Canucks Remove Preds

Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks for disposing of the Nashville Predators in six games and for mostly being the better team while doing it.

Canucks fans in Powell River are a happy bunch. Team flags on cars and folks wearing the jersey are everywhere. It’s a big time on the BC west coast, and forget about politics or the ferry system or anything else that BC’ers love to chat about. It’s only the Canucks that dominate conversation now.

In fact, it’s quite a thing to be able to walk down the middle of Powell River busiest street while the team’s playing, with not a car to be seen. (Although Powell River’s busiest street doesn’t exactly teem with traffic after five o’clock anyway).

But they’ve also been a nervous bunch. Their team has failed them far too many times in the past to really relax.

Canucks fans also need to remind themselves that they’re only halfway there. The team still has to take out either San Jose or Detroit, and then Boston or Tampa Bay for the big prize.

But they don’t need me to remind them. The scenario constantly dances in their heads, I’m sure.

Good for the Canucks. Keep it going.

6 thoughts on “Canucks Remove Preds”

  1. Hey Dennis,Well that was a bit of a nail biter eh,I thought a couple of times that there was going to be a game seven in Vancouver.Roberto Luongo came through for the team,I wish the Sedins would play half as well.You know Dennis,if they ezpect to go anywhere,the Sedins halve to elevate their play much like Ryan Kessler or Chris Higgins has. They havent stepped up to the plate just yet,maybe next series.I spoke tio my son today,I tried calling him yesterday as it was his birthday but he has been out in the “fields ” for the last couple of weeks,he is packing his stuff to be shipped over to Kandahar as it takes awhile to get there,he seems to be looking forward to the trip.I congradgulated him on his teams win,he was pretty happy with that.

  2. Derry, I’m surprise about the Sedin’s. I expected them to be outstanding but it’s been Kesler and not them. And once again, good luck to your son. I wonder if things will get better with Bin Laden out of the picture.

  3. congrats canucks and canuck fans………………… it must be exciting to be in the middle of a late playoff run

  4. Dennis, I truly hope the Cup goes back to Canada where it belongs. Then next year, to Montreal.

  5. Hi Diane. Canucks fans are sure primed here. In fact, if they happen to lose now, I think a big black cloud will appear and stay for a long time. It would be exciting for sure. And next year………Habs!!!

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