Canucks Fans Not Happy With The Coach…Plus…Der Habinator Says Hello!

Most every hockey fan on the west coast knows that Vancouver Canucks’ coach Alain Vigneault is on the bubble. For him, it’s either the Canucks get off to a reasonably good start, or the guy, who coached the Habs for three years in the late 1990’s, will be filing for his unemployment papers.


The problem has been that the coach likes to keep his players under wraps, to play defensively and conservatively. It didn’t sit well with Markus Naslund, and it isn’t sitting well with Canucks’ fans.


These comments were posted in the Vancouver Sun a couple of days ago, regarding the release of the new Canucks’ TV broadcast schedule:


“Why waste time watching this season. They’ll be lucky if they win 40 games.”   Aldo M


“Great. This shame/sham of a hockey team will be broadcast live in living colour.”  vancouversredwingcountry


82 games of boredom….Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching the Canucks!”    Bob from Saanich


“If they continue their boring old neutral zone/defensive crap, I could care less if they win or not. Show me three minutes of highlights.”    Bob


“I’d rather sit in a chair and stare at my wall.”      David Puddy




Lots of readers know who der Habinator is. He was a regular reader and commentor here, but he’s gone away. The story’s been told. It’s all quite interesting.


I was at work the other night on the ferry, giving my 120 percent as usual, and a couple of passengers who know me called me over. They said they were just in Canmore, Alberta at a Home Depot, and another customer there overheard them mention they lived in Powell River. The guy went over to them and asked them if they knew Dennis Kane, which they said yes.

Tell him hello from der Habinator, said the guy. 


Yes indeed. This unsuspecting couple ran into the one and only der Habinator.


I thought this was fantastic and i know several people, like Danielleia in Buffalo and Mike in Toronto, and Lawrence in Powell River, who might get a kick out of this.


For the rest of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I suppose you had to be there.


Der Habinator’s colourful comments are peppered throughout this blog. You can’t miss them.



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