Canadiens Stop The Bleeding

Erik Cole might want to think twice next time about ramming a guy’s face into the top of the boards.

The Habs took advantage of Cole’s five minute major after the Hurricanes veteran tried to remove Jaroslav Spacek’s face on the top of the boards, Canadiens scored the tying goal and then the winner on the power play, and although the 3-2 win wasn’t a masterpiece, at least it was a win. Something none of us have seen much of lately.

Another loss for the Habs would have been catastrophic. Carolina would have edged closer to a playoff spot, Montreal would have edged closer to no playoff spot, Jacques Martin would have edged closer to filing for employment insurance. Habs fans everywhere would be in an uproar, Montreal sports pages would be vibrating, the work of Carey Price would be questioned, and the romance with PK Subban would be a distant memory.

It just would have sucked.

But for a few days at least, the Habs are back on the winning track, and if they can topple the New York Islanders, next on the list, things could slowly begin to snowball and all could be well again in Habs Universe. We’ll see. We never know quite what to expect from this team.

Roman Hamrlik has seen better nights. His giveaway gave the Hurricanes a 1-0 lead in the second period, and then he was weak in controlling Erik Cole who scored to put Carolina ahead 2-1. But Cole then took his five minute major, Andre Kostitsyn and Alexandre Picard scored, and Les Canadiens sont la!

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 29-24 Montreal.

Four more games on the road after Christmas beginning on Long Island Dec. 26, then it’s off to Washington, Tampa Bay, and Florida. Four out of four is what I want because I’m a greedy bastard.

PK Subban was in the press box again, and things haven’t been going so well lately for our young prospect. He’s become a real work-in-progress, and visions of rookie of the year honours are fading ever so slightly. Benoit Pouliot also sat, and it’s disappointing in the fact that it seemed Pouliot had finally turned a corner. But lately the drive just hasn’t been there in spades with this guy.

Scott Gomez scored Montreal’s first game and things have picked up for Alaskan lately. But it hasn’t for many who continue to take turns playing well and not playing well.

15 thoughts on “Canadiens Stop The Bleeding”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well ,I think Mr. Price kept the W for the boys tonite. Hammerlic did not have a good game,a couple of giveaways at bad times almost lost it for us.Thomas Plekanecs was awesome again tonite,impressed with the play Spacek as well.He took an awful shot into the boards,Eric Cole ,didnt mean to do this,he’s not that kind of player.He stuck around to see if Jaroslav was ok,he knew he was getting penalized for it ,but I honestly thought he felt bad about it.Scott Gomez,as usual skated about 200 miles tonite,was rewarded with a goal which was nice to see on his birthday.All in all was an entertaining game.

  2. Is a 64 game winning streak too much to ask from Santa? That’s all I really want. He can choose the scores; any mix of wide open, tight checking, blow outs and nail biters; doesn’t matter to me, all I want is the win.

  3. Christopher, 64 isn’t too much to ask. But I think Alex Auld needs to play a few more so Price can rest, so maybe 62 is more realistic.

  4. Derry, I thought the first period was quite a sleeper and I felt sorry for the fans. But after that it got better. The main thing is we won. Another loss would have been terrible.

  5. i have a pk question for you fellas more in the know than i. what was the real reason for pk sitting out the 3 or so games before this? poor play, bad decisions, cocky attitude? it is hard for all rookie defencemen, except bobby orr, especially now with the media scrutiny and the excess of media personnel with nothing to do.

  6. Hey Dennis,In answering Hobo’s comment, I would look at this and guess it was because of his bad plays in a few games that netted him a spot in the press box,he also mentioned while being interviewed that some of his teamates had talked to him about different things but they all supported him.Maybe this could be looked at as being “cocky”,and management thought he needed to be knocked down from this attitude.This is a guess there Hobo,I’m really not sure if this is the truth or not.

  7. Hey Dennis,Oh ya I forgot to tell you,I missed the first period because I had to work “again”.I thought the second started out pretty good and continued on for the rest of the game

  8. The best part of this and previous games is Gomez is waking up finally. He’s been absent a long time. But I sense an positive impact, maybe even leadership. We certainly need it. Pleks was pretty amazing last night. Re: Hobo’s question? PK’s cockiness likely played a factor, especially with negative aggressive attention from a big team like the Fleyers likely scared the sh*t out of some players playing with PK. Cockiness is ok if you can back it up with size but with a smallish team like ours, it could affect the team badly in a place like Philadelphia. And now we know PK cannot back it up with his fists. He is exciting to watch when he’s on but he is all over the place and needs to get his mental game back on track. I think this is where Hal Gill plays a role we often don’t see or hear about.

  9. Well it’s great to have a win just before Christmas, but we will have to wait until sometime in June when all Hab fans can open their present!! A splendid 25th Stanley Cup!
    To all your faithful readers have a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year & all the best to those who celebrate in differant ways!
    Cheers fron the East!!!!

  10. Mayo, we’ve gpt a few things to work out – like the defence, and slumping forwards, but we see how fast things can change so I feel things will change again – for the better.

  11. Hobo, I also heard McGuire say one night on a telecast that some of the vets were partly responsible for PK sitting. So there’s some issues to be worked out.

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