Canadiens Too Much For The Ottawa Underwoods

After the Ottawa Senators had tied the game at one with just eight seconds left in the first period, I began to get this sinking feeling that the Canadiens might let this one slip away.

And when the score was still tied at one after two periods, the feeling remained.

But three goals in the third and a big 4-1 win by the Habs showed that my sinking feeling didn’t sink and maybe sinking feelings are overrated.

Jeff Halpern, Brian Gionta, and Roman Hamrlik broke it wide-open for the Habs, Carey Price once again was a rock between the pipes, and PK Subban watched it all from his perch high up in the Bell Centre.

And even though the Habs aren’t a huge scoring team, they look like the 1976 gang compared to Ottawa. Montreal is 75 goals for and 54 against, while Ottawa sits at 62 for and 85 against. And because Ottawa is having such trouble putting the puck in the net, they gave the Canadiens ample time to find their punch and put the thing away.

Thank you, Ottawa.

What would a season be in Montreal without at least some controversy. It wouldn’t seem right. Now we get PK Subban sitting in the press box while the power play, although better than it was, still remains in first gear, and we knew the youngster was taking care of business in this department after Andrei Markov was lost for the year.

So on one hand the point can be made that yes, PK has some bad habits and needs a spanking and fixing of some things. But on the other hand, he’s the straw that stirs the drink on the power play.

And when Pierre McGuire says PK will be back soon because of the ineptness of the man-advantage, I have to agree with him. But neither you, me, or Pierre McGuire are Jacques Martin, so we’ll wait and see how this plays out.

There’s also the side plot of a security guard following PK around the Bell Centre and I have no idea what this is about. But it’s more to add to what we can only hope isn’t some kind of growing soap opera. Although like I said, if we didn’t have any controversy, I don’t know if I could take it.

But the end result is all that matters, it was a nice win, a nice two points, and a nice two points the Senators didn’t get.

Random Notes:

Maybe Carrie Underwood should write a country tune about the dog dying, love on the range, and her team not scoring.

Lars Eller is picking up steam more and more every game now. Keep it up Lars. Habs fans and Danes everywhere are rooting for you.

Montreal looked reasonably sad on the five minute power play with just two shots on goal, and this is when McGuire began his rant about how we’ll see PK back quickly.

Scott Gomez has some kind of lower body injury.

Shots on goal – 35-28 Montreal.

Next up – Friday in Detroit. This should be a beauty, and a good test for the Habs against one of the league’s best teams. But I see no problem for the boys.

10 thoughts on “Canadiens Too Much For The Ottawa Underwoods”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well I can assure you that the powerplay with out Subban didnt fare to good tonite,I expect to see him back next game.Benoit Pouliout is really showing what he can do on the ice,not alot of drive though.I hope that Scott Gomez isnt hurt seriously,he can be of some use to the team.

  2. Hey Derry. Absolutely we need Subban back. I’m still a little unclear on the whole thing. He’s sitting because of a few mistakes in the Edmonton game or………

  3. I realized we won’t be getting any more triple low fives with Subban out of the line up. And they made a video about it and everything…

    But I have to say, maybe it’s best for Subban to stay off the ice for a bit. He’s getting some rest and his playing is out of the hockey world’s eye for a bit. So it should shut up people like Richards since the dude’s not around anymore to act “disrespectful” while at the same time he’ll be ready to go and make a push for some action in late April. In a way, it’s like protecting him. It also sends a message to everyone that Jacques does think of Subban only as a rookie and not above anyone else in that he’s not untouchable (double negative…urgh sorry). So I guess this is dealing with a few problems at once?

  4. I just hope, Habby, that Subban’s confidence doesn’t take a hit here. His game is to be bold and brash and he can’t lose that. But he also can’t be making mistakes that cost the team games so it’s a very fine line. But my confidence in Jacques Martin is growing and maybe this is an ingenius move. And what are doing up in the middle of the night?

  5. What an amazing feeling! Carey stood on his head once again; he’s only allowed one goal the past 3 games!
    Seems like Cammy is breaking out of his slump, hopefully he’ll start pulling out those hat tricks we’ve seen several times last year
    Gionta’s been consistent which is always a good thing, and what a beauty he scored!
    Overall, it was an okay effort but the Habs came out with the win
    Looking forward to the Detroit game, it should be a nice challenge for them

  6. Dennis, I really liked how Darche, Eller and Pouliot played together with such intensity last night. And they seem to do this every shift.

    Darche + Eller + Pouliot = the DEP-endable line.

    That’s three wins in a row and three games where the defence and Carey Price kept the score down to only one goal. All without PK.

    It shows the team has so much depth now that even without Markov and Subban we are able to do just fine.

    Although the game was a bit of a sh#t sandwich. The first 29 minutes and 30 seconds being delicious, the next 20 minutes and 30 seconds being digusting and dreadful and the final 20 minutes being absolutely delightful.

    But hey, we’ll take it.

    And the focus now turns to Gomez and his injury. All of a sudden the guy who’s been the whipping boy of Habs fans could be off for some time. During the second period and especially during the five minute power play the Habs playing without Gomez couldn’t get anything together.

    It was as if the Habs had totally lost their bearings. Could it be a case of you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?

    Hopefully, some adjustments by Martin including the reintroduction of Subban into the lineup on Friday against Detroit will make up for this.

    And as for the broohaha about the bodyguard for PK. I think it had to do with PK going to Best Buy in Laval for an autograph signing and the company apparently provided him with the “security escort”. Nothing to get excited about in my opinion.

    Stay tuned.

  7. Phil, you’re right, the Gionta goal was great. And Cammy is playing better. I know you’ve always been a big booster of Carey Price so it must feel especially good for you right now because of what he’s doing. I guess it’s all about confidence and the fact that he knows he’s the guy. But what a story.

  8. Danno, who would’ve thought Darche, Pouliot and Eller would become so consistant and dangerous. I feel bad that I was a little hard on Pouliuot early on. And I see a little edge in Eller’s play which is a bonus. I thought he was strictly a smoothy. They’ve all been really good, and Halpern too. And maybe you’re right about Gomez – don’t know what we’ve got ’till it’s gone. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s short term and no one else gets hurt.

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