Carey Price And Company Make A Super Saturday

I’m overcome. Like Josh Gorges was as he congratulated his good friend Carey Price and it seemed if he was crying tears of joy. I went back and looked again at the recording and yes indeed, Gorges was crying tears of joy.

Tears of joy on a sensational Saturday night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when Price, maybe the most criticized and debated hockey player in the NHL, played like we dreamed of seeing him play, standing on his head time after time, and keeping his team tied and then within one.

In the end, like a Disney movie, two goals 12 seconds apart from the big guns with the third period coming to a close and the Canadiens waltz in and waltz out of the brand new Consol Energy Centre in Pittsburgh with an amazing 3-2 come-from-behind win.

It becomes Montreal’s first win of the season after falling to Toronto Thursday night, and I feel terrible that the Pens have played two games in their new digs and have yet to win.

PK Subban continues his march to rookie of the year with another exciting, dashing night of carrying the puck with attitude, blasting away, (one hit the post), and drawing delicious boos from the Pittsburgh fans. Imagine, Subban, a rookie in the second game of the season, getting the full-blown star treatment from enemy fans.

We love that. Thank you Pens fans.

Travis Moen showed some rare offensive drive, and Benoit Pouliot was more noticeable than what we’re used to, and these are good signs too. But this sort of thing has to be every night. Montreal is a nice team when everyone’s earning their pay. 

Maxim Lapierre got into another fight and we need him to be front and centre in the feistiness department without taking too many penalties. And Tomas Plekanec, looking all the world like an all-star, did the pretty work in Mike Cammalleri’s first goal of the night.

Then the thing that makes hockey a beautiful sport and makes Habs fans everywhere jump for joy, was first Cammalleri tying the game with a couple of minutes left and like poetry in motion, Scott Gomez with the winner 24 seconds later.

I’d say this was a very satisfying couple of hours in front of the television screen.

Carey Price. What can be said? After all he and us have been through with the Halak thing and some mediocre outings that drove us to drink on too many occasions, he came out tonight and put on a performance we’ll be seeing examples of on sports news for the next several days at least.

If this is what we’re going to get from Carey Price, this will be a fun year. He showed us what he can do and now has the critics re-examining their thoughts. He’s got to do it again and again, though.

Random Notes:

Price made a couple of unbelievable stops on Sidney Crosby, and PK mauled the star several times. I love seeing Crosby mauled. He doesn’t like it but I do.

Canadiens don’t play again until October 13 when Tampa Bay pays a visit. I’m not sure what to think about this. On one hand it allows Roman Hamrlik to get ready, but on the other hand we don’t want the highs of this sweet victory and the all-important momentum to settle down.

Montreal’s power play is now a dismal 0-6.

Shots on goal – Pens 38, Habs 27

17 thoughts on “Carey Price And Company Make A Super Saturday”

  1. Good game, maybe. Good final two minutes, YES!

    #13 had two goals, two big goals. Like we remember. He could be on the start of a big season. Price was solid, PK was there. These are the good Habs. I like the good Habs.

    Nice to see your post-game summaries again Dennis. Looking forward to plenty more.

  2. Dennis, surely you’re not going soft on me feeling all sorry for the Pens losing twice in their new barn? I guess I’m hard then cause really I don’t.

    I loved that Subban got booed and it wasn’t at the Bell Centre. I love that PK stood for Pernell Karl and not Penalty Kill. I loved that Crosby got roughed up by PK and Gill. Moen continues to make me raise my manicured eyebrows, but sadly Pouliot does not. Mostly he causes a lot of sighing.

    Hope the Habs don’t expect Price to bail them out like this every single game. If they’re going to let him face over 35 shots each outing they might as well just blindfold the guy and hand out guns.

    Said it on twitter, but in case you missed it – once Crosby, Malkin, Comrie and Cooke are done with hockey they easily get acting gigs. With those kind of performances the ought to nab plenty of Oscars, especially if the Oscar panelists are retired NHL referees and linesmen.

  3. Holy…… Price was stellar! One great save after the other! Shades of his rookie season. Hopefully he can keep it up and make us forget about Halak

    oohhh man, how ’bout Cammalleri, this should be a VERY promising season for him if he doesn’t get injured.

    However, there were some problems during the game, such as Defense. But luckily Carey bailed them out with his amazing sprawling saves.
    Interesting game to say the least, I’m expecting good things this year!
    Screw TSN, predicting they’d come in 9th.

  4. Price was so stellar, Phil. It was just great to see him play like that after all he’s been through. I thought it was magical.

  5. No, I’m not going soft, Tyg. I hope it takes the Pens about 15 games before they win in their new place. It would be funny. Put the pressure on somebody else for a change besides the Habs. And yes, Academy Award performances by Crosby and company. Frankly, the act’s getting a little old.

  6. Hi David. Welcome back! I like the good Habs too. And we’d like it even better if there were about 20 all being good Habs. What a fun game for a Habs fan. Price getting it done and the boys winning it late with a dramatic comeback. It’s so much more fun when things are going good instead of bad. Now we need our defence healthy.

