Canucks Lose. Me Too

Six hours driving from Nelson, a hotel in Chilliwack, beer and pizza nearby, and then I fell asleep for the first two periods of the Canucks-Sharks game. So this game report is lacking, shall we say, a few details.

I saw San Jose almost blow it late in the game, though, with the final score being a tight, nail-biting 4-3 affair. Which reminds me. When I checked in at the front desk of this Chillwackian hotel they had me fill out my score prediction, and If I won, I’d get my night free. So I chose 5-4 Vancouver in overtime which meant, of course, that I didn’t get a free night.

Those Canuck bastards. Or should I blame the San Jose bastards?

I can’t win a lottery, I can’t win a free night in a hotel, and the Habs can’t win the Stanley Cup. How much more can a man take?

Please hockey gods in the sky, if I can’t win, at least make the Tampa Bay Lightning clobber Boston today.



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