Canadiens Win With Pride And Passion

The series is all even now, with the Canadiens beating the Ottawa Senators 3-1, and it was they way they won it that tugs at the heart strings.

Unless you’re a Sens fan of course.

Carey Price bounced back and was splendid throughout. Just when we were ready to ship him off to Palookaville.

Rene Bourque showed he has it in him to be an important power forward, and was a serious presence, banging enemy bodies and providing much-needed offensive spark, which is what a premier power forwards show on a regular basis. If only Bourque could do this game in and game out. Maybe he will from here on in.

Ryan White opening the scoring after intercepting an Erik Karlsson pass, and then showed guts and fire through to the final siren.He wasn’t silly, he was effective, and along with his scoring, managed to get under the Sens skin in a way that saw no trips to the sinbin.

Brandon Prust banged and jawed and skated miles, and again showed wonderful leadership, including keeping Bourque’s spirits up on the bench after Bourque was shaken up.

The list goes on – the sensational Subban, the kids Galchenyuk and Gallagher, and all through the lineup, the Habs were a team with intensity and drive, and they did it all without Lars Eller, Max Pacioretty, and Brian Gionta in the lineup. Personally, I’m bursting with pride for the boys. They weren’t to be denied, they oozed emotion, and emotion goes a long way in big games.

Emotion and a great goalie. And both were on display in fine fashion on this Friday night at the Bell Centre.

Random Notes:

The Canadiens outshot Ottawa 34-30.

Elliotte Friedman mentioned it, and it’s absolutely true. When Brendan Gallagher has one of his many great games, he picks up his teammates, the building comes alive, and magic often happens. Gallagher scored to make it 2-0 before the Sens got on the board, he played hard all night, and I can’t wait to see the Cassie Campbell story on Brendan’s dad, which apparently will be shown on Sunday.

Carey Price took a skate to his mask and lost a tooth, which he promptly took over to Graham Rynbend at the bench. The episode was an important example of Price’s intensity and guts, and he looked like he meant business on this night. It’s not fun losing a chiclet, as you can well imagine.

Throughout this game Price stood his ground, made the saves, and showed the mark of a true champion. Just excellent to witness. And he must be feeling good about the job he did.

Michael Ryder scored Montreal’s insurance marker, after nice work from David Desharnais and Bourque. How great it is when guys are contributing, guys we need. Just very proud of everyone.

All they have to do now is do it again in Ottawa on Sunday.

CBC’s three star selection were Price, Gallagher, and Bourque. Seeing Price as first star will take up several minutes of The Carey Price Story, coming someday to a theatre near you.

23 thoughts on “Canadiens Win With Pride And Passion”

  1. Wonderfully physical whipping handed to the Neillies! Want play rough, our guys will play rough! Chris Neil crawled to the corner every time Tinordi patrolled the ice…

    4 of the 10 second period shots were right on top of Anderson and the results showed what crashing net reaps (although it wouldn’t be to bad if a couple of crashes included running that stick-swinging goalie of theirs).

    Tonight’s play makes me wonder if Gio, Plek, Gorges, and Patch would serve Montreal better as trade material.

  2. Mike for sure, they showed they can be physical, which goes against everything PJ Stock and his friends have said all along about them. It was just so great to see Price playing well. And Bourque was a man on a mission. Prust, Gallagher. Everybody. It was all beautiful.

  3. What a glorious night!

    Price losing a tooth…if that we’re me I’d be in tears, flat on the ice, crying like a baby and calling for a stretcher.

    Gotta love White. Despite his actions in earlier games, he plays with such passion that its hard to deny him. I do get afraid that his emotions will take the best of him but for tonight, he was fun to watch.

  4. It was all great, Marjo. Seeing Price play well warmed the cockles of my heart.

  5. Danno, they played so great. And Karlsson was so ordinary. YAY!!!!! So proud of them.

  6. Notice on the second goal how Galchenyuk took the puck in the offensive zone and turned around to face toward his own oncoming defenseman? Just like Eller does? I hope Eller was watching and appreciated it. Now was it just me or did the refs seem to call every little thing on Mtl tonight? You’d think that after being duped like they were by Anderson’s dive against Prust the refs would be a little pissed off being made to look bad and not so inclined to reward them with cheap powerplays. But what do I know about what an NHL ref thinks!

