Canadiens Win Big!

The Canadiens won when they absolutely had to, beating the New York Rangers 4-1, and so many players stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park, it was like watching Warren Cromartie and Andre Dawson take batting practice.

It feels good to be proud of the guys instead of wanting to send them all to Calgary.

The line of Max Pacioretty, Erik Cole, and David Desharnais combined for nine big points – Max with 2 goals and an assist, Cole with 3 assists, and Desharnais with a goal and 2 assists. And at the end, after the siren had sounded, the fans gave them the three stars and deservedly so.

But a couple of others also had big nights, two whom we might never have guessed. Peter Budaj in nets was solid, and came through in fine fashion. He could’ve been a star if Max’s line wasn’t so darned dominant.

And another who could’ve been a star was none other than Scott Gomez, who was flying all over the place, skating miles, making nice plays, and setting up Michael Blunden beautifully.

If Gomez can play like that every night, his sins will eventually be forgiven. But I’m not going to get carried away here. It was one good game for the much-maligned Alaskan, and I refuse to get hoodwinked. (what a great word – hoodwinked). I also don’t like his laughing and kibitzing, which he does even with opposing guys on faceoffs, and I think the Rocket would like to punch him in the face if he could.

Newcomer Rene Bourque also played well, and it’s nice what he brings. He’s big and strong, is good with the puck, and he’s a powerful skater. When he gets motoring he reminds me of Cole, and he changes the look of the team in a great way. Suddenly the Montreal Canadiens got bigger and stronger. It’s what I’ve been praying to Sprague Cleghorn for, for months now.

Of course, for every yin there’s a yang. Travis Moen injured his leg and hopefully it’s not serious. And Randy Cunneyworth showed he means business when he sat Lars Eller for all of the second period after Eller’s weak coverage near the goal led to the Rangers scoring. You gotta play tough and wrap up your man, however it takes. It’s not Woodstock/peace and love out there. And Andrei Kostitsyn also felt the wrath of Randy after lacklustre play.

That’s fine. These are grown men. They know their team needs an all-out effort now, and they’ll pay a price if they don’t give their all. I mean, if I’m caught sleeping at work I hear about it.

Eller saw ice time in the third, and on one occasion his rising shot struck Mathieu Darche in the throat that looked serious for a few minutes. Thankfully Darche was back out soon after.

The guys played well tonight. Travis Moen and NY’s Stu Bickel tangled after the draw for some reason, Hal Gill sprawled to break up a play and hopefully he’s not too sore in the morning, and PK Subban gave Tomas Kaberle shit for making too many passes back to him on the power play.

It was such an important game to win, and it’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Okay, that’s a bit much, but you know what I mean.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 29 each.

I have Cole and Desharnais in my pool.

Next up – Wednesday, when Alex Ovechkin and the Caps come to town. Once again, no problem, right?



20 thoughts on “Canadiens Win Big!”

  1. Every night, I find myself wondering which Habs team we will see. I like this one. I think it is not the team of 11-12, but will be some year soon. That’s what re-building should be for. I think they are finding some good chemistry and now it’s time to give the chemistry it need to support regularly. Big guys will help. Good game for many men, I will revel in it until we see Ovy.

    There still remains hope. It’s a bit confusing and overwhelming, I got so use to disappointment!

    Sports: true unscripted drama.

  2. David, I love so much the fact that we’re a little bigger and I love the fact that Eller learned the hard way of the job he needs to do. The whole team learns by his mistake, and good for Cunneyworth for putting the hammer down. They have to feel good about this game and also have to repeat it on Wednesday. And Bourque will get another couple of practices in with his new team. He’s been out for five games, but I liked what I saw. He looks like he means business too.

  3. Is there a better line name in all of hockey than two and a half men for Patches, DD and Cole? Cole by the way needs a nickname to catch up to his mates.

  4. It’s a beauty name, D-John. And DD is one of our most important guys. So a nice mix is a bunch of bigger guys and a few small ones.Like him, who plays large. Maybe Danno can come up with a good handle for Cole. He’s good at that. How about (Nat) King Cole.

  5. Well this was a pleasant surprise. I thought for sure we’d get clobbered tonight. Good work by the team and if they bring this effort every night maybe we will be ok after all.

    It is so refreshing seeing bigger bodies out there. Finally! Pacioretty is back, which is nice to see as well. Seeing them go to the net is such a nice thing to see. What a delight.

    The only thing is, and this isn’t a bad thing, Bourque looked ticked off – that he didn’t score. I like that. A lot. It means he cares and will try to score many times. Great!

