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  1. Color me green with envy!…definitely a special signed item…wonder how Molson felt about it?
    When the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in the mid 80’s i worked at the CBC building across the street from Molson’s Brewery..and from my office window i could see a motorcade of convertibles outside the building assembling for at the start point of the Stanley Cup parade…so i went to check it out…each car was provided with a cooler to keep the players hydrated with beverages (beer) for the long ride to the Montreal Forum. ….the Molson reps were in the process of going to each car to make sure that each cooler had been stocked with Molson product…when the rep noticed that one player had BYOB of a competitor’s product (Labatt Blue)..he confiscated the six pack saying “ on this trip, you drink Molson!”….The brewery even had beer trucks parked on side streets to replenish the coolers and give out free samples to the fans…unfortunately a “beer induced” riot ensued. …courtesy of Molsons.

  2. What a great story, Ed. You lived in Montreal at a special time, and working in the media helped. That’s a parade I would have like to have been at – Habs Cup parade with FREE BEER! Wow! Thanks for this.

  3. Yes…working in the media opened a lot of doors and provided a lot of access. ..an incredible ride that i look back on as definitely being somewhere at the right place at the right time. In the same way you had the notion as a kid to sit down and write a letter to Sam Pollack and inquire about the possibility of being a stick boy…phoning or writing your hockey heroes…and in most cases got a response in return.
    Memories that will remain with us forever…or least as long as we have memories.

  4. Wow, Dennis. A double-decker for me. Not only is it a treasure to see you in possession of a personal Christmas card from the Rocket himself, but its also associated with Dow Breweries…”Wouldn’t a Dow go good now?” Remember that slogan?

    I’ll send you a pic of a Dow beer bottle opener that I still have.

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