  7. Never been to a hockey game but the radio[pre tv times] and now the TV speakers are near toast!! on a Habs game like last nite. The roar @ the Bell, chanting CARY’s name, PK rushing up-ice with the crowd onit,s feet, my boy White being on fire etc etc the volune knob won,t turn any farther—Daaaaad turn the TV down!! Not because they won BUT HOW THEY WON has me so pumped today. Sounded like the ‘ole 56 ford with dual straight pipes heading outta town on a road run—see, they bring back the vineger of my youth!! Was this game for Lars? for de coach standing up for his team? for the fans who show up every game? For Lucy!! So her hubby, Dennis won’t be such a grump.. Aw this game was for ALL of us who remember the glory years and know the past will come back in NEAR future– Coach said it’s not so much who’s on the ice but the Character of who’s on the ice. They listened tonite!!

  8. This Sens fan sure ain’t jumping up and down after last nights game . We should be down 2-0 but Andy stole us game one.
    Last night they played like they were happy to have gained the split. Zero intensity.
    Looking forward to 2 home games where we had one of the best records in the league. Safe to say that game 3 will tell us whether we have a 6 or 7 game series or go out with a whimper. YIKES!!!

  9. We asked Carey Price to elevate his game, and he did. And, who would have thought that Ryan White would be one of the team’s heroes? Honestly, I think that last night represented by far his best ever game in a Montreal uniform. He was tough, physical, and most of all, smart about the way he played. The goal was a bonus. I’d like to have seen the team pump a couple of more past Anderson, to make sure that its confidence level about scoring on him is higher, but at least they know that they CAN score. Tomorrow’s game is now the key. The Habs have to get at least one out of two games in O-town to have a realistic chance at winning the series.

    Oh, and Chris Neil is a whiny bitch. That is all.

  10. Danno, Carey was great and hopefully this will now mushroom into a classic playoff goaltending performance.

  11. D-John, you could probably officiate games better than some of these people. We used to make fun of European refereeing but look at the NHL now. And I wish the linesmen would just drop the puck.

  12. Peter Hab, love your comments. If a bunch of us ever gather someday to see a game, you have to be with us. And hey, I’m not a grump. Okay, maybe I am.

  13. Jim, your goalie was great in game one but it seems Alfredsson has been fairly quiet. Hoe come? Age? And yes, we know all about intensity. It went away for the Habs for awhile but it seems it’s back. Hopefully.

  14. Ian, Price, White, and Bourque stepped it up. And even though Ryder remains quiet, he at least popped one so he’s forgiven. That was a lot of fun to watch. When the team is going good in playoff action, there’s not much better. I loved their character, and I loved the fierce look on Price’s face when he went to the bench with his tooth. Chris Neil is a whiny bitch. A non-factor. We need the next two and the one after, close it off, and get our walking wounded back. I’d love to know how Lars is doing, and whether he’s done or not. Imagine if he returns early!

  15. That was great, Anvilcloud. Prust is a leader, and maybe Gionta can grab some pointers.

  16. First Craig Anderson loses a Chiclet. And now Carey Price loses a couple of teeth.

    It’s Tooth Fairy Series.

    And she’s going to go bankrupt before it’s over.

  17. Danno, I got my front tooth knocked out with a baseball when I was a kid and it stunned the senses. I can still remember the lousy feeling.

  18. Anyone venture a wager that their “home ice” will have about 10,000 folks chanting “Go Habs Go?”

  19. I for one feel much better about our chances. We looked horrible in game one and 2 was a complete turnaround. And know Max and gionta were out didn’t help. All I can say is that is character and many unlikely heros.Prust is the stealof the season. It is inspiring watching himplay. He elevates many games. I just want a split in Ottawa and make it a best of three. but they way the Habs played last night, it may be a five game series. I can’t wait to see how White and Tinordi hold up. I think Tinordi is inside Neils head. And White sure gave Guillaume Wears-a-dress a beating at the end.

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