Carey Price Stands On His Head In Losing Cause

The first period has ended at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, and the Canadiens hold a nice little one-nothing lead after Brian Gionta blasted one home. And although the Sharks hold a 15-10 shots-on-goal advantage, I’m satisfied, because Montreal has had some quality scoring chances, six in fact. The Sharks, on the other hand, have had ten but I don’t want to talk about that.

And best of all, Carey Price seems to be in a groove, playing with confidence and stopping often in fine fashion this high-powered offence we see from the opposition.

Who knows what the second will bring, but we’ll see in five  minutes…….

The second period began not exactly as planned as the San Jose scored while shorthanded, which always sucks. But not long after, Scott Gomez and the Habs regain the lead. Montreal hasn’t won in San Jose since Nov. 23, 1999, and needless to say, this is a pretty big game, especially considering that Boston, who the Canadiens are in a playoff dogfight with, won tonight.

Tomas Plekanec has been a feisty little bugger, and Carey Price is magnificent, stopping everything in every which way, flipping and flopping, rocking and rolling, slipping and sliding. There’s also been a Sharks penalty shot, several hit goal posts, and some flat-out nastiness. It’s a wild one in this city just south of San Francisco.

That’s it, buzzer sounds, second period over, and the Habs maintain a lovely 2-1 lead. Of course it’s too close, but a lead is a lead. It’s way better than being behind or tied.

Can they do it in the third? ……….


Sharks score two and win 3-2.

Just too many chances by San Jose, and Carey Price couldn’t hold the fort forever. But he was outstanding, the Habs best player on this night, and I can’t remember when I’ve seen him perform like this.

Random Notes:

I doesn’t get any easier. Habs in LA on Saturday night, and the Kings are a good team. Upper echelon team. With young stud Drew Doughty manning the defence.

As mentioned, Montreal hasn’t won in San Jose since 1999, and although they came close tonight, this lousy streak continues.

7 thoughts on “Carey Price Stands On His Head In Losing Cause”

  1. Plenty of games this year like this for him where he was unreal. Like the first two games of the year… The first Boston game… That 53-save 2-0 loss game to Nashville… The Centennial game….

    If this team would have the same aggressive attack on defense like they did with offense, this loss wouldn’t have happened. Also needed some finish. The brothers aren’t in synch yet.

    Don’t get me started on that joke of a ref Chris Lee…

    Someone owes Price a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and some hugs. If Martin doesn’t start him next game he has officially lost his mind.

  2. Looks like Price was the only one practising over the break. It wasn’t with the team, they kept fanning on their best chances.

  3. Hilarious quote from Price after the game
    “My posts were working for me tonight, I’d buy them dinner if they eat.”

  4. Dennis, with 17 games remaining the Habs need 24 points or so to make the playoffs. That means they cannot afford to lose any more than five games from here on to the end of the season. Looking at the schedule ahead, there are many tough teams teams to face. It’s starting to looks grim.
    And that is why we will now witness a spectacular turnaround that will silence the doubters. That’s the way it’s been all year on this roller-coaster ride.

  5. It wouldn’t shock me if they don’t make the playoffs, really. When Carbo started in his first full year the Habs missed it by an inch. Still, all things considered, with the injuries and the horrid schedule, this team could be as down in the dumps as the Oilers………..

  6. Number 31, I wouldn’t be surprised either if they didn’t make the playoffs. Way too many injuries right from the get go. They’ve never had a chance to gel as a team.

  7. The east is weak and 88 points will probably get a team into the playoffs. Currently the Thrashers are in 8th place team with 66 points in 62 games which projects to 87.3 points. Montreal might even be able to squeak in with 87 points since they have more wins or less OT/SO losses than the others. I think that’s the first tie breaker.

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