Can’t Take Much More

The Canadiens fell 3-1 to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night at the Bell Centre and the dark journey down Mediocre Lane continues, even though they’d won their previous game against New Jersey.

My heart soars like the Hindenburg.


This was supposed to be the best Habs team in decades, with a decent shot at going deeper than usual in the playoffs. Folks were raving about them. Even the Toronto media mentioned them sometimes.

Now it’s a team that can’t score goals, the power play is ridiculously inept, and they can’t stay out of the penalty box. They’ve also lost 14 of their last 19 games, which is unbelievable. How can that be?

And if I wanted to carry on about this, which I don’t, I could mention passion, desire, will, work ethic, smarts, and anything else they currently lack that I could come up with.

Soon they could find themselves out of a playoff spot after being safe, sound, and smug atop the standings once upon a time, because everything was coming up roses in the beginning.

Fire the coach or pull off a blockbuster trade or feed them steroids or supply their wives with chastity belts. Whatever it takes.

Do something. My enthusiasm is waning.

Random Notes:

P.K. scored the lone Habs goal, his second of the season.

Mike Condon was terrific.

Montreal outshot the Pens 34-32.

Next up – Thursday, when the Hawks pay a visit.

35 thoughts on “Can’t Take Much More”

  1. DK, I said if the effort was there and we lost so be it, well 40 minutes of effort was okay but don’t these dolts know it’s a 60 minute game! I’m as down and disillusioned as you & I’m sure as all who visit this great site. One game the’re les Canadiens the next the’re the Ice Dogs, it boggles the mind. We can’t fault our goal tending, where the frig are our supposed leaders. I know I’m biased but Gally aside where is the rest of the supporting cast???
    Pissed in Dead Wing territory!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  2. Les gars are in a deep rut…how they get out of it….who knows?…maybe they’ll be the Cinderella team that makes a comeback. Condon really playing well, unfortunately he’s about the only one who is. At this rate it wouldn’t bother me if they traded a bunch of players…including Mr. PK.
    Time to crack open another beer.

  3. Like you said, Mike, it boggles the mind. Something has to be done before they fall out of playoff contention. I really dislike watching them these days. And your question is very valid – where are the leaders?

  4. A sad state of affairs, Ed. I’m with you, it wouldn’t bother me if they traded PK or anyone else, except Gally. One thing I hold onto – if they make the playoffs we forget about the regular season completely.

  5. Bergevin should look to the Penguins for inspiration. The last time either of these two teams was this good, their GM made the necessary mid season move to bring them the Stanley Cup. All it took was the firing of Therrien.
    Isn’t Guy Boucher available? He’s Francophone, he knows how to run a power-play, he’s good at developing young players. What’s Therrien got besides 3.5 more years on his 4 year extension?

  6. Most of the players just aren’t really trying and they haven’t been trying for a long time now. You can’t win if you have a shitty attitude and that is what needs to be fixed. It’s probably too late to save this season so changes have got to be made to put things back on track for next year and beyond.

  7. Yes, that extension, Christopher. Marc Bergevin has at times caused me to scratch my head.
    Therrien’s four years. Kassian. Any Canucks fan could have told Bergevin that Kassian was a partier and trouble. Wasn’t any homework done? Even Semin, although he was cheap and worth the try I guess. But Carolina had no use for him and couldn’t wait to get rid of him. The Habs don’t have any fire right now and some sort of shakeup is needed. I say send the wives to Powell River for several months and let this team get down to business the way the old Soviet teams did.

  8. It’s just unreal what’s happened, Danno. It has to be an inner thing. Maybe the guys don’t like each other, or don’t like the coaching staff. Maybe Max shouldn’t be captain, I’m not sure. Maybe PK could curb things a bit. It’s completely unacceptable. I don’t remember the last time they went from formidable to pitiful like this. It’s depressing as hell.

  9. This is brutal . Our Morinville jrs have more heart and soul than the deadbeat team the Habs have become .Max is no leader and neither is PK . A major shakeup is due before the season is lost !

  10. Baffled and confused. I love that image ofthe Hindenburg, sort of says it all. Very strange state of affairs. Iwas the game Wednesday and they did what to be done… tonight I thought it was hard to pin down and next thing you know it’s a tie, then 2 one then well , you know the rest. My take is Habs need to get back to basics, play tight etc. Stay close to what gets them even a 1goal lead, otherwise they’re up the soft end of the ice and a puddle to contend with not a rink, a puddle of shit made of millions of bucks! And the big mystery about Price and his injury, well who knows? But another 2 years he’s going, I betcha he’s going to pack his bags and go get himself a Stanley cup somewhere. Gally too, I can see him heading out the door. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and it ain’t oil! huh! Edmonton could use a Gally and a Price! that’s a team that with a few more components could go places. In my mind the last time the Habs really had the guns blazing was the 2010 series, since then, it’s not quite cut the grade. Sad to say. Hope I am proven to be wrong. Hawks next.

  11. Don’t know much about much, but do you think that Bergevin would continue to hang on to Therrien just because he likes him? It’s seems obvious that the players are not responding to him. We all get upset about losing, but can you imagine the rest of the coaching staff, the management and the owners? Time for a change….

  12. Time for a change, Mona. And it’s the old adage of you can’t fire 20 guys but you can fire the coach. Bergevin must be losing sleep right now. He’s intense at the best of times, but this must ne over the top for him. All we can do is just keep checking the news to see if he does anything.

  13. I’d like to see them shoot the puck on the net more often, Bill. And quit the dumb penalties and brutal turnovers. Their confidence must be shot and they’re feeling the heat. And what if Price’s injury never heals properly and his career is cut short? The 2010 playoffs is a good example. They didn’t have a great team but they scored timely goals and played with passion. And Halak was unreal. These guys seem to be going through the motions and for me, it takes a coach or a strong captain to help motivate. It’s getting very tiresome watching this slump continue. I feel like I’m wasting several hours every time.

