10 thoughts on “Carey’s New Mask”

  1. Hah. Funny, Danno. Yes, it is super-freaky. At first I thought maybe it was a little joke but when I saw the Facebook page I realized it might not be. I think Price has a very cool sense of humour.

  2. I was watching the FA Cup Football (soccer) on ESPN today over here in Blighty. At half time the continuity announcer was going through what was upcoming on ESPN’s various channels.

    In the calm modulated tones of her very English voice she proceeded to inform me that on ESPN America at 11.0pm on Sunday evening they would be showing ice hockey, the Heritage Classic with the Montreal Canadiens taking on their local (yes she said local) rivals the Calgary Flames.

    I wonder how far she’s prepared to travel to her “local” shop.

    Sadly geography teaching has declined somewhat here in the cradle of civilization.

    And Carey, no! No no no! That is just plain wrong.

  3. Blue Bayou, what’s a couple of thousand miles. It’s local I guess if we’re talking about the entire universe. And I saw clips of the Canadiens practicing and I think Carey’s new mask looks much better when he’s actually wearing it. You wait and see – once the shock is over it’s not bad.

  4. It’s unusual, Tyg. I like that he has a sense of humour though. And it wasn’t quite so shocking to me when I saw him in a clip wearing it in practice. It looks like Wiz is going to play and it’s a relief and it’s just tremendous. Yay Wiz!

  5. Dennis,

    I thought I’d better make a start on putting together that update on hockey in the UK. So I went to the Elite League and started by having a look at the rosters and what sort of player plays at he “top” level” over here.

    Starting in alphabetical order I went to the Belfast Giants. And look who popped up.


    I just can’t get away from Powell River.

  6. Richard Seeley. Well, I’ll be. I did a story for the paper years ago about Richard’s friend going to watch Richard play his first NHL game, an exhibition game with LA. I know Richard’s dad. He’s a long-time car saleman here. Richard is also an excellent baseball player. A long ball hitter.

  7. Carey is always able to pull through when it comes to unique mask designs on special occasions.
    I remember the mask that he wore during the team’s 100th anniversary!

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