    Funny you should mention the Rocket punching Gomez Dennis. When he was sent to the box, the camera showed him laughing it up with Moen. The first thing that came to my mind was “I bet if the Rocket were here and playing with him, he’d give Gomez a punch in the head”. Great minds think alike.

    Admittedly he played well and he actually almost scored. Wow.

    We’re coming up to his big one year anniversay. A full year of no goals for a ton of money.

    Amazingly the Cammalleri shirts are reduced in price for some strange reason. I wonder why?

  6. You bet, Darth. The Rocket would hate this laughing and smiling. John Ferguson would too. It was a grand night. Hopefully they’ll play like when you’re at the Detroit game.

  7. God I hope so Dennis. I don’t want to drop a fortune to see a lousy game.

    Shall I buy you a Cammy t-shirt while I’m there? Or do you prefer Gomez? 🙂

  8. Darth, as much as I appreciate the offer of a Cammalleri or Gomez shirt, I feel I must decline at this time. I wouldn’t know the size because I don’t know if I’m gaining weight or starting to lose some. But while you’re at the game, could you please barge into Geoff Molson’s luxury suite and demand that I be stick boy. If you do this, I’ll try and get you a Gomez goal puck!

  9. Awesome game. Liked Bourque. He looked a little rusty but energy was good. The boys have been playing better these last five or so games. They have more enthusiasm. Now that we have lost deadweight (#13), i know they can start winning in bunches now. No word on Markov anyone? They said end January a few months ago.

  10. I haven’t heard a thing, Mayo. I’ve given up on the possibility of him coming back this year. And what about Ryan White?

  11. What a nice win. These guys had energy, passion, didn’t let down in the 3rd. Seriously, one guy leaves and a team changes just like that? I hate to give Cammy that much power.

    Blunder looked excited to play with RB, Pleky is bringing up his game and the 1st trio? I LOVE Cole, Patch and DD. long before last night. These guys are oozing with character. They’re workhorses and good models for the rest of the team. They play FOR the team not for themselves and it shows. That kind of attitude is contagious and will unite the team.

    I have nothing but good hope for this team. Mistakes will be made again; games will be lost for sure as they re-invent their team. But I have confidence that things will get better.

  12. Nice to be excited and my biased wishful thinking is they are a new team, bigger and still fast. Bourque, Cole, Blunden and a few others are nice. Liked the way Blunden backed Bourque after his big hit. I am sure we can play .600+ hockey with this new attitude. The boys must be excited again. Price will be in nets. Just happy we are not the embarrassment of original six and Canadian teams. That was not a good place.

  13. Marjo, isn’t it great when things go well for a change? Imagine if we had a whole season of mostly this. I agree with you, the Cole line has all kinds of character. I just a little about the Eller line. They had the chemistry part all worked out but lately it hasn’t shown. But all in all, there’s some good signs and it’s great to have hope. It would suck if we didn’t.

  14. Mayo, Wednesday will be such a big game. If they can come out and play with passion and win the damn thing, I believe it will be the turning point. If they come out and are lacklustre, then……

  15. Dennis, the next game is huge but the next three games will determine if the Habs have a realistic chance at making the playoffs.

    It’s a turning point week if the Habs can take advantage of this opportunity.

    We play Washington at home on Wednesday, then we’re on the road to face Pittsburgh and Toronto on Thursday and Friday.

    All of these games are winnable. And they are all so-called four-point games because they’re against teams we are competing against in the Conference for a playoff spot.

    If we win the next three we are back in the picture again. Two out of three ain’t bad either but anything less than that won’t help us reach our goal.

    Oh yes. I forgot to mention . The Leafs are in 9th place and are falling fast.

  16. Thanks for this Danno. It paints a clear picture. The boys absoutely must be feeling good about themselves right now, instead of all the doom and gloom that’s gone around lately. Feeling good translates into winning. I agree with you tyhat all three games are completely possible to win and wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to see?I found it interesting what Mike Boone said in HIO this morning. He said that Cammalleri was on PK constantly about PK’s celebrity status. It sounds like jealousy, nastiness, and it tells me that Cammy might have been a real problem in the room.

  17. No problem Dennis!

    I’m just so happy about this trade. It’s an upgrade in every single way and last night proved it. Pierre Gauthier should have made it a long time ago and maybe we wouldn’t be in such a pickle.

    Rene Bourque is on Twitter by the way. His address is @rbourque17

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