Canadiens…..Stop The Madness

I’m sitting here thinking about things, and I realize I have nothing to say. Nothing at all.

I’m disheartened and angry with the Canadiens’ start to this season. I see them in the basement, one win in six, and I see them looking uninspired and confused during this early freefall. It hurts me and I take it personally. The Canadiens as a sad-sack team isn’t in my mindset. It confuses me. My little cell-diminished brain doesn’t get it.

I love the Habs as much now as I did 50 years ago, the passion has never left me, and it breaks my heart to see them giving such pathetic displays, lacking drive and intensity, underachieving, not scoring, not doing much of anything. I can’t stand it. I wish I didn’t care so much but it’s an impossible wish.

So I’m at a loss for words and I’ll just go to work and hope they can somehow beat Toronto tomorrow night and begin to turn things around. Right now they deserve to be in the basement.


29 thoughts on “Canadiens…..Stop The Madness”

  1. I’m as disappointed in the whole team as you are right now Dennis but I won’t give up on them. I know they are much better than they are showing right now. Much much better.

    The most obvious answer is that they have given up on Martin and his system. This is why they are tanking. They want him out and this is the only way to do it. I bet if Martin were to be fired today and a new coach tossed in tomorrow morning, by some “miracle” we’d see them improve instantly and probably go on a winning-streak.

    It’s easy to blame the coach but in this circumstance I think Martin deserves it. He doesn’t talk to certain players. He doesn’t call time-outs when he should. He doesn’t keep track of his players leading us to be a leader in too many men on the ice penalties, he overuses some players so much that they have nothing left for the playoffs, he juggles lines all the time and makes it impossible for them to develop chemistry, he doesn’t let them go for the kill but instead makes them “protect the lead”.

    He’s made some choices that make no sense at all. Last night he barely used Pacioretty on the power-play and he’s been our best forward this season so far!

    There’s also a lot of other stuff too. We’ve had horrific management for 20 years now. Made horrible trades, gave up on prospects, have scouts telling us to pick people we shouldn’t, etc.

    Molson needs to kick ass. The organization needs a major overhaul.

    The only thing that scares me is that they’ll let this go on too long. If so, we’re done for the year.

  2. JM is not a winner and he has proven this. Over his 20 year coaching career, he has ONE conference championship. Why did Gainey hire him FFS? Why did we let Muller and that Hamilton (now Tampa coach)? We do have the talent and more size, JM is simply mis-coaching our players. Why don’t the fans in Montreal revolt?? Occupy the Bell Centre (OBC)?? That approach seems to work.

  3. Seeing fans get up and leave in big batches (like in the Calgary game) should be a BIG eye-opener for Molson. For that to happen here of all places you know something needs to be done.

  4. Norman Flynn on RDS suggested that Gomez has a bad attitude during practice and places himself on areas of the ice (to the side and behind Gill) where he can’t see Jacques Martin explaining plays on the white board. He says this shows he doesn’t care and has no respect.

    They showed a video clip of the practice in Brossard and sure enough, there was Gomez kneeling on the ice behind Gill way off to the side of the boards where he couldn’t possibly see what Martin was trying to draw on the board.

    Flynn also said Gomez left the game last night NOT because he was seriously hurt but because he was just fed up.

  5. dennis, i hate to see u depressed….. what’s happening now is a really good thing……. look at it like having a tooth ache. it is very uncomfortable for a long while. sometimes it is very painful then it seems like it is getting better but the pain always returns. one day the tooth abscesses and it needs to be extracted. it hurts a lot but once it is gone you feel much better and you are on your way to recovery and doing cool tooth tricks with complete confidence. we all have a tooth ache right now and if the habs suck long enough for jm’s ass to be swinging from an old forum truss we will all be the better for it……….. if they turn it around somehow and sneak into the playoffs nothing will change and we will be forced to put up with this fukin’ bullshit for another few years. if they continue this embarrassing, uninspired, unstructured play we will all win in the long run. let’s finally cut to the chase…… it IS a really good thing.

