5 thoughts on “Canadiens Trade For Dominic Moore”

  1. It’s a great trade for the Panthers.
    He makes a good third liner but not much more. Gauthier must have low opinion of our secondary scoring if he thought trading for a UFA rental was necessary. Or it’s a rookie mistake for a GM under the salary cap where good cheap prospects are very key.

  2. Moore’s had such an average journeyman career it just makes me wonder why Gauthier with bother with a trade like this. A 2nd rounder is a lot to give. So I don’t understand nbut maybe it’ll become clearer down the road. I just don’t get this one. He’s not even real big. A six-footer.

  3. I’m not gonna jump through hoops or yell “Skippy dee doo!” but I am glad that Gauthier is being proactive in his first week.

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