Carey Price And Andrei Kostitsyn Beat The Penguins

On paper it was a solid 3-2 road win for the Canadiens. But in reality, they got through by the skin of their teeth against a dangerous Pittsburgh team led by Sidney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin, of course.


But no matter. A win is a win is a win. And anytime you see Carey Price stand on his head like he did tonight, you know it can only be a good sign. Price on top of his game means Price is on top of his game. (You know what I mean.)


And anytime you see Andre Kostitsyn come through in a big way, in this case three goals after just returning to the lineup, and you also know someone else is chipping in while guys like Alex Kovalev, Alex Tanguay, and Tom Plekanec were asleep at the wheel for the most part.


It’s always a good win when you’re not firing on all cylinders and still get it done, and Montreal now heads down to Florida with a nice two points in the bag.


Hey, we’ll take it. On paper it was a solid win.


Game Notes:


The Habs play the Panthers Monday and Tampa Bay on Tuesday. Four big points here would be a great way to close off the year.




New Jersey beat the Rangers. This is good as the Rangers drop to third place with 47 points, only three more than the Habs who remain fifth in the east.  Good job, Devils. Just don’t think about catching the Habs.

7 thoughts on “Carey Price And Andrei Kostitsyn Beat The Penguins”

  1. It was a defensive win (not much else to do while on the PK anyway). AK46 asked for goals for Christmas. Kovy now has the most points on the team. Crazy eh? ZombiePleks with two assists but looks like he’s too afraid to try and score. Well, if he keeps up the hard work on the assists I won’t complain. I love hearing the Carey chant in other buildings. I also love seeing other teams frustrated by the Priceberg.

    I also think blue looks bad on Penguins…

  2. Dennis Kane’s Fashion Blog.

    Those penalties towards the end made my blood pressure jump. How many times were the Pens a few inches away from getting the game back? I hope they can get this problem under wraps ASAP.

  3. DK,Once again here we go,1st penalty Pittsburgh the remaining 5 in a row Montreal,WHATS UP WITH THAT !?
    All that dip stick Cherry could talk about was Crosby this Crosby that,what about his feeble attept to draw another penalty when checked cleanly but hard behind the Canadiens net.He’s a bigger whiner than his mentor Mario !! I agree 6 points to wind up 2008 would be great !!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!

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