Carey Price With Near-Shutout In Big Win In Boston

It could’ve been the perfect night. It was almost a 1-0 win over the Boston Bruins, with Carey Price earning a huge shutout, Glen Metropolit scoring the lone goal, and the Boston Bruins going more than three full games without scoring.

But instead, it was a shootout win for the Canadiens after Boston’s Patrice Bergeron scored with only 52 seconds left in the third to tie it and ruin all the good things that would have happened.

52 seconds left in the third. May Patrice Bergeron’s crops die every summer.

Just as important as the win was that the brakes were finally put on a horrific streak – nine straight losses to the Bruins. It’s finished, gone, never to be seen again. In fact, lets start a new one, with the Habs going nine or ten straight wins against these Beantowners, who, at least judging by tonight, aren’t nearly the same team as we’ve seen in the past year or so. They seem very average.

I think they miss Milan Lucic a great deal, not just for the power forward, locomotive style he brings,  but also for the mean attitude that I’m sure rubs off on his teammates. There was nothing to fear about the Boston Bruins on this night. That’s why they need Lucic in the lineup.

And believe me, it surprises the heck out of me that I’m even admitting this. I don’t even like the guy. But I wouldn’t complain too loudly if I saw him in a Habs uniform.

Andre Kostitsyn had a somewhat better game than he’s provided lately, getting a few chances and setting up Metropolit after making a nice play coming around the net. Maybe it’s baby steps with Kostitsyn, and by Christmas I’ll be thankful I picked him in my hockey pool.

It was interesting, however, when TSN announcer Gord Miller, in describing the play, said, “Andrei Kostitsyn gives the puck away, and Jacques Martin shakes his head at the bench.”

Random Notes:

Canadiens had centres Ryan White and Tom Pyatt in the lineup, along with defenceman Mathieu Carle. All three held their own, with White getting an assist on Metropolit’s goal.

I’m a little concerned what Pierre McGuire pointed out, and what we also saw. Maxim Lapierre is a player who goads others but rarely drops the gloves to back it up, and apparently everyone around the league knows it and talks about it. I don’t like this. I don’t like the reputation it brings with it. C’mon Max. Drop the gloves and flail away. So what if it hurts sometimes. It’s something you have to do.

Tampa Bay in Montreal on Saturday. Maybe Kostitsyn can have another decent game.

And maybe Carey Price will play again. In my books, this was the best I’ve seen him in ages.

24 thoughts on “Carey Price With Near-Shutout In Big Win In Boston”

  1. Since Price had a great game and I’ll say he’s likely for Saturday, instead which forwards sit will be the new debate. Kostitsyn heard the footsteps of 3 new teammates wanting his place in the lineup. His rush up the ice leading to the goal might be enough to give him a spot.

  2. Hey Dennis;It was a much better game but the bruins had a depleted lineup,Carey Price faced alot of rubber and held out until the very end,looked good in o.t. and the shootout,hopefully they can carry on saturday in Tampa.I’d like to see Lapierre drop the gloves…and punch the shit out of Pierre Mcguire,get that idiot off the bench and away from the players before he does get a shot.

  3. to me, Carey was flawless, even with that lone Bruins goal that went in. He looked confident, strong and was poised to win that game.
    He played with such great focus and he was well positioned.

    let’s just hope he can carry this onto the next game.
    And it should be smooth sailing from then.
    But the D has to tighten, we can’t expect Carey to make 40-some saves again.

  4. It was really interesting the reason Coach Martin gave for putting in Price – because he performed well against Chicago, and because Halak was not 100% (groin-y).

    But Price definitely earned the next start in terms of win-and-you’re-in… although I kept thinking throughout the game that we needed an insurance goal because Pricey is not a shutout goalie. We need our goaltender to be perfect to make up for our lack of offense – still, his performance was great, and I loved that he got cocky at the very end.

  5. Hi Dennis, what a game! My Habs loving sister is on top of the world this morning and this Bruins fan thought #31 in net was great. Congratulations to your team for a well deserved victory. Can’t wait for the next match up.

