Carolina Staals The Head-Scratching Habs

I don’t know. I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m not even sure an arena full of psychiatrists would know.

Who knows why the Habs do what they do. Who knows why they come out in Raleigh, North Carolina and play like they’d rather be watching Tiger Woods at the Masters looking like he’d never left.

Carolina, led by Eric Staal with three goals, deflate even more the terribly-slumping Canadiens, and although Montreal’s odds are still fairly good of squeezing into the playoffs, all it means is they’ll probably make a quick exit once they get there. Just another day, another playoff loss.

I’m going to keep smiling and go about my business. Maybe think up some new recipes. Continue to work on my coloured salt idea. Just stay upbeat and think of the good times about a million years ago when the Montreal Canadiens were a force to be reckoned with and would have taken no prisoners from a team like Carolina. 

But this is now. Another time, another dimension.

Now it’s down to one game left remaining in this sad-sack season, against the Leafs in Montreal, and the Habs are a flat, uninspired and listless crew. They’re also probably tense and nervous, which might explain why they’re passing the puck like they have blurred vision and storm the net like they’re allergic to the goal crease.

We have to just smile. The Habs have been mostly depressing for much of the season, so what’s different now?

Can’t wait for day two of the Masters.

Random Notes:

Just a reminder – Montreal has won just three of their last ten games.

What the f………?

31 thoughts on “Carolina Staals The Head-Scratching Habs”

  1. if i my quote dick one last time, “what you see is what you get with this team” it’s just the reality of the situation. at least jm will be gone the end of this humiliating season.

  2. No guarantee Martin will be gone but I can always keep my fingers crossed. No captain, no heart, and a really pathetic coach. It makes me wonder if the player’s have quit on him because they are really stinking up the rink more often than not. Despite the injuries which are no longer a valid excuse the team continues to play a really sad system with a pop-gun offence. Frustrated with this team because I have seen them play some awesome hockey this year but for the most part without the heroics of Price and Halak the team would be behind the Maple Leafs.

  3. Don, no captain is a great point. There’s no leadership at all, and I wonder why a captain was never chosen. And Jacques Martin can’t motivate. I want him gone too. Very depressing season all round.

  4. Hey Dennis, No problems with the refs,it’s the Canes cheerleaders that stopped the Habs.I’m sure they would stop an out of control frieght train.Would never contain me though.Yes the Habs played like shit ,they deserved to lose,better get their poop all together soon or they won’t be around next week.

  5. I think it’s the coach, Derry. Of course the players are all men and should be able to motivate themselves, but a good coach demands and gets it. Not Martin.

  6. Hey Dennis,I kinda agree,what is with Martin playing Bergeron for 21 minutes in the third period?That was a terrible showing as a coach.Pat Burns is prbably still wondering why he let the Habs,my hat goes of to this fellow.I hope he will pull through

  7. I’m convinced Montreal is trying to finish eighth to hook up with Washington in the first round.

  8. Dennis, I like to believe like Christopher C. that this is just an intentional ploy to jockey for eighth place in the standings. We can’t suck this badly. What we are seeing is the top-secret 3W’s plan or the “We Want Washington” strategy of our genius-coach.
    And JM should make sure nobody watches any TV before the game. Some of the Habs are starting to think golf is way more fun than hockey. That’s not good. That’s okay for the Leafs, but not the Canadiens.
    Anyways, my Victory shirt just arrived courtesy of Canada Post. I’ll be wearing it Saturday night. At times like this you have to pull out the big guns.

  9. Dennis, they need your good cooking to motivate them. That and a dryer of margueritas masterfully mixed after they make the playoffs.

    No other place to go but up!

  10. Diane and Dennis, I hear Jacques Martin is a bit of a chef himself. He has a contribution to make for your cookbook — his recipe for disaster. Stay tuned.