  7. Dennis, after last night’s brilliant performance, CP now stands for Crowd Pleaser.

    It’s a funny thing. To excel as a goalie you need two things. You need to make the big stops, but to make those stops you have to have confidence. But you don’t start having any confidence in yourself until you start making the big stops.

    It’s a chicken-and-egg kind of thing.

    Carey Price hatched a signature victory last night which hopefully will keep him in that zone for a long, long time.

    It was after Price robbed Crosby early in the first period with that lightning-fast glove save that I sensed the tide had turned for him. He continued to stop a total of 36 shots many of which were of the Oh-My-God variety.

    I also think he showed an enormous amount of maturity and self control. Especially when he remained cool after getting that high stick from Goligoski (?) in back of the head which sent his goalie mask flying onto the ice.

    That game is just what the doctor ordered before Price plays in the home-opener on Wednesday against Tampa Bay.

    And finally, I too am sad and worried about the Penguins being in last place now and not being able to win in their new arena. Maybe they’ve got the new-arena jinx?

    Have the Penguins moved from playing in the Mellon to playing in the Lemon?

  8. Just one other thing.

    I think PK shows a lot of character to come out and say this about getting slashed by Comrie’s stick — which almost took his eye out:

    “It wasn’t on purpose and Comrie apologized to me a few times and I have the utmost respect for those guys,” continued Subban. ” [Sidney] Crosby and [Evgeni] Malkin are not only some of the best players in the league, but in the world. I’m here to do my job and that’s keep the puck from ending up in our net and I’m going to do what I have to do.”

    Now there’s a gentleman. And at the same time PK also sends out a strong message that nothing is going to stand in the way of how he plays his game.

    Contrast that with what we heard on HNIC…

    As of last night I have lost whatever respect I had left for Don Cherry. Listen to what he has to say (starting at 2:46). The only thing that saved him is his side-kick Don MacLean who had a look of horror on his face while Cherry launched his “I told you so” rant against PK as if to say he deserved what he got from Comrie….

    I really think it’s time for Don Cherry to retire.

  9. Danno, thanks for sending that video. I also disagree with Cherry. That’s ridiculaous. Subban has a job to do just like everybody else. If he doesn’t he won’t play. Crosby is just a young guy too. What’s this respect thing? They gave respect to guys almost ready to retire, like Howe and Beliveau, and that’s a different thing. Cherry is out to lunch. Subban has to play his game.

  10. Hah, the Lemon! They don’t in the Lemon again until March 12. Fans there will be nervous because they’ve seen how the Habs can play. And Price!!!!! Me and a million others are very proud of him now. Josh Gorges was emotional. I’ll bet the Canadiens dressing room in the Lemon was a special place last night.

  11. Dennis, when Montreal goes back to play in the “Lemon” again on March 12th I think the Penguins are going to be quite a bit more nervous than usual; and I also think they may not be feeling so high and mighty anymore. The competition is fierce in the Eastern Conference so nobody is guaranteed a place at the top of the standings, not even Pittsburgh.
    I could be wrong, but Pittsburgh may be on the decline and could find themselves fearing Montreal — and others — and wind up fighting just to get into a playoff spot this season.
    The loss of key players like Guerin and Gonchar combined with inconsistent goaltending by Fleury could result in the Penguins finishing much lower in the standings than they are used to and contrary to what most of the experts have predicted.
    Also, I wonder just how much longer Crosby and co. will continue to be favoured by the referees. Seems to me they’ve been getting a free ride for quite some time now. That can’t last forever.
    That being said, I think PK, or whatever’s his name* and the rest of the Canadiens stand a chance of finishing ahead of Pittsburgh.

    * What Cherry called PK on HNIC last night

  12. I’m amazed at how much Josh Gorges continues to improve. Last year he showed he could be the top defencive player, this year he’s adding some offence to his arsenal. He was on the ice for all three Montreal goals Saturday night. I think he led the defence in points during the pre-season.

  13. I didn’t realize that about Gorges, Chris. Thanks. He’s a valuable member in many ways. He sure was emotional when he congratulated Price at the end and I liked that. It shows what kind of fine fellow he is.

  14. Hey Dennis.I missed the game as I was travelling back north from the coast,I saw some of the hilights and was impressed with Carey.I still have faith in this guy,as I know he can play hockey very well.I just hope that he isnt put off by the fans in Montreal who continue to give him a hard time when he has a bad game,shit happens.

  15. Derry, after the last game things might change. Everyone sees now what he can do. I think a lot forgot. But it’s crucial he does it often. How was your trip and how was Savary Island? Hope to talk to you again sometime.

  16. Hey Dennis,Trip was good,no rain the whole two weeks until we left Vancouver at 630 am Saturday.I even got a sunburn while walking the beach on Savary one day.I feel certain Carey Price will rebound and find his confidence,he may fall a few times but I think if the Hab faithfull keep from the boos he will do allright.It was great talking to you as well,next year when I return to Savary I will give you a call.

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