12 thoughts on “Carey Price – Sharp-Dressed Man”

  1. Quick! Get me a bucket!

    On another note…

    No mention of the Habs/Bruins series on my NHL app. all week long. Wasn’t so surprised because The Habs were/are winning. And now that the Bruins sheepishly retreat to Lake Placid between games — to avert the press and the Max Pacioretti incident — NHL.com takes advantage of this COWARDLY move by linking their visit with that of the Lake Placid Miracle team on ice back in the ’80’s. You know, the Olympic team we NEVER stop hearing about. Ugh. Anything to try to push the American hockey market while gagging any Canadian victory. Nice try Bettman. I’m all for an all-Canadian league.

  2. Marjo, if they’re comparing this Lake Placid thing to the 1980 Lake Placid thing they’re just having trouble coming up with stories I guess. Yes, they want the American market, that’s for sure. But we’ll stick it to them by winning the Cup.

  3. Dennis, there was not ONE mention of the Habs pulling a 2-0 lead all week long. May be different on regular NHL.com (I’m referring to the one on my IPhone. And now, I checked tonight’s scores and sadly noticed how ALL of the games are played across the border and none are Canadian teams. There’s something very wrong.

    Montreal or Vancouver all the way.

  4. “They come a runnin’ just as fast as they can
    cause every girl is crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.”

    Carey should be concentrating on the hockey.
    I’ll take care of all the beautiful distractions.

  5. Marjo, I’ve never minder seeing hockey played in the US where it’s actual hockey country, like Detroit and Boston and Buffalo and such. It’s the non-hockey markets I can’t get used to.

  6. I love that Zee Zee Top song Sharp Dressed Man.

    But who did I notice stepping out of the limo at about the one minute mark?

    Could it be Claude Julien?

  7. Yes Chris, Phoenix first, and then Atlanta. Put them in places where hockey is a religion.

  8. the all canadian hockey league is an idea i have pondered many times. i would allow teams from established US hockey markets and 2 quebec teams up to but not exceeding the number of canadian franchises.

  9. like in the old vitalis commercials with the rocket ” hey price, 2 minutes for looking so good”.

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