Canucks Redeem Themselves In Game 5

Roberto Luongo stopped everything  and Maxim Lapierre fired home the game’s only goal, and with that, the Vancouver Canucks are just one win away from their first Stanley Cup. The problem is, the next game is in Boston where Mr. Luongo and company allowed twelve goals in two games.

So once again, it’s never over till it’s over, but at least for now Canucks’ fans can exhale about Luongo. After all, some wondered if he’d even start this big game. No one knew if he’d be good or bad as he’s been quite sieve-like lately. And many worried about Boston’s new found momentum. Now the momentum is back in the hands of Vancouver, and Roberto Luongo is back in everyone’s good books.

If I was a Canucks fan I’d be a little confused about the lack of production from the scorers. The team has managed just six goals in five games. But they lead the series, so what the hell am I talking about?

It must really burn Bruins’ asses to have Maxim Lapierre score the winner. He drives enemy players crazy with his big smile, big mouth, and reluctance to drop the gloves. But he was a force in the third period, and annoying as he is, he’s also a good hockey player.

I don’t know who the Bruins despise more, Lapierre or Alex Burrows, but I’m sure it’s a toss up. And both have been Bruin killers which is funny stuff indeed.

The Cup will be polished and sitting in wait in the bowels of Boston’s TD Garden. Gary Bettman will be there with his speech ready to go. Rioters in Vancouver will be double-checking their smoke bomb inventory. And we can finally get on with building a Cup-winner in Montreal without all this other stuff going on.

Yes, it would be exciting if the Canucks could win it at home, but think of how upset and depressed Bruins’ fans would be to see Vancouver win it in Boston’s barn.

And imagining their disappointment makes me want the Canucks to finish it on Monday even more.

11 thoughts on “Canucks Redeem Themselves In Game 5”

  1. Dennis, I’ll never forget this incredible goal Maxim scored against Pittsburgh in game six of the playoffs – last year when he was a Hab.

    That goal put Montreal ahead of the Penguins 4-2 and ended up being the game-winning goal as the Habs went on to defeat the Pens 4-3 to force the seventh and deciding game.

    Montreal went on to beat Pittsburgh and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.

    So Maxim Lapierre was a key part of our success in 2009-10 and has emerged as a key part of the Canucks success with another game-winning clutch goal in an important game.

    Bravo Max!

  2. if canucks win in boston by a 1-0 2-0 or 2-1 score they will have won the cup scoring only 7 or 8 goals while being outscored by the losers 2 to 1 pretty much. has anything like that ever happened to that degree in a final series? ………. kinda like how the british parliamentary system works.

  3. Danno, it was a beauty. I don’t know why but your link to this youtube was in my email but not in your comment. My site has been really strange lately.

  4. Hobo, it’s amazing that they can’t score but are still leading the series. How can that be? Gary Buttman wants to know the same thing. He’s freaking out.

  5. Thanks Dennis, I appreciate the quote day honours, but I also really like the sentiment in Hobo’s quote.

    … they will have won the cup … while being outscored … 2 to 1 pretty much … kinda like how the british parliamentary system works.

    Does the web site now automatically embed YouTube videos from links in comments or did you or Danno use HTML magic to do that?

  6. Christopher and Dennis, I was surprised to see the Youtube image (not the link) appear magically on your page the moment I posted it in my comment.

    I thought it was a new feature on you site, but I guess it’s more gremlins…

  7. Holy shit, I didn’t know about the youtube appearing until now. That’s really weird. But it’s kind of neat!

  8. I thought about putting Hobo’s quote up but but I’m still not sure sure what it means. And the youtube thing has me mystified.

  9. Your Representative in the Mother of all F… I mean Parliaments writes,

    I believe Hobo is taking a well aimed swipe at the “first past the post” voting system used in this Cradle of all Sh… I mean Democracies.

    First past the post is ok for horse racing or car pointing (such as you have in Montreal) this weekend.

    But a political party can win an overall majority with less than 50% of the vote thus subjecting the hapless denizens to years of painful misrule and abuse……. hello Mrs Thatcher fancy seeing you here (although equally the God bothering Blair, Master of the Middle East benefitted from the same situation). Huge winning margins in a safe seat only translate into 1 seat so every vote above the one that gives you the winning majority are wasted. Theoretically with the right sort of boundary fixing and ghettoisation of the vote you can win more votes and have less seats.

    And so a team can theoritically win the Stanley Cup with 4 goals (all scored in overtime) while conceding hundreds in the other 3 games and being shut out. Sort of what the Canucks are attempting. Not a great way to win you might say, but as it’s against the Ruins, bloody good luck to them I say.

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