Caps Force Game 7, And Bob Does Dallas

The Washington Capitals, with their 2-1 win over the New York Rangers Wednesday night, force a seventh game on Saturday. I didn’t see this big game 6 because I was at work.

But I saw the highlights.

I thought the Caps showed good intestinal fortitude by coming back with a win after experiencing a game five when they did what the Montreal Canadiens perfected last season – getting scored on with just seconds left and then losing in overtime. But they rebounded in game six, held their ground, and it seems Ovechkin has picked it up a notch. It’s about time.

So a big game seven coming up. Of course I have to work.

In other news…….

Bob Gainey is returning to whence he came, to the Dallas Stars, as an adviser to GM Joe Nieuwendyk. Gainey spent 9 years in Dallas before joining the Habs in 2003.

Maybe acquiring Scott Gomez clouds the issue somewhat, but as an executive, Bob was a fine player.

Regardless, good luck to Gainey. He played a huge role as a great Montreal Canadien defensive forward in the seventies and eighties, and we’ll always appreciate it.



5 thoughts on “Caps Force Game 7, And Bob Does Dallas”

  1. If there is one thing sunbelt hockey is good for, it is that it allows one to disappear from the real hockey world. I am sure the Gomez fiasco is not front page news in Dallas, so moving there saves Gainey from the embarrassment and constant scrutiny he is under here……….. he could bring most liklely slide under the radar and bring Gomez to Dallas with him. It is the least he could do………

  2. That’s right, Hobo. Basketball and football own the Dallas sports pages, and the Stars probably make page 5. It’s better for Gainey. Maybe he was way over his head in Montreal.

  3. Great news, there’s now a senior advisor elsewhere in the league that thinks trading for Gomez is a good idea.

    In addition to excelling individually as a defensive forward, Gainey was also a very good captain. I think he brought out the best in his team mates. I don’t remember any floaters like Leclair, Kovalev or Kostitsyn on his teams.

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