Canucks Blow Series Lead

For Vancouver Canucks fans, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Because as sure as
death and taxes, the Stanley Cup was coming to Canada’s west coast this year.

It still might happen. But it’s not as sure as death and taxes. Not after losing their
last two games by scores of 8-1 and tonight 4-0.

The Canucks are in a slight bit of trouble. All year long they’ve been a team of strength and consistency, never really slumping, never really looking bad. But they’re a group out of whack right now, who can’t solve Tim Thomas, who can’t get a huge night from the Sedin boys, and Roberto Luongo has allowed 12 goals in two games. The Green Men are looking greener.

It’s just not good right now for the Canucks and their fans. Maybe the team needs a talk with Dr. Phil, or listen to Winston Churchill speeches.

But never fret, it’s not over. The series is tied at two with game five back in Vancouver. The Canucks have got them right where they want them. Sort of.

Oscar-winning acting on the ice was mentioned by the HNIC crew several times, and I’d like to add my two cents.

Enough already with this over-reacting to situations, hoping to draw a penalty. Alex Burrows, Andrew Ference, Maxim Lapierre, Kevin Bieksa and others all at one time or another have tried to pull the wool over the referee’s eyes by trying to make a hit appear worse than it is.

Performances worthy of a Hollywood audition involving getting shot in the knee-cap and acting it out.

I hate this stuff. It reminds me of what we see during soccer matches. A player gets kicked in the shin, cries out like he was shot by a cannon before being carried out on a stretcher, and five minutes later he’s back out running about and looking like a million bucks.

This series is becoming what a series should be. Close, with lots of nastiness and disagreeing. It’d be a bummer if a game is decided after a player pulls his best Robert de Niro impersonation and draws an unwarranted penalty.

Game five is Friday night. It’ll be very interesting how the Canucks react after these excruciating bombings in Beantown.

I hate seeing the Bruins and their fans so happy.

9 thoughts on “Canucks Blow Series Lead”

  1. the bruins are feasting on swedish meatballs and swiss cheeze. it seems no matter how talented swedish players are, when it really counts and the going gets tough, with a little intimidation you can get right in their kitchen. except for peter forsburg, but i heard he is really a maritime boy like brad marchant. no offence to swedish people, i love their meatballs……….. i REALLY hope the sedins prove me wrong…………… speaking of our boy brad, yawn cherry, that’s swedish for don, loves marchant’s rookie cockiness and disrespect for his elders, but pk suban???????? the team with the best goalie wins the cup.

  2. So much for my prediction of Luongo and Vancouver winning with a 2-0 shutout.
    What I was really disappointed in was how bad winners the Bruins were. Usually a team on their way to a win will shy away from hits trying just to waste time. For the last 5 minutes tonight the Bruins stepped up their their cheap-shot hits. It was excessive even for them. They don’t deserve to win the Cup, it’s unfortunate they will be in the same arena when it will be presented to Vancouver.

    Beatnik if you haven’t noticed, none of the divers with skates on is still with the Canadiens. And if you have to go back over 5 years for a Ribeiro dive, it shows how good Montreal is.

  3. Poor Lou’s hopes for a conn smythe have flown out the window. Now maybe he can focus on just putting his team in a position to win. The gloved hand goal should have been disallowed. I agree Dennis, BB have no class. They never had any and likely never will. They’re as rabid as their fans. Unfortunate Canucks have to rely on Sedins who will fold faster faster than a picnic table as the bruins have them intimidated. Canucks only hope is their fans to intimidate the bruins. Not counting them out yet. It should make for an interesting last two or three games. I wonder who Gary Butthead is cheering for?

  4. Christopher my point is that Vancouver shouldn’t be singled out as the only team to try and induce a penalty. However, there were too many calls on Vancouver made from 85 feet away.

  5. Hey Beatnik, where in my story did I single out the Canucks as the only team doing this? I was talking about both teams doing this, I mentioned Andrew Ference, and I said there were others too.

  6. Mayo, I’m disappointed in the Sedins. I thought they’re really step it up in a series like this. Kesler too. I’ve these guys want to win, they’d better pull up their socks.

  7. Chris, Vancouver has to change things. If they play like they have in the last two games, they’re done. I don’t understand the Sedins.

  8. Hobo, I agree with you. So many of them have unreal regular seasons and less in the playoffs. I’m very disappointed in the Sedins. These guys are two of the best in the world and they’re playing with less energy than fourth liners. Mats Naslund was a little warrior. And yes, it’s okay from Don’s point of view to get on PK but Marchand’s another story.

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