14 thoughts on “Canucks Bow Out”

  1. Beatnik, I wasn’t even giving them a shot here. Just saying the first overall doesn’t automatically translate into success. Of course a Canucks fan would say something about being last. And all in all, the Canucks ended up playing only 5 more games than the Habs.

  2. The best chance the Canucks had was last year and they blew it totally.

    Now they’re saying Alain may go (may become our new coach) and Luo has probably played his last game there as well. So who knows what they will look like next season. Bet your co-workers are a cranky bunch today Dennis.

  3. Darth, Luongo’s not as popular as Schneider here and may very well be gone. He tends to let in the odd fluff ball. I wonder if Alain Vig. now gets on our list. I also wonder why the Canucks manage every year to find a way to lose in the playoffs.

  4. Hey Dennis,Yes I dont know what is worse,wind up in last place and get the third pick overall or wind up in first place and get bounced out in the first round.I was hoping the Canucks could play better,I dont think they can blame that on Louongo though.I have a good friend who is somehow related to Pit Lepine through his mother,I will find out more for you.I remember him telling me years ago that his mom was a Lepine and she was somehow related to Pit.

  5. being 28th is far less embarrassing, not that it makes any difference to me. no one expects anything from a 28th place team, except the 3rd. overall pick. a team that finishes on top or near the top every year and chokes in the playoffs every year to supposedly inferior teams are truly bona-fide losers. they not only let down there own fans but the rest of the country who put their faith in them to bring the cup home to canada……… PLEASE do not fire alain vig. keep him away from hab land.

  6. Hobo, I’m on the same page as you. I was thinking about that today. What’s better, finish at the bottom and out of the playoffs, or finish at the top and gone in the first round. I decided it’s finish at the bottom, and you give great reasons about the top and losing.

  7. Derry, please let me know if you find out anything about the Lepine family. Only don’t show them the ad of Pit liking to drink Froz-Ex.

  8. Hey Dennis, I will try and contact my buddy,he lives in Nanaiamo but is originally from Quebec.I’ll let you know.

  9. Phoenix is about to eliminate Chicago. I just had a scary thought. What if Phoenix goes on to win the cup? Buttman will look like god, whatever god looks like.

  10. Right now I prefer our out of the playoffs and picking third in the draft situation than the Canucks’ also out of the playoffs but picking 22nd. But until a few days ago I preferred the Canucks’ situation. Canucks’ fans also had a very enjoyable regular season, whereas we were miserable most of the year. Although today had another bad result, I’ll remain a Senators’ fan for at least a few more days.

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