Canadiens Wear Out Jackets

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For a team that has had trouble scoring a lot of goals, 10 in the last two games is a beautiful thing.

The Canadiens, like they did on Tuesday in St. Louis, win another 5-2 game, and their two-game road trip comes to a successful close with the gang playing solid if not spectacular hockey. For example, their power play continues to fire blanks and….well….continues to suck.

Now it’s a rumble with the Leafs on Saturday at the Bell to close out February. The March schedule is a bit of a bitch but that’s for another time.

P.K. Subban opened the scoring just 1:49 into the game with a big blast after Manny Malhotra won the faceoff cleanly and got it back to our man. One slightly disturbing thing to note – Manny doesn’t seem to be winning just about every faceoff like he did up until recently. If he’s not doing that, should he be in the lineup?

And without mentioning Columbus goals because it’s not important, the scoring continued with a Markov shot from the top of the circle, Max would notch his 30th, and in the third frame, Jacob De La Rose bagged his first NHL goal and then added another with the net empty.

P.K. would collect a couple of assists to go with his goal, and his 47 points is good for second best behind Max’s 53.  Max needs 10 more goals in 21 games to hit 40. Can he do it?

Devante Smith-Pelly had a couple of decent shots on goal, and although he didn’t overwhelm, he’s probably still in a bit of a stunned mode considering he was an Anaheim Duck just a few days ago and has had just one practice with his new team. I was hoping we’d see more physical play from him, but I’m a patient man.

Smith-Pelly worked the right side, usually with De La Rose and Brandon Prust, but at times things were juggled around because he has a coach named Michel Therrien, and he also saw a small amount of time on the power play.

The new guy wore number 21, and I don’t know if you’ll find this interesting or not, but Toe Blake, in his first season with the Canadiens in 1935-36 after coming over from the Maroons, wore number 21. But from 1937 until the end of his career in 1948, number 6 was Toe’s.

One question lingered as I watched the game unfold. How did that whole row of fans wearing Habs jerseys get tickets right behind the Canadiens bench?

Random Notes:

Shots on goal were 27 apiece.

The photo at the top is one of my vintage popcorn boxes. Here’s some more. Very proud of my mint boxes, which date back to the early and mid-20th century.

Just what you wanted to see on a hockey blog, right?

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23 thoughts on “Canadiens Wear Out Jackets”

  1. Price-2 goals? He’s slipping! Good grief Dennis, where do you keep all this stuff? I’m just praying they don’t trade Eller. That would be a big mistake but so typical of Therrien. Nice to see DLR score, that should give his confidence a boost.

  2. Hi DJ. I keep it all in nooks and crannies and boxes and shelves. But I’m careful because I don’t like things cluttered. Eller skated hard tonight. He’s an enigma, he shows so much talent, but he can be very unproductive. I really don’t know what I’d do with him if I was GM. DLR seems a beauty of a fine young player and has made a huge impression. He and the other young guys should give us great teams for years. But really, now’s the time to win it all. They’re very close.

  3. Great road win , way to go guys and thanks D man for all the cool posts . Always a historical surprise waiting for us when we visit .

  4. KEEP ELLER!!!! Just use him smart. Price adding to his “road-win” streak.
    Lots of reminders of simpler days when you grace the pages with historic memorabilia Dennis. I enjoy it!
    Oh please Mr. GM—leave Kessel in Tronna. Yes he can skate and score, but doesn’t hit or check or block shots or impress me in anyway at all.

  5. I’d keep Eller through playoffs (cause that’s where he shines, right?) and maybe trade at summer.

    Also let go of Maholtra and Parenteau.

    I can’t see them picking up Kessel. Anyway, they need a extra good D man now in case anything happens to PK or Markov.

    Our team has been so healthy all year, kinda scary. I hope me writing this doesn’t jinx it.

  6. Maybe too easy? The Habs played that evil trap for at least 30 minutes after going up two goals.

    OK, another point of view: Trade Eller. His promise of three years ago hasn’t moved much beyond promise. He’s big, but really doesn’t barrel into corners. Imagine Gallagher with Eller’s size, 50 goals? The Dane goes brain-dead nightly with passes and not being aware of the play around him. He’s earned the name Great Dane in my home. He’s a dog. He’ll fetch us a nice piece in return. Package him up with a few others, Pateryn is no longer on my “available” list, and we could see a quality young defenseman join the Canadiens.

