Carey Price and Saku Koivu Get Gainey His First Win

With Bob Gainey and Don Lever behind the bench, with Carey Price playing like Jacques Plante, with Alex Tanguay scoring and Gregory Stewart answering the bell, and with Alex Kovalev taking another high-sticking penalty, the new Montreal Canadiens take a big 1-0 lead as the first period closes.

The action stops, the Canadiens go to the dressing room, and I go to the bathroom and fridge.

With Carey Price looking like Ken Dryden, with Glen Metropolit scoring his first goal as a Hab, and with the Edmonton Oilers taking it to the limit and outshooting Montreal 23-9 TWENTY-THREE TO NINE over these first two periods, it’s now 3-2 Edmonton. (Have you ever been to Edmonton? Damn dreary. Unfit for mankind.) 

Edmonton scoring and taking the lead is like a hard rain suddenly falling on a bevy of beauties at a swimming pool.

Second period comes to an end and as the Canadiens go back to the dressing room, I go back to the kitchen for beer and aspirin.

Saku Koivu scores in the third to tie it up. It’s reviewed and it’s a goal, making people, well, some people, jump for joy. And equally delightful, the Canadiens are outshooting the Oilers 13-3. I run to the fridge for more beer.

Carey Price is looking like Georges Vezina. Third period closes, tied at three.


SAKU KOIVU  SCORES!!!  Montreal wins! All is right with the universe.

Random Notes:

Alex Tanguay earned his pay.

Islanders on Thursday.

Did I mention Montreal won 4-3 tonight?

Did I mention this was a huge win?

16 thoughts on “Carey Price and Saku Koivu Get Gainey His First Win”

  1. I enjoyed that game.

    It had the highs and the lows….

    The dreaded 2nd period keeps rearing it’s head…

    But in the end the storyline seemed to play itself out into a happy ending.

    Koivu leading the team into the sunset… to live happily into the playoffs.

  2. And Tanguay coming back to action after that nasty cross-check to the face from Sourray, he was a warrior. In post-game interviews, he had this big bloody gash right about his upper lip…

    All in all, the win is nice, Price played well (except on the Cogliano goal, which he should’ve stopped) and in the third period they showed some real signs of changing the established (non-working) systems.
    Coincidentally, that happens to be when Don Lever came down from the press gallery to be behind the bench with Gainey et friends…

    They will have to be able to provide a full 60 minutes effort though because against a real top team, if you give 17 shots in the 2nd period, you’re gonna get burned much worse than what happened last night!

  3. it might have been a huge win……….but your team did not deserve to win…..they were out played by Edmonton through out and lost do to a bogous penalty, …in overtime………great coaching BOB!

  4. @ sandy

    I would say outplayed in the 2nd.

    The first a bit even…

    Most of the 3rd the Habs pressed more then the Oils.

  5. Sandy-
    1) did you even see the penalty? how can you say it was bogus? please explain.
    2) did you see the game for that matter? you truly believe that the Oilers outplayed the Habs in the 1st and 3rd periods? please explain.

    I guess outshooting your opponent 16-9 in the 3rd is being outplayed… I guess outhitting your opponent 24-15 is being outplayed…

  6. Minus the second period, I thought it was a good game for the Habs. Even when they went down in the second period they didnt’ quit which is something I’m still not used to seeing them do. Obviously they still need some work but it was a good win and it was a really important win. And I believe that they deserved it.

  7. they won with some Lucky goals and there shouldn’t have been that questionable penalty in overtime and yes they were outshot and played

  8. @ Sandy

    Habs were outshot in the 2nd and in game totals.

    Oils were outshot in the 1st and 3rd.
    Oils were also outhit.

    And that penalty by Patrick O’Sullivan…. those penalties suck…. but they are usually called. Habs got called on them this year to.

    A loss is a loss and a win is a win in the standings.

    I might also add… .for anyone who did see the game… that the habs were pressing for a stretch in the second… and missed the net about 10 times… and had about 5 shots blocked by the Oils.

  9. Sandy- you didn’t answer any of my questions… Did you yourself see the game in its entirety? And did you see the penalty? Please explain how that’s a questionable penalty.

    And you certainly can’t blame the Habs for Roloson sucking. He was weak for the entire game – that’s not our problem, it’s theirs.

  10. James……first of all I worked last night and watched the taped games this morning …so yes I did watch the game, …MY OPINION is that the oilers out played the Canadiens PERIOD.NOT ONE SPECIFIC PLAY. I thought the slashing call in overtime wasn’t justified, again MY Opinion. For the record James I am not a Oilers fan, nor a Canadien fan, so I am not bias to either.

  11. I know you’re a Vancouver fan, no worries.

    I’m glad at least you watched the game.
    I really don’t understand how a slashing call that breaks a stick can be questionable in any way shape or form. How is it not justified?
    I mean, that’s the single most obvious penalty that can be called. If a player’s stick breaks as a result of another player slashing it, it’s a penalty, period. That’s the rule book. It’s probably the only call that doesn’t require referees interpretation.

    You’re perfectly entitled to your opinions, far be it from me the intention of taking that right away from you. However I can challenge those opinions, especially when you don’t appear to be standing up for them. That’s the only reason I pushed like that – I wanted a clarification of your viewpoint.

  12. James, you are misplacing your energies here. Let me explain(hehe): sandy is a `canucklehead’ which means that when it comes to hockey you cannot expect her to be either reasonable or rational, and certainly not capable of analyzing and evaluating a hockey game in any meaningful way. Now this isn’t to say that canuckleheads are bad people because, for the most part, they are not. They are just canuckleheaded fans. You see, they subordinate reason and ratiocination to compassion and empathy; they `feel’ for the players, for the coaches, ‘ for the losing team, the goalie-that-is-sucking, in general they `feel’ that the hockey world oughtta be a better place and that this can be accomplished by getting in touch with the inner `higher self’ and putting him/her to work at `being fair’ about hockey games – which has nothing to do with understanding what exactly went on/with objective reality/with truth – in the true belief that by doing so they are making a difference, that they are contributing to making the arena a far far better place. Of course, they fail to apprehend the fact that hockey and fairness are mutually exclusive and the far more important truth that the cosmic balance is knocked outta whack whenever the Habs do not win the cup so anything that frustrates this is necessarily skewed/disequilibriated/unfair. So, you see, James, canuckleheadedness is in essence self-contradiction which explains why sandy is unable to grasp the basic realities of a game of hockey. No offense, sandy. But you just can’t help it.

  13. sandy, speaking of `revocations’ I suggest you check out `The Edict Of Nantes’ > `The Edict Of Fonatainbleu aka The revocation of The Edict Of Nantes …. hehe, you might want to revoke your revocation …

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