Canucks Might Pose A Problem

The Canadiens might want to bring their A game, if they have an A game, when they meet the Vancouver Canucks tonight.

This is a fine squad paying a visit, a team that went to the Cup finals last year, and who could have won the whole thing if they had played like they did during the regular season. But alas, they sort of skidded to a halt and those dastardly Bruins deservedly won. But the Canucks had the team to do it. They just didn’t, that’s all.

So yes, Montreal will have their hands full. This isn’t some lowly team like the Columbus Blue Jackets that they can have their way with. (Oh wait, the Columbus Blue Jackets beat them the other night. Never mind).

The problem for the Canadiens is that the Canucks have only just recently begun to look like the Canucks of last year. It wasn’t that long ago that they had the same amount of points as Montreal, so you know they weren’t playing well for awhile.

The Sedins might pose a problem. Daniel has 33 points and Henrik has 30. Our top point-getter, Tomas Plekanec, has 23. They also have guys like Ryan Kesler, Alex Edler, and a couple who are quite familiar with the Bell Centre – Maxim Lapierre and Chris Higgins. Higgins has 17 points, the same as Kesler, and Max has 8, the same as Lars Eller and twice as many as Scott Gomez.

The Vancouver Canucks also enjoy a true luxury. They have two first-string goalies. If Roberto Luongo isn’t going good, Cory Schneider comes in and stands on his head. Imagine if the Habs had two Carey Prices’? But then again, we don’t need two Carey Prices’. We need guys up front who can score on the power play. And score even strength. And not take dumb penalties. And not trip over the blueline.

These two teams have several differences. Unfortunately for Habs Universe, Vancouver’s are mostly positive.

9 thoughts on “Canucks Might Pose A Problem”

  1. We play down to the level of the opposition. We play a boring crappy game against teams we should skate circles around, e.g. Blue Jackets, Ducks, Islanders. For at least a couple periods this should be a better, more enjoyable game even if we don’t deserve to win it. But if Price stands on his head and we get a couple lucky bounces we might get a lead. That’s when our ugly game takes over and we try to hang on. Then if we can avoid the late goal we might just sneak a win.

  2. Don’t forget Habs Logic is in play. That means we win tonight. Sadly it’ll mean we’ll lose on Saturday, but at least we’ll have one win this week to feel happy about.

    There’s a trend starting here to get people to shout “BOOM” in the crowds whenever Emelin hits anyone. Not too bad I guess, but kind of sad we need to resort to this to get any excitement going.

  3. Can you believe we had Curtis Sanford in Hamilton last year and he was one of top AHL players all year and management let him go. How many fukin mistakes do these idiots have to make???

  4. Danno, if Montreal plays the way they have lately, they’re in big trouble. Christopher describes it very well. Doesn’t the organization get it that fans are unhappy and the team is going nowhere unless changes are made?

  5. Darth, Emelin has been one of the few bright spots this year because we love to see his big hits. Hoping the NHL doesn’t shoot itself in the foot by making it difficult for players to hit like this because of suspensions and docked pay. Emelin plays like defencemen did years ago. We’ve got Emelin and Price and sometimes PK, along with Max and Cole and sometimes Moen, and then there’s Gorges and a couple of others. After that, it’s men in tutus.

  6. period # 1 is over. But I’m not fooled. 2 goals. They look good but… we’ll see what they do in the next two periods.

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