  6. I think Gomez is a big negative for the team in more ways than one. He hangs with the captain (good buddies) so has that “favorite” pass but his game stinks which creates a dilemma for the team. I don’t like him. Quite honestly, I’d soon see him go before Martin.

  7. good words Gillis and Hobo.

    Danno, I can’t believe Gomez would act like that. Actually I do believe and but am dumbfounded for a $7 M man to act like that. I would expect more professionality out of someone getting paid that kind of money. One thing that sucks is that if people see his attitude, … why is it not reported in the press in Montreal? where are the balls in that city. I’m in BC and am pissed. If I were there I would do something about it.

    Grow some balls Montreal fans in Montreal!!!!! Don’t let 11 get away with that shit and take that fucking number away from him!!!

  8. Mayo, it is reported here. Especially in the French media. That’s one of the reasons the RDS guys laughed about him getting injured. You should see what they are like when it comes to him. Way worse than the English media.

    The problem is our GM and our organization and our coach allow him to get away with it. Can anyone imagine Scotty, Toe, Dick putting up with this? Especially Toe? He’d punch him out just on principle.

    The highest paid Hab ever people.

  9. Darth and Mayo:

    Benoit Brunet was talking about the impact of injuries have had on the Habs and how they have been a factor in their slow start. He started mentioning all the names and then he mentioned Gomez and said something like “but we won’t notice his absence though,” and the RDS guys laughed their asses off.

  10. Danno – have you heard the stuff about him this week on TSN 990? Apparently last season he didn’t even bother to show up for a team meeting before a Toronto game (I think the last one of the season). What does that say to other players when they see that and he still gets a ton of ice time?

    I tell you, the ghosts aren’t with us anymore as long as Gomez is here. They probably can’t stand him either.

  11. marjo
    i am willing to bet all the DKFSB in the fridge that when martin is gone, gomez will have a big change in attitude or have permanent pine splinters in his ass or be sent packing.

  12. Hey Dennis! It’s been a long time!
    Decided to come back to your site now that the season is beginning again.
    But I do have to say that it is embarrasing watching the Habs play.
    But my biggest gripe with them is how often they dump the puck in. I’ve never seen a team do it more than the Habs, and it obviously isn’t working for them. They need to slow down and set up plays, but they’re trying to run and gun it with a team that’s greener than grass because injuries have plagued them to no end.

  13. The only good thing going for the Habs right now is Carey Price. His stats may look ugly, but I for one, don’t blame him. It’s the Habs extremely poor defence filled with children. When vets like Markov and Spacek should be in there but are unfortunately not.

  14. Phil, so great to have you back. I’ve missed you and hope all’s well for in in China. Darth has mentioned the same thing about them dumping it in. My biggest complaint is their lack of drive and passion. And lousy power play. Anyway, great to see your name again. I thought you were gone for good and you were part of my management team when I’m owner and I wasn’t sure if I had to find someone else or not. Welcome, my friend.

  15. Darth, I’m sure Toe would hate a guy like that. This just wasn’t his kind of player. Do you think thing’s are picking up steam regarding this guy?

  16. Danno, I think it’s the first time in my life when I saw a Habs player go to the dressing room with some sort of injury and it didn’t bother me one bit.

  17. You’re right, Phil. Too many good chances on Price. It’s not his fault. But he’s still not playing exactly the way he can, but I know he’s a bit of a slow starter.

  18. Actually, I’m finally back in Montreal, studying in Vanier, feels great to be back. Even winter doesn’t seem so troublesome anymore,.

  19. Right now Dennis all the pressure is on Cole and Martin.

    I won’t blame Cole because he’s being dicked around with but Martin is the one people are gunning for. Gomez is slightly on the backburner but not by much.

  20. Hobo, your probably right that having a crappy year would be best for the team in the long term, especially to get rid of Martin. But I can’t handle much more of this. Taking a loss in stride is for Leaf fans, I need wins now. Or even a return to the ignorant hopeful bliss I had in September.

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