Cannonading Blog Blasts – Part Two

Part two of Habs blogs. And just to be clear, there’s no favouritism involved in these listings. I’m trying to get through them in alphabetical order, five or six at a time. There’s lots of sites I like a lot that haven’t been mentioned yet but will.

Rookie and Czechtacular are full of vim and vigour at their excellent Hab-It-Her-Way. These two ladies have all kinds of hockey knowledge, witnessed not only on their site but also on Twitter, and both of them give off honest feel-good vibes that makes me smile. They also contribute to All Habs which I didn’t know until I started this little Habs link rundown. I really like these gals and what they do.

Without question, Kamal Panesar at Habs Addict knows his stuff and is a great writer. He zeros in mostly on the present-day Habs and is someone we can learn from about the ins and outs of this year’s team. He’s also a friendly sort that I discovered after a couple of emails in the past. Tyg, who will be mentioned in a few days or so (alphabetical order) adds her wisdom and personality on Kamal’s Addict Alley section. Habs Addict is a great site.

I don’t know his name at Habs And Hockey, and he admits in his profile that he’s only been a fan for a short time, but he writes about the team as if he’s been doing it for years. Insightful and informative and a real nice addition to the Habs blogosphere.

Danno turned me on to Habs In Depth. I hadn’t heard of them and I don’t know who’s involved, but this is a fine, professional-looking site with colour and flair, and whoever’s doing the writing knows what they’re talking about.

What can I say about Habs Inside Out. Run by the Montreal Gazette guys – Dave Stubbs, Mike Boone, Pat Hickey, Kevin Mio etc., this is the big daddy. There’s no way the rest of us can compete. Thousands read on a regular basis and join in at the forum where there’s hard-core hockey talk, bickering, praise, and laughs, and absolutely everything that needs to be discussed about the Canadiens is discussed here. Inside Out provides an extremely valuable outlet for those who want to have their say and chat with others. Reading the forum is a constant reminder of just how many passionate Habs fans are out there.

HabsWorld‘s been around a long time with a variety of writers contributing on a regular basis about a variety of Habs subjects, including down on the farm in Hamilton and elsewhere. Always interesting, up-to-date, and well done, this site is a real fixture in the world of Habs blogs. There’s always something to discover and learn when you read HabsWorld.

5 thoughts on “Cannonading Blog Blasts – Part Two”

  1. Habs and Hockey would be my work Dennis, I haven’t modded that Bio profile since I started the site up. Thanks for the plug 🙂

  2. Thanks, Robert. I mentioned on Twitter too. I just wasn’t sure if “serious fan” was someone describing themselves or if it Serious Fan (you). Thanks for clearing it up and good job on your site.

  3. Wow Dennis, thanks so much for the shoutout to me in the mention! This is what happens when I fall behind in my blog reading. I miss all the important and good stuff!

    I’m just thrilled to bits you included me. I consider this truly high praise indeed. Thanks again, Dennis. For what it’s worth, I think you rock too. 🙂

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