  6. Thanks, Mazzie. If I just put new spins on AP-type stories, I might as well not do it at all. Please come back. I post every day.

  7. WG Morgan – I was holding my breath for the shutout, and it never came. I was even thinking of headlines for my post about Price and his shutout. But at least he played well and the team won. And against Boston no-less. Price deserves to play next game for sure.

  8. Hi Diane. It must have been fun for both of you. And anyway, you had a whole string of wins, now it’s our turn. How are you?

  9. Derry – I’m with you. Drop the gloves, Max, and punch out Pierre. It’s a great idea. The Bruins miss Lucic for sure and what he brings. I hope he’s out for a couple of years.

  10. Christopher – To me, Chipchura has played himself off the team. No goals, no assists, mediocre fighter. And maybe even D’Agostini if the new guys play well. And Kostityn, geez. He played better but the nagging question is – how did he get a 3.2 million dollar contract? But maybe he’ll turn it around and I’ll forgive him for his sins.

  11. Hey Dennis, I’m fine. Thanks for shipping Ryder to us at $4M! Yikes, he better start hitting the back of the net soon. Too bad, because when he gets going, it’ll be on for sure. I’m ready to rip a few more hairs off of Coach Julien to show him I mean business.

    Sister Nancy was sending you photos of us at the game, so look for those soon.

    Stay well, mon ami.

  12. I have seen Lapierre fight but I don’t think that’s a big part of his game. In a close game do you reataliate and end up with the only penalty? Maybe that wasn’t part of his thinking but here’s another thought, why is it okay for Lucy to walk away from dropping them with BGL? Is that a double standard because lets face it Lucy will only fight guys his size or smaller? What’s McGuire’s position on a guy who plays that style but won’t drop the gloves against all commers?

  13. Dis John – These are good points. The only thing that bothers me about the whole Lapierre thing is that it seems he’s getting this reputation around the league. That’s all, and I’m not crazy about this. I also get very sick of listening to McGuire. Know-it-alls always did rub me the wrong way.

  14. DK; Lapierre reminds me of days in the distant past when Bobby Clarke would start something then let his Goon squad clean up the mess he started . I used to despise the little weasel , he who also said it’s not his fault Roger Neilson got cancer & proceeded to let him go !! I hope Max has more integrity than that A–Hole . Another little goof was Bobby Schmauts , until Mario Trembley turned out his lights with a great right hander ! One punch it’s all over !
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!

  15. Mike, I remember that one punch from Tremblay into Schmautz’s nose. I also recall seeing a great photo of that taken just as fist meets face. And yeah, I still think Lapierre’s a good guy for the team. I just hope he doesn’t really get a huge reputation for not answering the bell.

  16. I think Carey was robbed of a shutout and here’s why:
    It seemed to me that Charra should have been called on an interference penalty when he took down Spacek in front of the crease to fall onto Price as the Bruins scored. The penalty should have been called and the goal should have been disallowed.
    But I guess the refs felt they reached their quota for disallowed goals for this game.
    In the first period Glen Metropolit’s goal was disallowed after the refs ruled Moen had interfered with Thomas – but no penalty.
    Metro would have had two goals last night if it weren’t for the quirky call.
    Strange, inconsistent officiating, in my opinion.

  17. Thanks Dennis.

    Carey in nets tonight.
    Again, the Habs will be sporting vintage uniforms. This one features the 1910-13 jerseys which had a maple leaf with a Gothic “C” in the middle.
    Funny how the Canadiens had a maple leaf as their symbol before Toronto did. Bunch of unoriginal copy-cats.
    Wouldn’t it be great to wear these outfits next time we play the leafs?
    Great piece on the history of this and how it all connects to the Canadian flag from Habs Eyes on the Prize

  18. I heard the old ones will be on Tuesday. But I’m a traditionalist in that I prefer the CH only. When I see the Habs I want to see the usual uniform. But I know many like the change. I’m just boring I think.

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