Canucks Win Big First Game

I didn’t see the come-from-behind, third period drama from the Vancouver Canucks, with Henrik Sedin scoring the winner in the opening game of the Western Conference final.

I didn’t see it because I was at work, keeping the country rolling while you relaxed on the couch.

On this night, a big night, the Canucks conquer the Sharks 3-2 at Rogers Arena to take that all-important first game, and folks throughout British Columbia are feeling might good right now. At least I’m assuming they are. They should be if they’re not.

Ex-Hab Maxim Lapierre continues to play well since coming to the Canucks February 28th after a brief two months as an Anaheim Duck, and is making me sort of wishing I hadn’t said the Canucks made a mistake in grabbing him because he takes too many bad penalties and doesn’t score enough.

Maybe the west coast has matured him. And although he’s still not a point-getter, Max potted Vancouver’s first goal tonight to endear himself even more to all those fans who used to hate him when he was a Hab.

Anyway, I was at work but I knew something good had happened late in the game because I heard people cheer in the ferry parking lot. Turned out it was Sedin scoring the winner.

That’s all I know.

You’ll see the highlights on the sports news anyway.



2 thoughts on “Canucks Win Big First Game”

  1. It’s nice to see Vancouver’s off to a good start. But as a Habs fan, watching the playoffs makes me feel like a wallflower at the big dance.

  2. Me too, Danno. It’s hard to feel like we’re part of it. We’ve lost that lovin’ feelin.

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