Carey Price A Pleasant Surprise In Habs Tough 4-3 Loss

Yes it hurt to see Montreal lose like that. It hurt that Washington tied the score at three with only a couple of minutes left, and then won in the shootout. And it hurt when Tomas Plekanec hit the post in overtime.

But what didn’t hurt was seeing Carey Price play like Carey Price. How about that. He comes off some very poor efforts, is benched on the western trip, takes off his red pads, and suddenly and without warning plays with confidence, with poise, makes some great stops, and produces his best game in so, so long of a time. I don’t know if any of us expected what we saw from Price tonight.

And what also didn’t hurt at all was seeing Montreal score three big power play goals with Mathieu Schneider playing a big role.

The Canadiens started this game against a nice looking Capitals squad and looked quite ordinary in the early going, but slowly but surely began to get chances, played with poise, played surprisingly well, and tested Capitals goalie Jose Theodore with many close calls.

I was proud of Montreal on this night. It’s a real shame that they lost, but even in losing I think they won something. Maybe they can build on this solid effort and turn this season around. (Although I think I’ve said those very words before.) This team’s been through a lot, especially in the last few days, and they came through in surprising fashion tonight. They played well enough to win. It gives us great hope.

Random Notes:

Alex Ovechkin not only scored a highlight goal, but he also looked mighty dangerous throughout. I don’t think there can be any doubt that at this time at least, he’s the best in the league.

Carey Price wasn’t the only Hab who played well. Tomas Plekanec did. So did Chris Higgins, Maxim Lapierre, Saku Koivu, Andrei Kostitysn, Mathieu Schneider in his debut, and even Georges Laraque.

Washington’s got some power, that’s for sure. Aside from the incomparible Ovechkin, there’s Green, Semin, Backstrom, Nylander, Fedorov, and a host of good-skating defenceman to go along with Green.

TSN were in their glory talking about the Kovalev drama.

Pittsburgh Thursday night.

4 thoughts on “Carey Price A Pleasant Surprise In Habs Tough 4-3 Loss”

  1. Dennis,

    It was a great game last night.

    I was very happy to see the Habs play like that…. Price played very well.

    I liked Gregory Stewart… I almost suspect that he could take Steve Begin’s spot next year.

    I’ve always been a fan of Steve’s…. but seeing how often they’ve sat him, I doubt he’ll be back next year.

    Schneider looked like he’s been with the team for a while even though it was his first game…. he was pretty good on D and you can tell he’s an asset on the PP (which was on fire last night).

    So, after game 1 of Gainey’s shakeup… I’d say the team got the message…. at least last night.

    Hope they play with that energy vs the Pens.

    Ovechkin gets my vote for the best player in the league…. hands down. He makes the amazing plays on offense and will throw the big hit…

    I love watching him play.

  2. It was great until the shootout, but then, I have to question the selection. Plekanec was 1 for 8 in his career heading into the game. Why is he the first shooter?

  3. Agree with Tom. Pleks had an great game but sometimes you just have to go with your goalscorers. Brother Andrei, Higgins, D’Agostini, even Max Pac are all better SO choices than Pleks in my opinion.

    Apart from that, very solid game throughout the team. Only player which is still disappointing is Mike Komisarek. It really does look like his shoulder is hurting a lot so with the amount of NHL defenders we have on the roster he needs to take himself out of the lineup for a few weeks to heal it properly.

    3 most improved players: Pleks, Price and Markov. All three had been slumping majorly and responded with a very solid game. Markov still had some jitters in the first, but once he settled in with Schneider, it was a different story. Good to have him back.

    Regarding Ovechkin, I think Mike Boone said it best: if you don’t like watching Ovechkin play, you don’t like hockey.

  4. Yes, it was a really good game. Yes, Ovetchkin, if he keeps this up, could well grow into this era’s Mr. Hockey. Yes, we played much much better and, although it is obvious that we are not as confident or a cohesive as we were last year, perhaps we can now start to work seriously at playing up to our potential. No, we did not lose the game – it was a tie. They got the cheapo bonus point which is too bad because, given the current tightness of the 5-8 spots every point is precious even the abominable anti-hockey ones.

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