Cards In Caps

It was simple. All you did was make sure your mom bought only York peanut butter in 1961. Several jars if she had extra money, which usually wasn’t the case in our family. Then you pried off the inside of the cap and presto, you’ve got yourself another hockey card to fit in your little album.

There were 42 cards in that 1961-62 set, and although I once had both the cards and album, I don’t anymore. There were just sometimes in life when you couldn’t keep an eye on mom and eventually, things got tossed. I’ve seen these sets at auctions from time to time, but I’ve let them slide. Sometimes you can’t always get what you want, and I’ve told myself that I don’t need these now. And I decided this without professional help.

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  1. i remember those…… had totally forgotten… thanks for displaying plante. it was my favorite card, as was he……………… my mom throw out alllllllllll my cards. i had them store and stashed old work socks. i became old enough to gallivant around the world, just like you and without my duty full protection they could only last so many moves before moma jean took them to the dump with lots of other things i cherished and she considered junk.

  2. That’s how it worked, Hobo. We were off galavanting and our stuff was taking up space. So out it went. It’s very sad. Although I must say I always thought your mom Jean was quite hot.

  3. York peanut butter…

    Whatever happened to it?

    And what about Libby’s Deep-Browned Beans?

    And Gini Bitter Lemon Tonic.

    I miss those things.

  4. By the way, those little cards that ended up in the garbage are now worth a pretty penny.

    It’s okay. I love my mom and always will

  5. Me too, Danno. I miss my mom so much. When I go back to Orillia, it’s very emotional because of her. I lost her in 1978 and miss her as much now as I did then. Maybe more. I hope to see her again some day. Anyone who still has their mom is very lucky.

  6. My dad and his brothers and my mom and her brothers all collected hockey cards as kids. Naturally they put them in bikes, tossed them against the wall, traded them for nothing, and lost them or tossed them out. It broke my heart to hear that. A fortune tossed away. These were good cards too. Some of the rookie cards they had…Pocket Rocket, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, etc…picture having THAT collection.

  7. Darth, I probably had all those cards you mention. I suppose I would’ve had most cards at one time or another from about late 1950’s to early 1960’s/ I loved my cards, and the gum too. We would take a brand new, crisp Pocket Rocket card for example, and play closest to the wall. Those sharp corners became rounded in no time, and they also got dirty. Sometimes I wonder when I see cards from then in really good shape. Didn’t the kid play closest to the wall? Did he buy them and then put them away in a shoebox for the rest of his life?

  8. Hi: My father has the whole set of the York peanutbutter hocky cards in the album. The album is in good shape as all the cards in it… how much is something like that worth?

  9. Hi Diana. I think upwards of $200 for the set. I wish I still had mine. I think it’s one of the neatest things.

  10. Hi I have the NHL album with all the cards in it in very good shape would somedy know how much it s worth thank you

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