  11. if rangers take 2 games from the flyers, philly gets one point, bruins get one point, the habs need to beat the leafs on sat…… for anyone who wants to defend jm on his regular season record, think about jm’s record against the leafs in important games, all the playoff upset losses etc………. boy, those were passionate ottawa teams!

  12. I asked my buddy Wes in Montreal his thoughts as to why there are problems in Habsville and he responded:

    “Too many injuries at the start of the year so they never really got going until later, lack of leadership – they miss someone like Koivu. Not enough big bodies so they got pushed around, and the league is much better balanced than ever before.

    We have the best pair of goalies but they were having to stop between 40 – 50 shots a night and we were only scoring 1 or 2 goals a game. We needed a big scorer and I do not think we have anyone, maybe 1 or 2 at most with 20 goals.”

  13. Wow, looks like an uninspired bunch right now, it’s hard to believe they put forth such a brutal effort, the d-fense blew like a north wind.
    Not sure if the small guys are runnin out of gas, but I don’t think we won any battles in the corners last night, tough to watch.
    Agree JM’s robotic approach maybe tuned out in the room, on the bright side, it’ll make for an exciting Saturday on HNIC.
    Anyone else here think Subban could be in the line-up right now? I know he’s yound, has defensive issues, but he can’t be any worse with the non-sense we have back there right now.

  14. Okay, the Victory shirt has arrived. That’s the only good thing I can think about this whole mess. But what about this scenario? Montreal beats the Leafs 8-0 or so on Saturday? That would be just fine. Kind of saves the season of it happened. I also think Beatnik’s friend Wes in Montreal has it right – all those injuries which we never recovered from. A captain would be nice too.

  15. Beatnik, I think Wes has nailed it. There’s no leadership, too many injuries and they never got going. But the main problem is, they’re lacking a good stickboy, which is where I come in.

  16. d, when Subban had his three game stint awhile back, he was great. Aside from Markov and maybe Bergeron, none of the defence can move the puck, but Subban sure can. O’Byrne is a disaster, and Gill and Gorges and the rest just don’t have this skill. And it sure was tough to watch. The announcers don’t help either. The main thing for me though, is I was expecting to see them come out and play with desperation, but instead they came out and played like they were in October. And for me, this says lack of leadership, especially from the coach.

  17. Phil ! There you are. I was wondering if you’d given up on your Habs. And are you getting ready to come back to Montreal?

  18. Well people if thats the best we can do when it’s all on the line,( I hate to say it but the Leafs just might hand us our heads on a platter!!) Once again what a disgrace. Great to see your comments hobo, the younger fans today don’t fully relise what our team of the 50’s , 60’s & 70’s were all out Firewagon hockey teams who knew what it meant to wear the blue blanc et rouge !
    Disgusted from the East!!

  19. Hobo has it right, those words were said to our dearly departed Danny Gallivan & if I can conjure up his response it would have gone something like” Wellll Dick that was a most dissmalll performance tonight!!”
    There was a time when we kicked in the front door & stormed into the playoffs, not sneak in a basement window & not even have the BALLS to kick in the back door!! I don’t think I could handle a 4 & out, I’d rather just be out!
    From the East!!

  20. A motivation meeting was held today with the team. Jacques Martin had the following to say about it:

    “We talked about our situation,” he said. “We talked about our last game. We addressed the issues that needed to be addressed. We have an opportunity to play our biggest game of the season in front of our fans.”


    Scintillating stuff. Highly motivational. Okay for diplomats, but not a hockey coach.

    Does JM have any passion? A pulse even? Is he a goddamed Vulcan?

    What we need is this kind of team meeting to wake up some of our underachieving bums. Most of them would be satisfied just to win the steak knives…

  21. Danno, imagine if Martin gave a speech like that? That’s what a motivational speech is. Everyone should click on the Youtube link in Danno’s comment and see what Martin should be doing.

  22. Good stuff Danno, now that’s the gold standard for how to motivate. Hopefully Martin is paying attention.

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