Cap Cards

It was simple. All you did was make sure your mom bought only York peanut butter in 1961. A couple of jars if she had extra money. Then you pried off the inside of the cap and presto, you’ve got yourself another hockey card to fit in your little album.

There were 42 cards in that 1961-62 set, and although I once had both the cards and album, I don’t anymore. I’m assuming my mom, in a weak moment, tossed them. It’s hard to understand.

2 thoughts on “Cap Cards”

  1. Boy, do I ever remember those cards. For as much as I loved peanut butter, it was an awful lot to get through before the next jar was purchased. An agonizingly long time! It was so much easier to eat Hostess potato chips and Sherrif puddings to collect the coins in 1961. Now…anyone remember the Leaf and Canadiens iron-on transfers? I think they came inside of some cereal but I can’t fully recall. I had them ironed on all of my white t-shirts. I even cut them off when the t-shirts were worn out and headed to the garbage. I’ll send you a photo…once I find them in my cupboard.

  2. Joel, I had one, a Claude Provost iron on, but I sold it about ten years ago. I love that you remember all the old stuff like this.

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