Can’t Wait For Tonight

New pic from Darth says it all.


Just can’t wait to see if they stink again.

Will they play against Carolina the way they did the other night against Washington?

What if they’re half-past dead and play like they’ve just eaten a turkey stuffed with valium and get three or six shots in a period?

How unbelievable it’ll be if they do all this. After their stinker and the one before that and the one before that and before that.

If they come out flat, we need to drop an Acme safe on the bunch of them.

Do we have a captain to try and rally the troops?

It’s going to be interesting how it all unfolds.

Tonight we’ll see what they’re made of.

29 thoughts on “Can’t Wait For Tonight”

  1. Honestly, I have no clue what to expect tonight. They could win 5-1…………or lose by that same score. Or anything in between. I’ve given up predicting what the Habs will do from game to game.

  2. We don’t know at all, Ian. Although they’ve played probably just one good game in the last two months so I’m sort of leaning towards a mediocre effort. Hopefully they’ll surprise the heck out of us.

  3. Who knows what to expect anymore? I’m pretty sure it’ll be another loss but the question is – what kind of a loss will it be? A one goal loss or blowout?

    This team needs serious help. 20 years of this mediocre stuff? Bah. It’s pathetic.

  4. Excellent Darth, fitting logo for a mismanaged collapsing team in a mismanaged crumbling city.

    They will definitely play better tonight than Saturday, it’s not possible to be that bad again, especially at home in Montreal.

  5. DK,

    I’m really remiss in not commenting on so many of your hilarious turns of phrase in recent weeks. Today I’m up to it; loved “half-past dead”.

    And Darth’s work is lovely. As it always is.

    I’m feeling a bit sentimental at the moment and all I can think of his how Soobie stood up for Markie and how that changed our favourite (old and current) Russian.


  6. Thanks HDS, although I can’t take credit for that phrase. It comes from The Band’s great tune “The Weight”. “I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin’ bout half-past dead.”

  7. Good one, Beatnik. Only instead of “The eastern world, it is explodin'”, it’s “The eastern team, it is implodin'”

  8. Darth, great art as usual but I think I see someone hiding behind the crest. Could it be MT trying to tell whoever will listen that all is A-OK, while the chunks fall on his unimaginative brain! JM used to scribble notes, MT just holds up his chin with one hand, saying whaaats happening man!

  9. Yeah Mike, when I heard a game or two ago that MT said they played fine and worked hard when we all saw that they sucked, I really wondered about the guy.

  10. On January 7th, when PK was named to Team Canada he had a lengthy press conference. And at one point he was asked about motivation and he mentioned he doesn’t need anyone to motivate him he knows how to get ready for important games and doesn’t need anyone to be ready for a big match – or something to that effect. I wondered if Michel Therrien may have taken offense to those comments since it was Therrien’s stated mission to turn PK into a “better person”. The very next day was the game where the Habs played miserably and lost 3-1 against the Flyers. Therrien benched PK for most of the entire third period and didn’t even bother pulling Budaj from the net in the final minutes of play to send the extra man out.

    I wonder what kind of message Therrien was trying to send to PK and the team and I wonder if Therrien lost the room that night.

  11. Well here we are again… a team that’s down only going farther down. The other night, when got massacred again I renamed the tomato soups! all the blood just too obvious. No one playing and beaten around like little dolls. well, shit, as you guys say, who knows tonight they might play. But let’s not hold our breaths. My prediction: Habs get goal no.1 in first 5 minutes they win. With this win, they stage a big come back, run wild awhile. Olympics come they disappear and reappear not quite ready for remainder of the season. So, once again they will flop and flounder. As in your picture above! I continue to foresee more disasters! then a final rallying they make a big run for the playoffs as in 09-10. At which point we all hold our breath over the precipice! And now my crystal ball shatters, I cannot see that far ahead! hahaha Enjoy the game tonight Mr. Kane

  12. Pardon me, I made a few errors.’The other night, when got massacred again I renamed the tomato soups! ‘ should read ‘When we got …. I renamed them the tomatoe soup. ‘

