Canucks Wait As Boston And Tampa Head To Game 7

It’ll be Friday night in Boston to decide all the eastern marbles as Tampa wins 5-4 in game six, and the Vancouver Canucks and their fans wait with grins on their faces as the Bruins and Lightning battle, sweat, bleed, swear, chew gum, smell, and wear themselves out as the series goes the max.

It just seems that the stars are aligned for the Canucks as they march their way toward the promised land. The goaltending is great, the Sedin’s are greater, and Ryan Kesler is great as he grates. A goal with only seconds remaining, a bounce off a glass partition to begin the Kevin Bieksa overtime marker, and now a nice rest as the future opposition can’t find time for a coffee break.

I’ve asked a few Canucks fans I know in Powell River who they’d rather see their team play – Boston or Tampa, and Boston seems to be the favourite choice. Fans here like the idea of taking on the Bruins, the Canucks are big enough not to take any bullshit from the Marchand’s and Lucic’s of the world, and maybe they’re a little leery of Tampa’s Martin St. Louis, Vinny Lecavalier, and Steven Stamkos, who combined for seven points in this game six victory.

Plus, Zdeno Chara is now a household name for any hockey fan after his nasty involvement with Max Pacioretty.

So they wouldn’t mind Boston, but whoever it is the team will meet, Canucks fans are talking Cup.

More and more I’m believing.


14 thoughts on “Canucks Wait As Boston And Tampa Head To Game 7”

  1. I agree with you Dennis that the Canucks could match the Booins physically and it would be nice to see but I don’t want to give Boston any satisfaction for making it to the finals. Let them and their neanderthal fans cry all summer over what could have been when they were up 3-2 on Tampa and couldn’t seal the deal.

  2. part of me wouldn’t mind seeing a boston-canuck final. it is always more exciting when the hated are involved against the good guys or (or semi-good guys). but,,,,, any thing can happen in a series and i can not bear the thought of a fluky bruin cup…. the hockey gods will have done their job properly if the bruins blow this series lead and just blow up. the official bruin tv show (HNC) and their beantown broadcasters will be disappointed and the civilized world happy……………on another note, it appears numb-nuts is laying his dynamite on the tracks leading from atlanta to jetland.

  3. The wise words of Gary Bettman – Part 452

    “So I think people need to take a deep breath and pause. There are probably half a dozen places in North America that are interested in NHL hockey.

    Well there’s my uncle’s place just outside of Boseman, he’s always watching hockey and his sister-in law’s brother expressed an interest when we were over burying his great aunt just east of Spokane a few years back. That’s two. Anyone know the other four places?

    Maybe there’s a competition in this Dennis?

  4. I should point out that all characters are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely intentional.

    No Great Aunts were buried in the writing of the post.

  5. Hobo, like you I hope that Shit-Head Bettman has to utter the words, the Canadian Vancouver Canucks are the Stanley Cup winners! Under his watch this great Canadian game has been turned into a sideshow at the carnival!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  6. See where Horton gets caught spraying water on a Tampa fan, an action that got Tortorella suspended for a game in last year’s playoffs, but which results in nothing from the league disciplinarian bozos. Someone needs to tell these assclowns what a joke they are making of the league because obviously they are too stupid to see it for themselves. Well I guess the other option is they do know and they just don’t care.

  7. DJ, Horton should get a game or two for that but like you say, nothing will happen. The league in many ways is a joke and it’s too bad. Such a great sport, run by clowns.

  8. Hobo, not only is Bettman starting to back off from Winnipeg, but now Seattle’s making noises. The way it’s going, there won’t be another team in Canada for many years. I’d just like to know why he’s like this.

  9. Blue Bayou, Powell River and Orillia would both like teams but these are Canadian places so it won’t happen of course. And I think South America should get consideration.

  10. Mike, there must be a reason Bettman is like this. It’s all about business, but sold-out rinks in Canada would be good business. There must be something else we don’t know. Or is he just completely out of it?

  11. in your response to mike’s post you said, “it’s all about business”
    but in reality, “it’s all about bettman”

  12. Hobo, when I think about it, you’re right. If it was all about business, there would a Winnipeg team and not Phoenix or Atlanta. Winnipeg would sell out, and that would be good business. It’s all about Buttman.

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