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Guy Carbonneau has a new gig answering email questions for the CBC. There are five questions here from readers, and at the end I’ll ask a few of my own.

Five questions: Olympic overkill, centennial hangover?

December 10, 2009 01:14 PM | Posted by   Guy Carbonneau

Here’s how it works. You submit a question and Guy will provide the answer to five of them every week. It’s that simple. That means your question may not make the final list, but there is nothing stopping you from submitting more than one!

Here are today’s questions:

1. Hi Guy. I like this column, thanks for doing it. Will it be a relief for the Canadiens now that the 100th anniversary celebrations are over? – Wilson

I had the chance to be part of these wonderful events since last year, and it’s been fun to be there with all the Montreal Canadiens of the past to celebrate those glory years. But now that’s over, I’m sure the players would like to move forward and start to create their own memories and special times. Being a kid from Quebec and growing up watching Jean Beliveau, Yvan Cournoyer and Guy Lafleur was a treat, but you can’t live in the past all the time and the players of this year and the years to come have to start looking ahead to make sure that the next 100 years are their story.

2. This past week, everyone is talking about Ovechkin and his suspension. As a coach I’m sure you would rather have him playing than sitting out games. How would you deal with a great, but sometimes overly aggressive player? – Max

It’s a tough situation, but a good one to have. When you have a player like Ovechkin, who plays with so much passion and emotion, you have to be careful when you deliver your message to him. There is a small difference between being too aggressive and not giving enough and I would rather have to slow him down then have to push him every night. But that doesn’t mean he’s doing the right thing.

3. As we get closer to the Olympics players are getting asked about it almost every night. The media seems like that’s the only thing they know. What advice would you give to these players who could be going to the Olympics? – Tyler

My advice would be really simple. There are a couple of reasons why a player would be on that list. One is because of that player’s work ethic and the other would be the way that particular player plays within a system. All I would tell him would be to keep doing the same things he has been doing for years and to make sure he’s ready to play every night and give all he has, so if he’s not picked, there are no regrets. At the end some great players are not going to be there, there can only be 25 or 26 players selected. For those guys who are not selected life will go on. They will need to regroup quickly to finish the season strong and show why they should have been on that list.

4. I used to live in Brantford, Ont., and got to know Doug Jarvis a bit. I was shocked when he got let go from the Canadiens. What is he doing now? – Aarick

I saw Doug Jarvis this weekend in Montreal and it was good to see him again. I talk to Doug about twice a month trying to stay in contact and talk about different things. I’m sure he would rather be behind a bench right now but I think he enjoys a bit of free time. Since he stopped playing it’s always been about coaching and preparing for next year. I think he’s taking time to go see his kids more often and doing things he hasn’t had time to do for a while. I’m sure he will find something soon. He has all the qualities required.

5. I love Tim Thomas, but with his style of play I’ve always wondered how long he is going to last. He seems to rely on reflexes and they can disappear overnight. Do you think he’s about done? – Wayne

Well, I’m not an expert on goaltending, but having great reflexes when you’re a goaltender is a good thing. I coached against him and it’s true that at times he looks awkward, but his style is not a fluke. This guy has worked extremely hard for a long period of time to become the player he is now. He paid his dues in the minors; he went to play in Europe when nobody wanted him here. So I hope he stays for a while because it’s a great story and a good example for the young players. To make it in any sport, it’s not always about talent, sometimes it’s about the work and the perseverance.

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And now, questions from Dennis:

Hi Guy,

Who on the Montreal Canadiens has the best looking wife?

Hi Guy,

When you were coaching in Montreal, did you and your assistants ever consider any of the strategy advice I offered on my blog?

Hi Guy,

Why was I never offered the stickboy job?

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