Canucks Tighten The Noose

Joyce Avenue in Powell River, normally a pretty busy street, sits quiet because the Canucks are playing game four in San Jose and everyone is in front of their TV’s. Except me for a brief moment. I’m out taking the picture.

Three straight 5 on 3 goals by Vancouver in the second period. How often have you seen that? And all three came from faceoffs won and bam…in the net. If I was Sharks coach Todd McLellan, I’d be pouring myself a good stiff drink after the game. Five on three’s are never good, but three in a row is just inviting the other team to put the game out of reach.

San Jose did take it to the Canucks late in the game but it was way too late. The Sharks scored their second, and try as they may, it ended as a 4-2 game and Vancouver is now about to put this series away.

It’s a three games to one lead for the Canucks, and if was a betting man, I wouldn’t be betting on San Jose.

Random Notes:

Vancouver’s Green Men become a big thing and wouldn’t you know it, San Jose fans show up in orange body suits and try to do the same type of thing. It just seems lame when it’s not original. Think up your own act, Sharks people.

10 thoughts on “Canucks Tighten The Noose”

  1. Yes, Hobo. Only this year. We’ll give Canucks fans one year so they’d better enjoy it.

  2. Hey Dennis,I dont really enjoy watching a game where the refs think that people have paid a small fortune to watch them perform and did they do just that today.I watched as the Canucks took..what was it ,six penalties in a row before they started to hand the Sharks one after another.I think it’s a sad thing in what was once a great sport to witness an orgy of penalty calls in either direction.I guess that just means we are all getting screwed here.

  3. DK, my gawd he’s back! I thought Gaston had put poor Lawrence out of his misery. go canucks go but next year it will be GO HABS GO!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  4. Is it true Marty Scorcese was going to make a film in Powell River called “Clean Streets”? It was about a Vietnam Vet turned highway cleaning operative and his descent into madness. Someone convinced him to make it about a cab driver in New York or am I getting confused……

    Anyway, I don’t know how clean or empty the streets of Hamilton have got but the Dog’s fightback is something. Let’s hope they do it Tuesday night in the Houston slushdrome. The mental toughness they’re showing bodes well for those coming up to the big time.

  5. No BB, it wasn’t Clean Streets, it was Clean Sheets, about a hotel in Tampa that had to disinfect their beds after the Bruins had slept there.

  6. Mike, Lawrence is here, not earning his money at work. I’m doing all the sweating and he’s just coasting through life. It’s a damn shame.

  7. Derry, without those three 5 on 3’s, it might have been a different story on Sunday. Who knows?

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