Carey Price Is Dirty Harry – Danno Sends A Poem

Danno, who should be writing poems for a living, has sent this little ditty in time for the big game tonight. Thanks, Danno. It put a smile on my face.

Make My Day Carey Price

It's showdown time for the kid named Carey
Who has more nerves than Dirty Harry
When he stops the man they call Ovechkin
Cold. From scoring or even threatnin'

Ovie and the Caps will play,
With all their jive and funk
Yet, the masked man will just smile and say:
Are you feelin' lucky punk?

Any team can beat any team
On any given night
Tonight, the Habs turn sour cream
Into a sweet two-point delight

A jaw-dropping upset - It's our turn
The Capitals are in for a fright
As they watch Semyon Varlamov"s red light burn,
While Carey Price's will never light

With Carey the Habs  are finally gellin'
They're playing tough they're playing manly
The Price is right and there's no tellin'
He just might hoist a Cup named Stanley

4 thoughts on “Carey Price Is Dirty Harry – Danno Sends A Poem”

  1. You know, I’ve never understood the virulent Anti-Price strain in the Habs Galaxy. What do you suppose their world looks like?

    Over here, he inspires poetry for pete’ssake!

    Great work!

    And Go Habs!

  2. that was beautiful.
    but what’s kinda ironic is that Ovechkin scored a beauty goal on us last year, when he made a spin-o-rama move on Hamrlik, then ascored while falling down

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