Carbo Asked To Come Back Behind The Bench. (No, Not The Habs Bench)


Guy Carbonneau, who went from player to coach to CBC analyst, has been asked to coach this year’s edition of Canada’s Under 18 squad.

Carbo might be good at this. He knows his x’s and o’s, isn’t a gruff old-school type that might frighten the kids, and as much as I’ve always liked and admired him, I don’t think his strong suit is in the broadcasters’ booth. Maybe he’s too soft-spoken.

He’s thinking about the offer.

12 thoughts on “Carbo Asked To Come Back Behind The Bench. (No, Not The Habs Bench)”

  1. I like it. He said he loves coaching, so why not? And you’re right Dennis, he’s not great in the broadcast booth, but at least he talks sense. Thank God he’s not a blowhard like the rest of them, and he’s probably forgotten more about hockey than some of them will ever know. I liked him, the year the team finished first everything went right, very few injuries etc. He wasn’t effective when everything went south the following season. That’s where his lack of experience hurt him. I wish him the best and hope one day to see him back as a NHL coach.

  2. Thanks, Moey. Carbonneau’s a likeable fellow, was a great defensive forward, and I think a good coach. Whatever he decides, I wish him the best. I hope he takes this job. It would be neat to see him with the kids.

  3. How many young defencemen will he force unto the 4th line? You know, I wouldn’t have questioned this at all if he had actually gone and coached a team instead of coached a reality show hockey team…

  4. I was in complete shock when he was fired. he had a great record and he definitely coached with tenacity and fire. Something that Jacques Martin is missing.

    Biggest mistake Gainey ever made.

  5. Hey Dennis;A classy guy,I’d like to see him back behind the Habs bench next year.Guy doesn’t sound comfortable in the booth,and Moey is right,he’s not a blowhard like the rest of them.He should be on the bench doing what he enjoys,Gainey screwed up when he got rid of Carbo,but do you think it was a decision that was made on his own.

  6. Derry, I think it was the pressure to make the playoffs, whether it was just Gainey, or those above him. Because the playoffs is how the team makes money. I really think it was a bottom line thing.

  7. DK, we are still paying him not to coach jetison Martin & put Carbo back where he belongs!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!

  8. It’s a good idea, Mike, but politics will never allow it. I know I’d rather see him there than Martin. But if Martin ever turns the club into a winner I’ll forgive him.

  9. Carbo hasn’t coached a team since then. Not even a junior team. The only team he has coached was for this reality tv show in french…

    And you guys aren’t serious about wanting him back to coach the Habs are you? Mr “I don’t know how to explain what’s wrong”? Yes, Martin is no better but he at least can answer a question on what’s wrong… Carbo had a lot of luck and a lot of help in that year the Habs went 1st in the East, but after that? His practices were weak, he couldn’t really be bothered with team discipline mostly ’cause he hated that when he was a player, and his system fell apart among other things. He also believes being good at chatting up the media is better than talking to his players. Just having your door open is not enough, as pro athletes are different type of animal, especially the young ones.

    Perhaps he learned something watching from the broadcast booth but I still question them asking him when there are so many active coaches, and active junior coaches, that should be way ahead of him…

  10. 31,

    I’m not talking about having him back behind the Habs bench anytime soon, but I see him one day being behind another NHL team’s bench. As for the “I don’t know what’s wrong” answers, part of that could have been because of off ice crap that he couldn’t comment on and because of lack of experience didn’t know how to handle it. I think he still is a decent coach and cutting your teeth on the Habs is no picnic. And Dennis is bang on, missing the playoffs was not an option.

  11. 31, if I were to count the number of comments over the past year from people who think Carbo was a good coach and shouldn’t have been fired, and who should be back now, it would be much more than Carbo critics. I think an overwhelming amount of Habs fans appreciated him.

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