    Very disappointed Clarkson won’t be in the Bell Centre Saturday to have his teeth rattled.

    Lastly, I was wrong a few years ago for jumping Glenn Healy about his insight of the Leafs having a brighter future than our Habs. He obviously was talking about being the the Florida sunshine rather than a cold ice rink in April. In deed, the Leafs will be basking in brightness and the Canadiens will toil on ice…

  7. @Mike McKim, you should have a T-shirt made up with this lettered on the front!
    F-forty (soon to be fifty)
    Cheers Mike W 🙂

  8. Thanks Joe. Sometimes I wonder if folks like some of this stuff I put up, but I do it anyway. It makes me glad that you appreciate it.

  9. Peter, I so agree with you about Kessel. I don’t want him wearing the sacred sweater either. And maybe you’re right about Eller. He’s not being used properly. I’m not sure. And thanks for appreciating the stuff I put up here. I feel my site is a tad more unusual than other Habs blogs.

  10. Hi Marjo. I think I’d let go of Manny too, although Parenteau hasn’t really had a chance to show himself yet because he’s played just 22 games. One guy who never gets mentioned is Bournival. I really like him, he’s a great skater with an excellent shot, and has decent size, and he’s young. But he doesn’t seem to have a goal scoring knack which is too bad. It seems like he has it all except that. Would you keep him?

  11. That’s true, Mike M. After grabbing a nice lead they could’ve racked them up and buried them. But they sat back and the Jackets made a game of it. Eller still hasn’t moved into the next step, and it’s surprising because of his talent. If he could play with a more pissed off attitude, without taking dumb penalties, he could become so important. But he seems uninvolved way too often, and patience is wearing thin with a lot of fans. And lastly, great last paragraph.

  12. DK, cool collection but I always liked the Cracker Jacks carton. When you can find them they’re almost identical to the ones I used to devour. Not a bad road win last night even though once again I didn’t see it!

  13. Dennis, Bournival is a mystery to me. I like him for the same reasons you do. He’s fast and I’m happy he scored the other night. But he seems to have fallen out of favor with Therrien the start if the season and I don’t know why.

    Hey, they sent Tinordi down. What do you think about that? It doesn’t bother me, His progress seems to be moving slowly or maybe they didn’t play him enough for him to prove himself(?).

    Everyone’s of the opinion that more will happen before Monday. Just hope they don’t do a trade for a rental like they did with Vanek. On 690 they were asking public opinion about bringing back Cole or Cammalleri. Yuk.

  14. I saw that too, Mayo, about him being dealt for Michalek, but I wouldn’t put a lot of stock, in my mind anyway. There’s been so much speculation about so many players, and speculation is only that, speculation. McCarron is a huge forward with skill, I watched him at prospect camp for two straight years, and apparently he’s a decent fighter, and no way would I want him leaving. He could be a very valuable Hab down the road. Hope this rumour is false.

  15. One more thing, DSP (or “Devo” as they called him in Anaheim) worshipped the leafs as a kid. This could be a problem…

  16. Marjo, I don’t mind Tinordi going back down. You’re right, his progress seems slow, unlike Beaulieu. If Tinordi had stepped it up like Beaulieu, I don’t think there would be any need to trade away a valuable asset for a defenceman. And jeez, those names you mention from 690 – Cole, Cammalleri. Gawd. They should be talking about something else. Even the other day I read somewhere that the Canadiens should bring back Andrei Kostitsyn. I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott Gomez’ name gets brought up too. The team is moving forward, not backward, and all this talk from 690 is silly. I would rather Montreal did nothing than bring any of those guys back.

  17. The name the Edmonton paper threw out was Fucale.

    That would be too high a price for one player. Petry and Nail, maybe but not Petry alone.

  18. But it might inspire him. Sidney Crosby worshipped the Habs and he’s killed them at times. But if I played for another team in the NHL, when we played the Habs I’d call in sick! 🙂

  19. Not sure about that one either, Mike. Fucale seems to be the goalie of the future, even taking Toker’s job. I don’t know anything about Petry but over the past couple of years, Yakupov seems to be a bit of a one-way offensive flake, but really, I have no idea.

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