Canadiens Suck The Big One

I thought it was Elliotte Friedman, roving reporter for the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada,, who said the most unbelievable thing tonight but I was corrected and I think now it was Glen Healy who said that for many Montreal fans, Alex Kovalev was as popular as Guy Lafleur.

Or was it Garry Galley?

Bob Cole, however, brought everyone back to their senses when he replied, “I don’t buy that for a second.”

I don’t buy it for a second either. That’s about as far out a statement as you can get.

I mention this because even though it’s not overly interesting, it’s at least more interesting than what we saw tonight from the Canadiens, a team on the playoff landscape bubble but didn’t play like it. In fact, they made the Ottawa Senators look like world beaters in a 4-2 lacklustre loss to the visitors.

How frustrating is that? The Sens showed up, the Canadiens should have stayed home and let the Hamilton Bulldogs give it a shot.

There’s really nothing more to say. Habs lose and Alex Kovalev was more popular than Guy Lafleur.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec and Benoit Pouliot each scored for Montreal. That’s interesting, right?

Senators fathers were at the game. Being the despicable, low-down, dirty rotten bastard that I am, I’ll just mention that it’s too bad their sons didn’t lose on this night.

Sunday night, it’s the Rangers in New York. Will we see a good Habs effort or a bad one? Will the power play get back on track after going zero for six tonight? Will the goaltending be better?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

17 thoughts on “Canadiens Suck The Big One”

  1. Thanks. I originally was going to say either Friedman or Garry Galley but then I talked myself into Friedman. I should’ve gone with my first thought. But then again, could it be Glen Healy?

  2. Trading Halak right now might be a bit of a gamble if the playoffs are still in the Habs thoughts. Though a top 5 pick looks better in the long run. I just hope that Bob doesn`t waste it on a goalie and goes for the logical choice of a big forward or defenceman that can move the puck out of our own end, geeeesh, I hate what the Montreal Canadiens have become.
    A change is needed in Montreal, this floating around in the lower to middle of the pack is getting real old, I want to see a winner, a real winner with players that care and management that provides what the team needs.
    Lats with a hatter tonight, can things get much worse?

  3. Yeah it was a stupid comment, but that’s what passes for analysis in Ottawa. He said it immediately after pointing out that he hadn’t scored in 32 of his last 34 games.
    I don’t want to put words in his mouth which is already crowded with feet. What I think he meant was that Hab fans loved him after the handful of games when he bothered to show up as much as Lafleur who hasn’t played for Montreal in 15 years.

    It’s too bad Alfredsson picked today to return, that wasn’t the same team that has sucked the last month. Watching a nobody come up from the AHL go 3-0 and have a GAA of 1.00 makes me think we should trade one of our goalies before other GMs get the same idea.

  4. A winner is what we need, Puckgone. I’m tired too of the mediocrity that’s embraced this team for 15 years or so. I truly believe that all it’s going to take is one huge superstar – another Lafleur or Beliveau or Richard. Montreal always had one, but not for a long time now. That’s why I was excited when the Lecavalier rumours were flying around, alhough he may have lost half a step now. But he’s just an example. I also think that they might as well go for the gusto, trade Halak, and get some kind of help. Although Price hasn’t been Jacques Plante lately. It’s tough. PS. I’m using one of your quotes on my home page. Thanks.

  5. Chris, when Kovalev had his dazzling games in a Montreal uniform, I thought he was fantastic and great to watch and amazing. But I never considered him to be another Lafleur. Lafleur was the Flower, the successor to Beliveau, the icon before Gretzky. I’m with you too about Alfredsson. When they said beforehand he’d play and remeinded us of how he’s been a Habs killer, I got that sinming feeling in my stomach. I’m with you and Puckgone – get a good player for Halak and give it a shot. Not much is happening anyway.

  6. Oops, just did the math again and it’s been 25 years since Guy was our man. He thrilled us every game, just watching him skate up the ice was exciting. He’s the reason I became a Montreal fan. If Kovalev had any consistency he would have been our next one.

    Actually I’m beginning to think it’s Price that needs to be traded. It’s tough to give up on a 22 year old with such promise, but it doesn’t look like he’ll live up to expectations for us. Like Latendresse he might only become a star after being traded. Or maybe being the clear #1 again is what he needs now.

  7. Maybe Price, Chris. We never know on a daily basis how he’s going to play. Sometimes he’s just fine, other times he’s pretty bad. That’s not good enough. A number one goalie should be consistent. I’m not sure I’d want Gainey’s job. I think I’ll stick to owner.

  8. Dennis, maybe Price is pulling a Latendresse on us. Ever since the playoffs last year there have been troubling signs. And having the home fans boo you sure doesn’t help boost your confidence level. I really wonder about that.
    And you know HNIC is in big trouble when Bob Cole – in a rare moment of lucidity – is the only guy who makes any sense.
    Still, even though we stunk to high heavens, that game could have had a different outcome if Markov would have scored on that wide open net. Also, if we bodychecked guys who have possession of the puck (like Alfredson) that might have helped too.
    Hate to say it. But we still can’t solve Brodeur.
    Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Didn’t.

  9. Danno, that’s right – Markov had that wide-open net and that really could have changed things. Not just the score but the whole climate of the game. Puckgone really hit home when he said he hates what the Canadiens have become. I might have to later expand on that somewhat. It was a lousy game to lose, and it was an important game to lose. I think this one hurts Habs fans just a little more than some other losses lately. I think we all know it’s kind of make or break now. Maybe they’ll hurt Avery and clobber the Rangers. That would be a good start.

  10. Really? The Sens fathers were at the game? Did they show Mike Fisher’s dad at all, because that would have been great if they showed him… I don’t know… nine or ten times or so.

    Isn’t it sad when the Sens fathers got more face time than anything else?

  11. This game was over when the Habs fans began singing Ole’ Ole’ Ole’ when they were down 3-2. That’s a first. Maybe with a lead and 3 minutes to go in the third. But half way throught the 2nd….. and losing….. YIKES!!!!!!!!!
    What were they thinking?


  12. JW, I learned a couple of years ago about this Ole thing. I whined and bitched about it, but then I clued in with the help of others that it’s only about celebrating the team, not about winning or losing like I originally thought.

  13. Does Price have a drinking problem? I have only heard rumours. I heard he was enjoying the night life. Maybe he plays guilty a little too much. I am a little dumbfounded that martin doesn’t play halak who seems to be more consistent. Much more consistent. Not sure if Price can be blamed on any of the goals. One was a deflection. Looked weak but he couldn’t do anything about it. He is playing different. He played inspirational and right now is just mediocre. His team is not playing well in front of him which doesn’t help and why does martin play his 4th line so much. i got pissed when I seen lapierre on with about a minute left. Pretty shitty coaching if yoou ask me. I think martin deserves a significant amount of the blame.

  14. Mayo, I wondered too why Lapierre was out there when the team was scrambling to try and tie it up. I agree with you about this completely. And about Price, I don’t know if he has a drinking problem, but have you seen the photos from last year or slightly before of him partying and looking a little out of whack and another where’s he’s in a car with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. It’s time now to forget the coddling and babysitting and go with who looks best, and it seems to be Halak. It’s also time to make a huge trade with a big package, and if that package includes Price, so be it. Whatever it takes. We’re all tired of the mediocrity from most of the team.

  15. Blame it on Mario Treemblay,he started it all,kind of funny to blame it on him eh?I think it all has been downhill since he was there though

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