Canucks Flex Scoring Muscles

(This fantastic thing you see here is my new picture frame made by five year old Delaney. It’s created from popsicle sticks and masking tape and she gave it to me to take home from Nelson. It’s now my new favourite frame).

The frame is impressive, the Vancouver Canucks are impressive, and the Sharks are anything but impressive as the home team destroyed the fish 7-3 and once again, the province of British Columbia rejoices. People here are even more happy than when Premier Gordon Campbell stepped down.

Now, after just two games completed in this Western final, the Sharks look to be done like dinner, and Canucks fans are convinced more than ever that their team is the team to go all the way.

I see no reason why they can’t. They’re a great team, although for what it’s worth, the Habs beat them at the game I was at in February.

Vancouver’s Chris Higgins is playing like he was supposed to when he was a Montreal Canadien. Up until recently I thought he was all but finished in the NHL but now it appears he’s a key figure in the Canucks march to the promised land. I don’t know whether to be happy or pissed about this.

The identical Sedin twins combined for five points in this one-sided game two, and San Jose’s Ben Eager was too eager as his ridiculous penalty-taking basically handed the game to the Canucks on a silver platter. He slammed a Sedin head, tripped Mason Raymond, cussed, blew several fuses, and lost the game for his team. If I was coach I’d put the hammer down the best way I can think of – I’d threaten to send him to Toronto.

But I’m not the coach. I’m just a poor schmuck with a nice frame.



2 thoughts on “Canucks Flex Scoring Muscles”

  1. When I first saw Higgens I also thought he looked done. Maybe being a hockey nomad can dull the fire in you a bit. Anyway he is looking really good right now, and not just the great playoff beard! I think he’s a free agent this summer, maybe Mtl should look at signing him?

  2. Hi DJ. Greeting from Nelson! Back to PR tomorrow. Maybe Higgins is just one of those guys who needs a certain style. Maybe Vancouver is a perfect fit for him and if her came back to Montreal he’d be the same old Higgins again. I don’t know. When he was a Hab I kept hearing about what a party animal he was, so maybe he’s cleaned up his act now.

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