Cannonading Blasts From The Blogs

This is trickier than I thought. The idea was to introduce others to as many Habs blogs as I can find, but in getting into it, I see that some haven’t posted in months and others simply aren’t there anymore. Then there’s the odd one who’s moved to another site, and of course there are those that I’m not aware of.

But I’m going to try, about five at a time, every few days.

Geez, what have I gotten myself into.

All Habs is a real nice and professional site with a host of excellent writers and a variety of subjects dealing with recent games, PK Subban, the Quebec junior league, and lots more as you navigate throughout. Rick and the gang must be proud of what they have. 

Four Habs Fans probably needs no introduction. They’re just really funny and bright guys putting a slightly vulgar and sexist slant to their fine and smart hockey thoughts, and I  think they’re as creative as can be. Nuns and priests might not be crazy about this site, though. Or are they?

I wish I knew more about Go Habs  although maybe I’ve been told but am losing my mind and simply don’t recall. It’s got everything in it, much like the official site, but I have no idea who’s behind it. Regardless, it’s packed with great stuff.

I admire very much J.T. and her The H Does Not Stand For Habs site. She can be funny, serious, and poetic, and is extremely knowledgeable about the Canadiens. J.T. is really professional, always interesting, and you can tell she has a media background.

Robert L. has passed the torch to Kevin, which means Habs Eyes On The Prize remains in good hands and the overall theme of this great site, which is combining historical with the present, carries on in fine fashion. Kevin lives in Midland, which isn’t far from my hometown Orillia in central Ontario, which means he probably knows way too many Leaf fans.

To be continued……..

5 thoughts on “Cannonading Blasts From The Blogs”

  1. Those are all really fine sites Dennis.

    There’s this new one that I found interesting called Habs In Depth

    I also like Tyg’s site, Tyger by the Tail, not only for her take on the Habs but for the great stories of her family adventures

    The oddly-named Notwithstanding Clause takes an original and often humorous look at the Habs.

    And the H Does Not Stand For Habs is really fine too. Not too much glitz but plenty of thoughtful analysis…

    The above are just a sampling of some of the sites I have bookmarked including of course Dennis Kane’s Blog.

    There seems to be hundreds if not thousands of Habs-centric sites popping up now. Which is good. The more the merrier I say.

    Some even come from fans in far-away countries you’d least expect. Like Habs World:

    This shows the Habs truly have universal appeal and that the wonderful world of Habs blogs is expanding around the world.

    Maybe I’ll start my own one day…

  2. No introduction? But I need to know who those idiots are!

    Thx for the nice words Dennis.

    “what’s wrong with being sexy?”

    /Spinal Tap-ed

    If I had a vote, J.T. wins. Best writer of all of us.

  3. Thanks, Danno. Yeah, I’ve got a whole bunch that I’ll be doing including the above. H Does Not Stand For Habs is included in today’s. Habs in Depth is one I wasn’t aware of. Thanks.

  4. Hi HF29, nobody does funny like Four Habs Fans. And you guys also know what you’re talking about. Just a top-notch site.

  5. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks so much for the mention and the compliment. You’re right, I’m very proud of the fine group of writers who appear on the pages of the All Habs hockey magazine. We have something for every Habs fan.

    I always appreciate the kind interactions with you and the way we send readers back and forth between sites.

    I invite you to visit for a look at Habs fans who get together to watch our beloved Canadiens.

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