  14. A quote from PK after the game via Sportsnet.
    “I couldn’t give a s— about my f—— first goal in however long. It doesn’t f—— matter….I am not a goal scorer. It’s not my job to score goals.”

    I guess his job is to show up for work…and cash his paycheque…so long suckers!

    Dennis..i agree..keep Price, Gally…the rest are expendable..even the coach!

    One more thing..i think all morning skates and practices should be eliminated…let them show off their skills in a real game situation.

  15. I would just like to add, the comments P.K. made about “chipping the puck to nobody” may be a veiled criticism of Therrien’s dump and chase system.

    If that’s true, this would indicate that Therrien has lost (or is losing) the room.

  16. I kind of have felt for awhile that there are personnel issues on the team. The coach maybe…you can’t really support negatives about him stat wise. His won loss record is great…well over the long term…the players though don’t have any intensity for some reason. My guess would be player cliques are developing and these rich , spoiled guys are warring somewhat. MB can’t really do much…MT is a double for him….the defence wins championships thing…so as an outsider looking in I feel MB has supplied the players and MB have chosen how to utilize them. Things are critical now…if they can’t turn this around in a few more games they are looking at a high draft pick. ……and we are looking at another 10 years of mediocre hockey. They have no choice but turn over some bodies if they in fact can’t turn this around.

  17. Cliff, my gut says PK isn’t the most popular guy on the team but is the one the public loves the most. I wasn’t crazy about his pre-game antics we saw recently, it seemed like he was doing it for the camera. But I know my opinion is in the minority and probably not a popular one. Maybe things changed in a big way when Price went down and the style and chemistry was altered. Maybe their great start put it in their heads that they were better than they are. Maybe other teams simply figured out their game. It’s very disturbing. I’m getting older and don’t want to wait another ten years. I thought this could be the year and I was excited.

  18. I hate to say it but the next four games look like four more losses for the Habs:
    Chicago Thursday, St. Louis Saturday, Chicago Sunday, Boston Tuesday.
    Bonus: The dagger could be a loss to the Leafs the following Saturday.
    Will MT survive?
    Stay tuned…

  19. I wouldn’t mind the losses if the players were developing and team was learning to win in the play-offs. After all the regular season is just a pre-season for the all important play-offs.

    But we’re not learning and improving. Tinordi’s potential has been completely wasted. Gallagher gets injured and Desharnais becomes the #1 centre. Petry misses a game and Markov plays 30 minutes.

  20. Dennis I actually think one of your theories is true or a combination of them. How’s that for clearing up things. PK would be a problem for me. I played hockey and always disliked attention seekers but man the talent this guy has. Again on the outside looking in like the dumb ass fan I am it is a mystery right now. I do stick by my prediction that changes will have to be made if this doesn’t break soon. We all know this team is more talented collectively than they are exhibiting presently. Danno is right they have a tough week to 10 days ahead. Generally the coach pays for a team playing dysfunctional when there was every reason to believe great things lay ahead. I just don’t see any other way. Then you have MB sitting on the throne who made all the player acquisitions and just gave MT a hefty extension. MB is no genius from where I sit. He has really created a false hope for us fans. …..most likely. Stay tuned for some excitement ahead concerning our once glorious Habs.

  21. Christopher, I made the correction. And you’re so right about Tinordi. I don’t understand. If there’s one thing this team needs is a big bruising d-man who can also do some enforcing. But for some reason…….

  22. It could get even uglier for sure, Danno. If MB sits pat and goes with AHLers the rest of the way, he might have to be tarred and feathered.

  23. Now’s the time to really watch the scoreboard, Cliff. Teams behind them are closing in. If MB does nothing and lets the season slip away, he’s not the man I thought he was.

  24. SES, I think we’re in brain freeze. A slump of this proportion wasn’t supposed to happen, especially after how the season began. Damn.

  25. Thanks for the correction Dennis.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine any good trade involving a player of any significance to shake things up. Galchenyuk is frequently mentioned, and I agree he would be a good bargaining chip, but we seem to be getting the short end of the stick in all of rumours, e.g. most recently for Drouin. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I’m confident Bergevin won’t make a panic move. A coaching change is his only real option and I think now is the perfect time. He ate his humble pie on Semin and Kassian, neither of which hurt the team. Time for a big Therrien slice.

  26. What if Therrien decided to put P.K. on right wing to jump start the offense? He could put Tinordi back in action to replace him on D instead of letting him go to waste.
    Here’s the fun part: I wonder how P.K. would respond when Therrien were to tell him “Okay P.K. Do your job now and score some goals.”
    Would he rise to the occasion?
    P.K. loves the spotlight.
    Stay tuned.

  27. It’s a cool idea, Danno. And if it didn’t work, at least our eyes wouldn’t be glazing over.

  28. For sure, Christopher, Tampa wants a lot. Yzerman says the guy was a number three pick overall so he has to get quality in return. There’s no way I’d swap Galchenyuk for Drouin. It’s entirely possible that Drouin is one of these guys who burned up junior but fizzled as a big leaguer. I’d like to have him, just to see, but without giving an arm and a leg.

  29. I can’t recall when things were this dismal. And that is not a good thing because over the last 20+ years it was never hard for me to find something to complain about the HABS. MB does not look good right now. Signing MT to 4 years (only 3.5 in!!); signing Pleks to a 20% raise (when Pleks was soaring); signing Markov to a $750k raise (when in reality, Markov should retire – sorry folks but this guy was a warrior but now is not). MB has always been priased by many. This is really the first time he is being questioned, AND RIGHTLY SO!! Fix the ship!

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