of days in the press box as well. The Rangers are getting more frustrated as the days go by. Great to see. Always good thoughts from you Andy. Thank you.

  13. Thank you Dennis, My Dad (whom is your age) (undisclosed) has been telling me about “this guy Dennis Kane, who wrights the best Habs blog around, and tells it how it is”. He said, “he knows his stuff, he is an old fan like me, and I bet he had to listen to the Habs on a tube radio and watch canned Habs Hockey tv like me!” So, i thought to myself anyone “that vintage” must know what he is talking about, and finally i looked up this Dennis Kane guy, and viola! Im hooked!

    Now i flog my Dads and My own sentiment via your space…So thank you for the great writing, from Both of us, and keep up the good work! Thanks for putting up with my comments!

  14. Andy, thanks. To your dad too. I did listen to the Habs on tube radio, particularly on Sunday nights from my home in Orillia and when they were in Chicago (no idea how that works), and I’d listen to Hawks announcer Johnny Gottselig call the play-by-play by calling the Chicago players by their first names and the Canadiens by their last. How’s that for being a homer? Things have come a long way. Love high definition, flat screen TV.

  15. Moore got a match penalty for the hit on Weise, I think that includes at least an automatic one game suspension. It was very similar to the Prust hit, but by my estimate was less of a late hit, but higher. As the NHL says, the principle point of contact was to the head, precisely the kind of hits the NHL claims it wants to eliminate. Prust bounced off Stepan’s shoulder before hitting his jaw.

  16. Moore had his elbow way up and targeted Weise’s head. Plus Moore is the same goon who rammed Weise into the stanchion earlier in the game in another attempt to injure him.

  17. Marjo, these are two guys they rely on for toughness and character, and if they get suspended, it’ll hurt them. We’re still waiting to hear.

  18. DK, Annakin Slayd will be played at full volume Thursday night!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!!!!!!

  19. We need Derek Doorknob to play—take some penalties & we get a powerplay, now that it somewhat clicks.

  20. If Weise got a concussion he had no business returning to the game yesterday. Major failure by the trainers and medical staff to do their job. I like the gritty, shake it off, play through it attitude but this has to end when it comes to concussions.

    One of these days there’s going to be a massive class action lawsuit by injured players against professional sports leagues and teams citing such medical incompetence.

  21. I agree with Christopher. Besides, didn’t he just recuperate from a concussion about a month and a half ago? He was definitely wobbly out there…

  22. Splitting hairs, but a hit to the chest isn’t anything close to hit to the head.

    Bettman wants that Kings- strangers championship…

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