Canadiens Take It to The Rangers And Play A Fine, Fine Game


I’d say there’s a lot of things to smile about tonight. This solid 6-2 win over the NY Rangers had to be the Canadiens’ best game of the season. Everyone contributed, and although Alex Kovalev has now gone 15 games without a goal, he was effective and creative, and at least managed an assist.


From the beginning, when Bobby Rousseau, Pocket Rocket, Guy Lafleur and others including old Rangers greats like Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell, were introduced, it was an outstanding night. This was the first time I’d seen Rousseau in about 35 years. Lafleur got the chant, and everyone was applauded heartily. And rightfully so, Pocket got a standing ovation. If I could’ve been there, I would have been proud to give this little big man a big thank you.


And the team, for a nice, delightful change, was smoking.


This is the Montreal Canadiens we’ve been waiting for. Andrei Kostitysn has come alive, coincidently since his brother Sergei was sat down a couple of games ago. The grinders, Maxim Lapierre and Steve Begin, continue to pick it up a notch and this is a huge turn of events. Newcomer Matt D’Agostini scored again for the second night, and added an assist. And Georges Laraque earned his first point of the season with an assist on Lapierre’s second period goal.


There were no dumb penalties, no serious turnovers, no blunders whatsoever. It looks like a team coming together, and D’Agostini has produced while underachievers Guillaume Latendresse, Sergei Kostitsyn, and Ryan O’Byrne sit in the press box and think that maybe they should have done a bit better job.


The team seems to have tightened up, turned a corner, stepped it up, and maybe, just maybe, are fed up with their lacklustre start to the season and have decided to do something about it.


Let’s see a continuation of this Saturday when the New Jersey Devils are in town. I don’t even mind that I have to go to work tonight for a graveyard shift. This game has made my day.   


Game Notes:


The Canadiens wore the uniform of the 1915-1916 Habs, the team that won the first of 24 Stanley Cups. And Carey Price wore pads and gloves resembling the old leather ones, although these are state of the art, unlike the ones worn by Georges Vezina who was the goalie back then.


TSN’s Sportcentre listed their top ten Montreal Canadiens and I have no qualms with these choices.


1.  Maurice Richard

2. Jean Beliveau

3. Doug Harvey

4. Guy Lafleur

5. Howie Morenz

6. Jacques Plante

7. Patrick Roy

8. Larry Robinson

9. Henri Richard

10. Ken Dryden




10 thoughts on “Canadiens Take It to The Rangers And Play A Fine, Fine Game”

  1. Dennis,

    I agree with you, deffinately cant argue with that top 10. It really says alot for your team when you could pick another top 10 so hear it goes but in no order.

    Newsy Lalonde
    Aurele Joliat
    Yvon Cournoyer
    Serge Savard
    Dickie Moore
    Boom Boom Geoffrion
    George Hainsworth
    Toe Blake
    Georges Vezina
    Bill Durnan

    honorary mentions: Bob Gainey, Jacques Lemaire, Steve Shutt

  2. Now I’m ‘dood’. I was Dennis for the longest time with you.
    As far as Jordy’s list goes,there’s a few I could include, but not all like you. Serge Savard, Steve Shutt – nope.
    Newsy Lalonde, George Hainsworth? How can we know how really good they were? It was way too long ago. Even Georges Vezina we don’t really know.
    Bill Durnan? No way.
    The strong candidate is Yvon Cournoyer for sure, and I wish I would have thought of him in the first place. I would put him in and maybe move Roy to 11th. Toe Blake is another. He was a Hall of Fame player before he became coach. Dickie Moore’s another who could be in there, and possibly Aurele Joliat.
    The other’s who would be in the top 15 in my book are Gainey and Lemaire.
    But Steve Shutt? Holy smokes!

  3. Theres one name i left off there that i shouldnt have forgot and thats Elmer Lach, He could make a case for the top 10. The guy was a big help to the rockets career.

  4. Elmer Lach should be in the top fifteen, but where exactly, I’m not sure. It’s tough to juggle all these great players. Yvon Cournoyer is my pick as the one to displace Roy in the top ten.
    See what you guys started?

  5. One guy who is normally left off these lists is Joe Malone. The guy was a beast back in the early days of the NHL. He once scored 44 goals in 20 games. I think he deserves a top 10 choice.

  6. Dennis,I’m glad you mentioned the names you did & we did play a great game but you forgot to mention one name who always got the juices flowing. Who ? Roget Doucet ! It was with sheer joy to once again hear his booming voice proudly singing the anthems,it brought back memories of the glory years !!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

  7. Tom,

    I agree with you Joe Malone was a hell of a player in the day and always set the pace with goal scoring but he has no place in the Canadians top 20 players. He only played 4 seasons with them and besides his season in 1917-18 (44 goals in 20 games) he only ever regesterd 10 points with them over his other 3 seasons with the team, 10 points in 38 games. I agree with you Malone was a legend in his time but he was around in an era when its really tuff to decide how good those players actually were. Another player you might want to check out from those days tho is “One eyed” Frank Mcgee…71 goals in 23 regular season games and 64 goals in 22 play off games.

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