Canadiens Zing The Blues


Not much to report here.

Only that Canadiens beat the 5-1 (now 5-2) St. Louis Blues 3-0 to win their seventh straight out of the gate, with Carey Price recording his second shutout of this early season.

Seven wins and no losses, with Price as stingy as Scrooge McDuck, and everyone chipping in and doing their fare share of the housework.

On TV today it seemed like I heard nothing except how good the Blues are. And tonight I tuned into Montreal’s TSN 690 radio during the first intermission and the on-air guys simply gushed, and I mean gushed, about how fantastic the Blues are.

All that gushing, and the Habs were leading 1-0 at the time.

The first period showed the Blues on top of their game, outplaying and outmuscling the home team, and outshooting them 17-10. It was a concern. But like I say, we were leading.

Blues assistant coach Kirk Muller, interviewed midway through the frame, said there were good chances at both ends, but Kirk was just being polite because he’s a polite kind of guy. A good old Kingston boy.

Montreal was going nowhere, but Max Pacioretty deflected Tomas Plekanec’s shot with a minute and a half left, and outplayed or not, the home team took the lead.

Shortly before Alex Semin bulged the net in the second period with a fine wrist shot, Price made a huge glove save on Vlad Tarasenko, which prompted Scott Gomez to pat Price on the head.

Yes, that Scott Gomez. The face I hoped never to see again. Congratulating the opposing goalie like he used to when he played for the Habs. That Mr. Nice Guy thing to the enemy. The congratulations I never wanted to see again.

And there it was and there he was.

If the Blues are so good, how come they need Gomez?

Torrey Mitchell would make it 3-0 in the third frame after firing home a Subban rebound, and the Canadiens roll along like a train chugging across the prairies, with a bar car filled with us whoopin’ and hollerin’.

Random Notes:

It’s an amazing 7 goals against in 7 games for the team.

Although the Habs were outshot 17-10 in the first period, the Blues only slightly edged them in overall shots – 38 to 36.

There was slight nastiness. Nathan Beaulieu and Steve Ott squared off in the second period, and Beaulieu held his own against this guy who was playing like he wiped his ass with fibreglass insulation.

Ott was at it all night, that’s his game, that’s why he’s in the league, and he eventually got tossed with a couple of minutes left.

When I was a smallish yet shifty right winger for Orillia’s Byers Bulldozers bantams and midgets, I was a bit of an asshole like Ott. But he gets in there and gives and takes blows, whereas I relied on bigger teammates to come to my rescue.

Next up – Friday in Buffalo, and it would be nice to make this thing eight straight. Buffalo might be better than last year, I don’t know. They’ve got this 18-year old phenom Jack Eichel, which must help.

Eighteen years old. Imagine.

The Sabres last year managed only 23 wins all season.

And we have seven already!



8 thoughts on “Canadiens Zing The Blues”

  1. 3 of those 23 wins were against us and in the 4th game the Sabres only lost in the shoot-out. But this isn’t last year’s Canadiens team, we’re controlling the play the way a Stanley Cup contender should.

  2. I noticed that a lot of the goals have been wrist shots…more accurate than the “boom,boom G.” slapshot.
    Go Habs Go!

  3. Through summers long and winters cold
    May you always have someone good to hold,
    And may good fortune wait on every bend,
    And may your winning streak,
    May it never end

  4. Cool song and video, Danno. You can’t go wrong with boxing club stuff. What a drive by our team and I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that this is a contender, even though it’s early. Someone asked the other day, can Price be even better than last year? Imagine if he will be.

  5. That’s true, Ed. I never clued into that, but I think you’re right. And they’re taking way more shots in general. Yes indeed, Go Habs Go!

  6. I’d kinda forgotten about their lousy play against Buffalo, Christopher. But you said it, this isn’t last year’s team. Eight straight would be fantastic, and there’s no reason why it won’t be. They just have to keep the pedal to the metal, which is difficult to do for 82 games. But we want them to cause we’re greedy bastards.

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