Canucks Fans Everywhere Say Thanks To Trevor Linden

   Seeing Trevor Linden play in Long Island, Montreal, and Washington was like seeing Bobby Orr in Chicago, or Dickie Moore in Toronto, or Jacques Plante in Boston. It just didn’t seem right. Because for whatever reason, Linden was born to be a Canuck.


Of course he didn’t last long in these foreign cities, only from 1998 to 2001, and in the end, he was brought back to Vancouver where he was meant to be, where he is a bonafide hero, and where he probably never has to pay for a meal in a restaurant for the rest of his life.


Last night his number 16 was retired, and of course it’s rightfully so. Linden was more than just a solid player. He’s one of those chosen few who is a man of the people, a decent and regular guy who happened to have a talent, and one who wants to spend much of his time in hospitals hanging out with sick kids.  He’s a giver, a guy with a heart, a nice guy, and is popular with his teammates.


Pretty well the exact opposite of Sean Avery.


When I lived in Calgary my son played on a peewee team, and there was a really nice couple whose two boys played on the same team. My wife and I became friends with this couple, and the woman, Edy, happened to be Trevor Linden’s aunt, his mother’s sister. She said she used to babysit Trevor back in Medicine Hat.


A couple of years later, Edy, still a young woman, died of cancer and it was one of those things we just couldn’t believe. She was too nice, too good a person. And there were more people at her funeral than I’d ever seen before.. The church and parking lot were overflowing, and I saw that she was loved by hundreds and hundreds of friends.


So the kindness Trevor has, the popularity, the love of many, runs in the family.


Linden is certainly the most beloved Canuck of all time. If his sweater never got raised in Vancouver, then no sweater should ever be raised there.


The Vancouver Canucks finally have a real hero, one for the ages.


No one is more fitting than Trevor Linden.







11 thoughts on “Canucks Fans Everywhere Say Thanks To Trevor Linden”

  1. Nicely done. A fine tribute.

    Dennis, if you keep writing like this, YOUR jersey will be hung from the rafters in Vancouver.

    You are a closet Canucks fan. I won’t tell anyone. I will wait until you feel the time is right to come out. There is nothing wrong with it. Be brave. We are in the age of inclusion.

    Merry Christmas Dennis, and may the Canuck gods bless you.

  2. DK, Re; Horses Head or a late night visit from “THE BOY’S !”
    Cheers to ALL & have a Merry Christmas & a healthy & Happy New Year !!!!!

  3. Hockey, like all pro-sports, has become central to our culture because it is much much more than a slice of `fun’: amongst other things it teaches us critical awareness, to look at what is done not what is proclaimed, to perceive and acknowledge the oh-so-important intangibles that also define our daily lives, some of which are: spontaneity (personal creativity & honesty) and competitive spirit (tenacity and gritty effort), character (respectful comportment both on and off the ice – hence the value of a Jean Beliveau) and talent (great games, great plays, great players emerge from the game, they are not designed and designated). There are many many more, make your own list.

    Yes, I believe that TL very much personifies the above values and more. He was and continues off-ice to be a fine representative of the game – in this respect, when the time comes for Beliveau `to pass the torch’ TL is/will be a worthy heir.

    I’m gonna miss him. Hehe, it was fun rilin’ the Canuckleheads by deriding him. Still, cups count and I wouldn’t retire his sweater …. well, okay, maybe upside down.

  4. A very sincere tribute to a truly humble person. Unfortunately one person’s comments had to spoil the accolades to Trevor.

  5. LOL: yeah, beatnik, that Lawrence sure knows how to spoil a `luuuv-in’, eh? Imagine, `Age Of Inclusion’? Talk about diminishing a player – why, even Tiger’s sweater should be retired … And, imagine, calling DK a closet Canucklehead! How, well, insulting. Amazin’ how some people simply can’t read and/or think before they make smarmy comments … eh?

  6. LOL! Wow! No wonder U didn’t really get that what I said was a damn fine compliment to TL – comparing him to Beliveau! God, such amazing denseness is truly difficult to believe. What? You didn’t `get’ the sarcasm? UH? What? Do you think I really believe that Dennis is directly responsible for our losses? Wow! And you somehow want to present yourself as some kind of what? Protector? Next time, if you don’t understand what was said/meant, TRY ASKING!

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