  13. Great thoughts, Danno. And you very well may be on to something here. Maybe that was the beginning of it. And maybe MT has lost the room. We saw how they played against Chicago, but I think the reality is, the team’s too small, because when the real season starts, after 50 games or so, small guys are in trouble because the games get intense, close checking, hard hitting. I remember when I was a teenager playing in Orillia, I was a small guy and didn’t have a chance in hell to win battles with big guys. It’s like fighting a brick wall. The team needs to get bigger, and about five spots have to be changed. But having said that, they could get into a run like they did in 2010 with Halak in goal, and everything could be magnificent. But I just think they’re too small.

  14. O well Mister Kane my typewriter is murky! One final comment, at least for the time being. The captain , Gionta is a nice man, he did some good stand up shoving the other night, but it was stand-up comedy. He has to go, and the Habs need big guys.

  15. Hockeyfan, I’m so curious about tonight it’s like a playoff game almost. If they come out flat, I might have to go for a long walk. It would be unbelievable if they did. If they come out and are playing well but find themselves down a goal, will they become dead again? And if they come out and take the lead, will they hang back and try to protect it and end up losing? Or will they come out with fire and play great and receive all three stars as they win a solid 4-1 game?

  16. Just on the size issue Dennis,

    HabFab posted the following on HI/O:


    Marc Antoine Godin – There are 5 #Habs players listed at 5’9 or under. There are 4 (players) right now in all of the Western Conference (Cammalleri being one of them).


    It surely makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  17. Hockeyfan, I couldn’t agree more. Gionta going will be a big step in the right direction of getting bigger.

  18. The Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle has this list of season opening roster averages
    St. Louis being tied for the second shortest team may throw a short wrench against the argument, but they’re also the second heaviest which is a giant sledge hammer in favour of size. But then somehow Minnesota is making do as the fourth shortest and second lightest.

    Here’s the short end of all NHL players

  19. Danno’s comment[#13 above] is VERY interesting. It,s obvious to me Thornbush dislikes [ or stronger word if you wish] P.K. Maybe he’s jealous of him, maybe the sourpuss doesn’t like P.K.’s ‘happy face’ But for the too many’th time—Thornbush is a HUGE detriment to Subban!!! P.K. needs some coaching, teaching, and a mentor[thank you Hall Gill] to mature as player and person [maybe]— as we all do at times— but he nor the team needs a coach who dismantles line that work i.e. Eller, & the two Gallys. He lessoned the effectiveness of 3 guys to get 1 guy–DD—going. Plekky hasn’t had a consistant line for years, yet is critized too much. I don’t knoe the theory of RH player playing left side, or vice versa, but if THAT’S IMPORTANT WHY IS EMELIN ON THE WRONG SIDE? And GM Birdbegone better own up to some questionable moves–hindsight is 20-20 I realize–and drop the pride and right things before the core group gets totally screwed up in non-reparible ways. Hope it rains so I can wash the car in the rain—more gratifying than watching Thornbush’s dictatorish mug behind the bench.

  20. Peter, they’re winning 3-0 right now and maybe they can get something going and turn it around and right the ship. One period to go to the start of a winning streak?

  21. I’m still in shock about the size stat that HabFab posted.

    We have more little guys than half of all the NHL teams combined.

  22. Dennis,this is NOT argumentative in any sense of the word okay? Are we not fed enough of their how many crappy games to be fed a not-bad one on a rare outing. If I were a Leaf fan; that ratio would be a forty year norm. But too bad for us; we’re old enough to remember The Le Glory years when a good game was a given and a cup was THE GOAL–not JUST making the playoffs. Oh how I yearn for the roar of the crowd for the whole game not just when they get a forth shot on goal in the second period. And yes let’s enjoy the 3-0 tally, hope for better daze AND GET RID OF Thornbush!!! Dennis, I appreciate your site, your posts ,mostly YOUR PASSION FOR THE CH!!!!!

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