15 thoughts on “Canucks Gone”

  1. It’s a bad day for hockey. No Montreal/Vancouver final and it looks like no team in Winnipeg in September.

  2. Jordy, I thought, and many others did too, that they had a great shot this year. But I suppose their defence wasn’t up to snuff. I also agree with Don Cherry – a captain needs to be on the bench pumping up the team. And in the dressing room, goalies usually don’t say much. So it was a mistake to make Luongo captain.

  3. “Them damn Canadians be ruining our ratings! The Canucks have been eliminated! HOORAH! POP THE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES!”

    I love visiting America and all, but sometimes they’re so close minded, what have we ever done? We just stayed in our country minding our own business watching hockey and drinking maple syrup.


  4. Dennis, my deepest sympathies to Jans’canuckshouse when you hear from him.

    Phil you’re doing it wrong–switch from the tree sap to the pilsner/lager. Then the Americans won’t get on your nerves. Hey, it works for me in Boston and I’m not Canadian. 🙂

  5. Well, at least we still have one Canadian team to cheer for. Thank goodness it’s Les Canadiens!
    And suddenly everyone wants to get on the bandwagon.

  6. Thanks…yes it’s true. I am a girl.

    and The better team definetly won last night’s game…
    have to report tho’ that Salo admitted to the media…”the General’s fine, but the battalion’s down” lol
    All the best freakin’ hockey to you all for tonight’s game. Go Habs!

  7. Dennis and Jan – Thanks for the update that you’re a she. Wow, Salo is a fighter all right. Yikes, I’d be crying for my Mommy. Cleverly worded response from him. I like him already.

    Now GO HABS GO. Sister Nancy says to keep her updated tonight. She had a conflict.

  8. Dennis,

    You couldnt have said it better. Luongo should really man up and pass the “C” onto somebody more deserving. Goalies have enough pressure on them and having the pressure of being the captain on top of all that probably doesnt work in his favor. As far as the defense goes, we were banged up pretty back on the blue line. Not to make any excuses because there was more to it then a ruffed up blue line but it sure would have been nice to have a healthy blue line for that series. Like Jan said the better team won but it is sure getting hard to watch the canucks bow out early year after year. All the best to your Habs tonight, its great to see them doing what they are doing when alot of people had written them off. Hopefully they keep it up. I will be pulling for them for the rest of the playoffs.

  9. Diane, I’m underage, although i do have a few beers here and there (shhhhhhhh) I’m just gonna give you all the illusion i’m a 10 year old kid who still eats Nutella out of the jar.

  10. I thought Luongo was very un-captain-like after game 4. After Vigneault commented that they had the 2nd best goalie on the ice, Luongo responded by saying he was stopping most of the first shots and it was the defence’s responsibility to do a better job clearing the rebounds. As the face of the team a captain should publicly accept all responsibility and if necessary assess the blame privately.

    Phil, growing older is no reason to stop eating Nutella out of the jar. I would even use my finger except my hand got too chubby to fit in well.

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