Caps Capped

The Washington Capitals are done after losing to the Rangers 2-1 in the seventh game, and you have to think that Alex Ovechkin will probably go his whole career without winning a Stanley Cup. He’s won just about every award a forward could win, but there might never be the Big One. That’s because the Caps, like the Vancouver Canucks, just can’t seem to get it done after enjoying fine regular seasons. Why is that?

But it’s not something I need to dwell on. I’m not feeling bad for folks in Washington. Maybe if they send the Nationals back to Montreal and the team becomes the Expos again, I might have more compassion.

Now it’s the Rangers and Devils, which should save on plane tickets. Were talking bus rides here. The Bus Series. Two teams, separated by the Hudson River and a cement light standard somewhere nearby that’s the longtime home of Jimmy Hoffa.

Only two more rounds to go.

Go whoever.





3 thoughts on “Caps Capped”

  1. I was two for four that round, both eastern teams, neither western teams.
    Go Devils. I’m convinced Brodeur will call it a fantastic career if he can go out on top. Only thing he could have done better was play for the Canadiens. Imagine if there had been a Roy for Brodeur trade.
    Just go away Coyotes. I can’t stand anything to do with that ridiculous team in Phoenix. Why does it still exist? Hurry up and move to Quebec and let the marvelous rivalry commence.

  2. Chris, Brodeur for Roy would have been an excellent trade. Just perfect. They would’ve been happy and us too. Too bad Houle panicked.

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